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  1. transfer deadline day is broken. just had all my transfers cancelled despite having a lot of time.
  2. is there a bug with the detail level? i am playing the demo so just one league loaded yet i constantly see games from all over the world being processed that i dont give a crap about. ie. mexico u21s vs USA u21s.
  3. strikers still dont defend which means you still cant play with 2 strikers. you would think they would fix this after 3-4 versions of the game going through 15-20 patches in total. in fact the AM now even joins them as they stay next to each high up as your team is being attacked. no i dont want to use a defensive forward. no my tactics are not extra offensive. yes they are on support duty. in general, i mostly find the same things that stopped me playing the previous versions of the game still there in full effect.
  4. when are you guys going to fix the ridiculous loan fees? 205k per month for ospina. 2.4M per year 100k per month for bielek. 1.2M per year extremely easy to take advantage of. been this way for years. no one is going to pay that much for a straight loan IRL for said players. when are you guys going to fix screens going up and down by themselves. in scouting screen you click to scout and it goes down by itself. you go to profile, click back and it has gone up. been this way for years. scouting system is very poorly implemented.
  5. instructions that dont seem to be working: 1- pass shorter and roll it out for GKs. my GK keeps on hoofing the ball despite his instructions. 2- prevent short GK distribution. my players are very clearly not doing this as the opposition defense are not marked or pressed at all during their goal kicks. also, have loaded a medium database with the top 2 divisions of the top 5 leagues and there are some outside teams with very few real players. for example, i encountered AZ Alkmaar in the europa league and they had only 2 players in their squad.
  6. 1- most goals are coming from crosses. they are far too effective. 70-80% of the goals have come from crosses in my games. 2- 17,18 year old youth players on youth contracts asking for backup status on promises page when they are no where near good enough to be in the first team squad. playing as roma, players like Diallo Ba and Andrea Marcucci not accepting hot prospect status.
  7. why not put a "do not show this message again" option when scouting a player for a month/full knowledge and every time it asks if you want to "include match highlights" for the player. it is extremely tedious specially when scouting multiple players and is a waste of time. the blurry background that appears after clicking some stuff looks really poor and makes the interface seem slow and buggy. should be removed completely from the game. there is a bug when in player shortlists and scouting all known players and staff. when you click on a player and then go back to the player/staff s
  8. other than the first 2-3 min and that scene in the motel with the red haired women it was a proper snooze fest with some horrible music. is it just me or is mark wahlberg an incredibly boring actor? just saw the trailer of a new movie with him in it and realized ive never been impressed with his performances.
  9. im not sure. they have just taken some ideas from the Alien movie and put it into prometheus. there is no "engineers" or "our creators" in Alien. they are very similar though and there are some scenes which are copy/paste. the Alien movie is good. it doesnt have many loose-ends and the story is consistent throughout the movie.
  10. ive already watched prometheus and have very mixed feelings about it. although it had its flaws and most of the characters were the typically stupid horror type acting extremely unrealistic for a trillion dollar mission, it was intriguing and i wanted more at the end. the movie i felt was short for its kind, there could have been more suspense and easing into instead of just things happening quickly. i didnt know the Alien movies were related to prometheus, i just saw its high ratings on IMDB and thought maybe its worth watching. ill watch the first part and see how it is.
  11. has anyone watched Alien(1979) and Aliens(1986)? they have high ratings on IMDB, though i think they must be corny for our time?
  12. the new song is awesome. the first minute is just wonderful.
  13. exactly, you cant blame EA for being the way they are because the mass gamers are a bunch of teenage morons who like DLC, stickers, twitter, and bookface crap. look at SI for example, most of their "greatest additions" to the game in the last few years have been add/remove league, interface changes, achievements, steam, sharing with tweeter and youtube. none of them have improved the game in any way. EA needs its customers. but the customers dont need EA. they have aided EA to be like this.
  14. they should have made a series instead. completely agree with you that the second part was rushed.
  15. the daugh didnt die!!! i think they are keeping him alive so that darryls bro can take revenge on him for leaving him on the roof.
  16. lori and carl unfortunately arent a possibility cause then rick has no point to live. the farm family will all probably die except maggi who then the chinese dude will be helping her get over her guilt or whatever for the next season. also was really annoyed that a tiny kid with a huge pistol gun could fire right to the head with maximum accuracy, he ruined a great scene at the end.
  17. Drive is really really overrated by a lot of people. it was a 7/10 movie. just because it is "cool" doesnt mean it is great
  18. that movie bored me to death, most of the scenes are longer than they should be and you just lose interest because of it.
  19. lol at you people.watching this crap. its not even entertaining anymore. who ever watches it over a year will know how the matches will end.
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