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  1. can SI please stop changing the UI every year and moving things around just to make it look new? it has been getting worse every year for 4-5 years now. an example is the transfer offer screen or the contract negotiation screen. the main offer is all the way to the left while the installments are all the way to the right. just to negotiate for a transfer/contract you have to go all over the place on the screen from left to right to bottom to top while before it was all neatly next to each other. it was so annoying on fm16 demo that i had to give contract responsibility to my assistant just to avoid seeing that screen.
  2. it has more to do by how poor the transfer system is and how easy it is to take advantage of it rather than the ME/formations. 1- top players often transfer listed at 25% value and no one seems to want to buy them giving the player all the time in the world to pick them up. 2- AI not having a clue about value of player. not giving contracts to players with expiring contracts or selling them before their contracts expire. 3- too easy to buy free and sell. i can make 150Mil every year buying a dozen of players and selling each the next year for 10-15Mil. main problem is AI clubs not buying good players for free and then they are ready to pay you 2Mil to loan them that same year. if they are willing to loan the player for 2Mil, why not just sign him for free? all in all, this game will always be easy as long as the AI is a farce in the transfers. the AI must be much more aggressive and act more like the player of the game.
  3. is Mario Gomez not a starter for Germany? no one has mentioned him so far to be top scorer and he has scored a good amount of goals in turkey this season.
  4. there is no wide midfielder in the AML/AMR spot, and besides that was just an example. what if i want my attacking midfielder not to make through passes all the time or if i want my advanced playmaker to cross the ball when a good crossing opportunity arises or if i want my fullback to go forward but not cross at every opportunity?? they should either remove the greyed out parts or let us create our own roles with the current roles as a template. at the moment, the tactics are limited and feel forced to play in a particular way, specially the fullbacks on attack as whatever you choose it seems you cant stop the "cross often" instruction. for a game that is about managing/coaching a football team, it is very disappointing that it is designed this way on purpose forcing you to play in a certain way.
  5. :thdn: what am i supposed to do if i dont want my winger to have "dribble more"?
  6. stop greying out player instructions for some roles. instead make it green or red so we can change it if we see fit. i want my winger/inside forward to pass instead of run with the ball yet there is nothing i can do about it as "run with ball often" is active and greyed out. so i have to watch time after time my inside forward get dispossessed as he tries to dribble players instead of giving the simple pass which i want him to do. dont tell me to put him in the ML,RL position because my players have no ratings in those positions which is also a mistake as i think players should get the same position ratings in ML/RL and AML/ARL.
  7. scrolling with laptop touch pad. it doesnt move at all. rarely it moves for a fraction of a second and then nothing. i have tried with kinectic scrolling ticked and unticked.
  8. why is there no up and down button when searching for players??? scrolling doesnt work either which makes it a pain in the butt.
  9. the yellow looks great and very easy on the eyes.
  10. are there any plans to fix the tactics screen? its simply terrible and keeping me from playing the game(still on my first save in preseason). on previous versions i could see 22-23 players without needing to scroll. now i need to scroll to see my first picked substitute.
  11. game crashes every time i click on "attend meeting" at the beginning. playing on demo.
  12. his teammates arent getting away with anything. yes they had a poor tournament but everyone knows the main culprit is prandelli with his cluster**** decisions and his failing forward who if his name was not balotelli wouldnt be anywhere near the squad. everyone is blaming crapdelli and balotelli and rightfully so. the guy is more concerned with his stickers and hair and disrespected the whole group going onto the bus while everyone waited outside. the guy likes to play the role of a victim, but he deserves everything coming his way.
  13. ive now seen this question 3 times without answer. my demo updated something 360MB but my game was still 2.2 now it is updating again 676MB???????????
  14. they are not own goals, but shots straight at the gk who parries it into his own net. there is definitely something wrong with GK reflexes and i do not have time to post it in the bugs forum.
  15. GKs putting the ball into their own net is definitely an ME issue. it happens almost every game.