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  1. this is how you make a light skin SI, not those blinding skins youve been making for the last 3-4 years.
  2. siena,novara, cesena, lecce, bologna... these teams all play only for survival, every year they do transfers to stay in the seria A. last season bologna secured survival with around 10 games to go and they lost 7-8 of those 10 last games. most of these clubs will never reach the top in real life because they are simply too small and do not have the fanbase( unless they get a man city like owner). so if you are going to go for one of these clubs, i say go for bologna as they have a rich history and a decent fanbase. and where did you get that siena are building a new stadium?
  3. there arent any bottom 5/6 teams in serie A with ambitions to reach the top.
  4. so what in 2 years when your rep improves? if SI are going to fix something, at least fix it right. they have been doing this for years. this laziness and band-aid fixing will not work for many more years.
  5. shame on you people suggesting he send a number of emails or go to a lawyer office( lol, he will be spending more than 30). he has paid and he shouldnt be wasting his time. SI want only steam, they are the ones that should be sending emails or give him a refund.
  6. italian clubs have done better than the germans in the Champions League for the last 50 years(except last year). the only reason why germany got the 4th CL spot from italy is become of the poor co-efficient system set in place which takes into account the europa league and italian teams dont give a sheiz about that and field 3rd string teams. i agree that giving players such as de rossi with a PA of less than 160 is simply pathetic. specially since 1000s of crap players have the same PA. and i agree that arsenal have been overrated in the game for ever.
  7. good post. you can take the worst team in the blue square and reach the premier league in 6-7 seasons. i haven't played 12, but on the previous versions it is so easy mainly because of the stupidity of the AI in the transfer market, such as letting their key players go for free and buying your crap players for twice their value( i managed to sell 34 year old abou trika to wolves for 1.2M and he didnt even play 1 game for them) you can pretty much turn a relegation side into a CL contender just by signing free players.
  8. play a left footed player on the right wing. inside forward support. and change the AML to attack adv. playmaker.
  9. on 3, selling players has always been very easy at FM. you can easily get rid of all the deadwood in your team for twice their value. this is something SI should look at. you shouldnt be able to sell a player who has played 3 leagues games in the last 2 years for twice their value.
  10. reading this thread it seems like again the AI has been ignored and coaches are as dumb as ever.
  11. why are people posting bugs in the general forums? there is a bugs forum. post it there. the general forum is riddled with bug related threads.
  12. i dont know why but your file makes my FM go mad. when i try to start a new game with your update, it gets stuck when it is loading the 'which leagues to select' screen. and when i continue a save game with your update in the folder, the game runs extremely slow, when i remove it it goes fine and i can start new games.
  13. something still hasnt been answered by SI/sega. what are FM12 holders to do if steam goes out of business/crashes/gets hacked???
  14. so what happens if steam disappears in 2 years and i want to play my FM12 then?? since i cant, will sega repay me?? also, i think it is time SI parted ways with sega who do nothing to add anything to the game and only take a % of the profits for doing nothing. surely SI would be more profitable without them taking a % of the profits. the fact that Sonic was the last good game produced by them says a lot.
  15. if you use steam it installs the game by downloading and not from the CD.
  16. what a load of nonsense. 1- steam doesnt load the game faster. it takes 5-10 seconds for steam to start even when offline. 2-patching the game with steam is not easier, you have to go online mode, which takes more time than just coming here and Dling a torrent 3- the chance of a game getting corrupted is the same if you use steam or not. there is no magical guardians watching over the files in the stream folder.
  17. where is the blog on tactics?? this should be called the new interface blog.there is nothing about tactics in that video.
  18. the ME is just too rigid for this formation to work. one of the biggest weaknesses of the ME is that you cant tell players where to move while with the ball. you mentioned the CMs going wide to make room for the libero, this wont work. the CMs wont move into wide positions no matter what instructions you use. the libero will rarely come forward as well.
  19. is it not possible to do this with some editing for FM11? like for the attribute numbers from 1 to 5 to just show "very poor" or "1-5"
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