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  1. Absolutely game breaking bug. Only noticed this season (5th) but started in 4th with Fulham and Wolves above. WTF is going on?
  2. Surely no reason for this?!?! Especially for it to be my derby against Liverpool (I'm Everton).
  3. Apologies. Probably a bit of a over-exaggeration was just surprised at accidentally finding it. I bought Cavinga this way as it made sense for me as needed a year to free up a space and thought actually not bad for them as they keep him. The Haarland bid confirmed it was a bug for me. Any sign of a fix?
  4. Evening All Found out with the recent patch that you can buy players for cheap if you loan back till end of season - is this an error or realistic? For example Haarland for £30m and loan back for 6 months?!? Cavinga for £30m and loan back for 12 months? LM
  5. I get at least 1 player each year. Some are only 1.5 stars but develop into 4 star players under me
  6. I just rest my star players for a week every week to prevent training injuries.
  7. Typical Real.... feck up all worldies. He needs a season and half to adapt. Scored over 50 for me after a season and a half.
  8. Thanks for this. Really insightful and food for thought. I have never used things like FM Genie (each to their however) but I strictly go off the scout rating when deciding my team. If I see a player scoring over 90 I will replace a star player in my team with that individual as long as the price is not ridiculous. I only normally develop my youth players (and those I buy young) if they have over 4.5 stars. Anything else is loaned out and sold for a profit down the line. This is the first time I am considering developing a player with only 4 star potential. Will keep th
  9. Its refreshing when the game is like this. I can see exactly why our young David here won't leave Atalanta. He's banging in goals regularly for his team and his nation.... and banging top quality American babes on the regular. Why throw that all away?
  10. This is the player in question. Never seen a youngster that developed and he has just come through in the last in take of youth for Chelsea. His scouting score was 62. Some reason it has dropped off again. Look at the stats.
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