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  1. Sandro asked for 300k pm, my bad. But it's still double of what he's getting. On the other hand he would be on par with scott parker who almost hasnt played for me. I'll wait and see who else gets transfer listed as i dont have a objective target for those roles. Thanks Lam! I'm just curious who do you play at DLP and AP if dembele isnt around or who would suit those roles.
  2. I still have Sandro, although he just demanded a new contract on 300k/week that i find allot but he really been oustanding. Dembele hasnt played much for me, he played 3 games and got injured for 6 months, he will not play for me this season and on the coach reports he now has 2,5 stars PA which means he's screwed.. it's a shame Ayew is already at man city, who i just beat at ittihad 3-2 , so he's not an option. I'm gonna wait until someone goes for him and see if there are other options there, i feel i'm struggling in midfield with the options i have. Would Herrera fit the DLP (low positioning..)? Baines (LB) is also Transfer-listed for £15M, i dont know if i should go for him, Benoit is doing a decent job and when he is not available i play vertoghen there with caulker and kaboul as DC. If i adapt vertoghen i need a new BPD that can improve who i actually have there. (Shawcross is TL for £6,25M)
  3. Thanks Cleon for this thread, it helped allot my spurs team to have more consistent results and get the wins by adapting your ideas to my team Currently getting to january first season and i'm having a injury crisis in my midfield ( dembele and sigurdsson for 3-4 months) and i'm playing huddlestone on DLP and Nem on AP roles. I'm coming to january transfer window and i'm planning on letting huddlestone go because i'm not happy with him playing the DLP role ( too slow) and the AP position is a weak point on my team. There are some interesting players getting transfer listed: Cabaye for £20M and Isco for £20M but i'm not sure if cabaye can play the DLP role, he has the passing and creativity. And Isco i think would fit the AP role. Do you think they are suited for those roles? Is there anyone i could look at for in the same price range?
  4. Hi, i need some help here. Man Utd doesnt stop offering me players. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Chris Smalling Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller: Manchester United Player's Value: £8.75million Offer: £6million, £9.25million Transfer/Wage Budget: £43million Patch: 12.2.2 Season: 3, Oct 2013 Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Fellaini Your Team: Tottenham Buyer/Seller: Manchester United Player's Value: £24million Offer: £6million, £45million Transfer/Wage Budget: £43million Patch: 12.2.2 Season: 3, Oct 2013 I'm tempted to go for Smalling. I have Kaboul, Dawson, Shawcross, Caulker (DC) and Walker, Vrsaljko (DR). The only reason that i would go for it, is because i cant have phil jones (scout doesnt even have fixed value i could offer) and it would be 1 more homegrown player at the age of 23. As for fellaini i think it's too much for a DM and i could get M'Vila cheaper. On the other hand i'm a little short on DM, I have Sandro, Parker there and i have Rodwell and a regen but they play BWM. I usually use a 41221 or a 4231.
  5. k0ffy

    FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Spurs Budget: 35mill Looking for: CM/DM (both natural if possible, natural CM preferable) With: Speed, agility, work rate, tackling, all-round good mental stats Other: Only have Sandro and an ageing Parker. Preferably homegrown. Season: 3rd, Pre-Season Loyalty Bonus: - Agent Fee: - Club: Spurs Budget: 35mill Looking for: GK Other: I have Adler as my 1st option and Friedel just retired. I want a young GK, preferably homegrown, to be a backup/for future type of player. Season: 3rd, Pre-Season Loyalty Bonus: - Agent Fee: - Club: Spurs Budget: 35mill Looking for: DC Other: Must be able to start on the 1st team. I have dawson, kaboul, caulker and Gallas just retired. Must be young and homegrown. Phill Jones maybe? Season: 3rd, Pre-Season Loyalty Bonus: - Agent Fee: -
  6. Hi, I'm almost in November 1st Season in my Save with Man Utd with 11.2. I've seen quite some people starting a new save with the 11.3? Is it worth it? What are the changes from 11.2? Thanks
  7. k0ffy

    FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Neymar is coming on July. Persie is too expensive, cabanas too old.Cardozo i could get for 17M €, is there anyone better for that value or with the budget i have?
  8. k0ffy

    FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    Hey, i'm looking for a striker. I have Lukaku, higuain, raul and benzema. Raul doesnt play much and i use 2 upfront, so i need another ST. Buying - ST My Team - R. Madrid Budget - £28 million Patch - 10.3 Season - 1st Possibilities: Dezko, Luis Suarez, Cardozo?