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  1. The best resource available to you is the Cymru Football app, which has the match data from all levels of the Welsh league system. It is a free app available for iOS (App Store link) and Android (Play Store link). This will be particularly useful in adding the data for the kit colours - if they are available. You are welcome to use my stadium co-ordinates Excel spreadsheet that I created a couple of seasons ago, and have tried to keep as up-to-date as possible. I used the data from Football Ground Map, as well the Cymru Football app to accomplish this. There is a column for the counties/principle areas too, for when you get into the lower tiers. Best of luck! Wales Stadiums Lat-Long (2022–23) (1).xlsx
  2. As a heads up for anyone who wants to tackle an FM 2023 version of this, hopefully SI have added the details of some of the clubs, but, if not, I have kept my spreadsheet as up to date as possible for the 2022–23 season. I'm personally waiting for the full release date and access to the editor before making my biennial purchase. Hope the data here is useful for anyone who needs it. Sourced from the Cymru Football App, league and club websites, and the posters of the Non League Matters forums. Wales Stadiums Lat-Long (2022–23) 2022-10-20.xlsx
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