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  1. I have played PSG - 3 seasons - Didn't score a single free kick Man City - 3 seasons - Scored 2 free kicks (De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva) Arsenal - 4 seasons - Scored 1 free kick (Marco Asensio) That's 10 seasons with top class players and only 3 free kicks made it into the back of the net. The AI did even worse. I have never had a free kick scored against me.
  2. Really disappointed with FM this year. I usually play FM until around March time before I lose interest, but this year I started to lose interest around mid December. My main interest has generally been creating my own tactic and watching my team play nice attractive football that leads me to success and sometimes disappointment, but nonetheless I can see the result of my efforts being reflected on the pitch. Like every year trial and error brings me to something I like to play a career game with, however this years mindless long shots and overpowered goalkeepers (Man Utd managed 90+ points each season and won CL 3 years in a row primarily because De Gea rarely conceded a goal), have left me bored.
  3. During the match in the team ratings screen when a substitute is made, how does one get the substitute to take the place of the player substituted thus avoiding having to scroll down?
  4. This started to occur for me when I moved to OS X Yosemite during FM 15 and it's still the same for FM 16. I haven't switched to El Capitan yet. See this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/407649-Game-pauses-when-using-another-application-like-chrome-15-1-3 where gabross explains the reason being to do with the OS X "app nap" functionality.
  5. Impression (so far playing Beta and Full): Disappointed Reason: In comparison to FM 14 I do not see an improvement, if anything it's a step back What's most important to me when playing Game speed FM 14: 7/10 - Multiple leagues loaded and it ran fine (can always be faster but can't complain) FM 15: 4/10 - Running a single league on my mac and international breaks take up to 20 mins to get past Squad screen FM 14: 8/10 - Did what I wanted it to do FM 15: 4/10 - Can't resize columns, so I rarely visit it anymore Tactics screen FM 14: 8/10 - Did what I wanted it to do FM 15: 4/10 - Too much head tennis between position and roles, and no longer right click option to insert/remove player 3D Director camera FM 14: 6/10 - Not as realistic as one would like, but still my favourite view FM 15: 4/10 - Had to switch over to elevated camera because the animations just don't look right in Director view Playing a match FM 14: 7/10 - Always room for improvement, but it was still enjoyable FM 15: 4/10 - Bad defending (near post is a no defender zone) I know that SI will have a lot of example as to how FM 15 is better than FM 14, but for me and how I enjoy playing the game, it is, in it's current state a step back.
  6. Thanks very much I can see it now. I had looked at this tab before, but never noticed it sitting alone up in the right hand corner.
  7. The only time I ever see a player described as a wonderkid is in the news section when they appear like this. However when I look in the players profile or anywhere else I don't see wonderkid written anywhere. Is the news section the only place where a player is described as a wonderkid?
  8. I've been doing this since my first season (In season 2025/26 I loaned out around 48 players which brought in almost £100m). Not so easy to do this anymore as it has become harder to buy the best youngsters since 14.2 patch. I would estimate income from loan fees to be somewhere between £500m - £700m over the 13 season I have played.
  9. Yes it can. I have various rules about when I loan out players. But basically I wait until they are TAC (or sometimes I'm happy with TIN) before loaning them out. The exception to the above is if they request to be loaned out, or if they are too old to just play in my reserves.
  10. I never asked for loan fees until FM 14, when I realised I could make a good bit of money out of it. Noticed that the highest anyone will offer is £200k per month. This year I have loaned out 30 of my players, mostly under 21 (Arsenal 2029) which brings me £5.6m per month, which is about £60m for the season.
  11. In 14.2 I noticed that my top class strikers (playing Arsenal in 2028) were missing too many CCC (quite a few of which were one on one's). So I decided to raise a bug to see what SI thought. The bug I raised was reviewed today by a member of the testing team at SI. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/381929-Reviewed-14.2-Missing-a-lot-of-one-on-ones-with-top-class-strikers
  12. This sounds like the same issue I am having. I have already raised it in the bugs forum (http://community.sigames.com/showthr...r-switched-to), but haven't had a reply yet. Take a look to see if it's the same.
  13. This sounds like the same issue I am having. I have already raised it in the bugs forum (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/378884-14.2-Players-instructions-are-changed-when-a-new-tactic-is-loaded-(or-switched-to)). Take a look to see if it is the same otherwise you should probably create a new bug.
  14. Having the same issue. I have to reload the tactic that I switch to, so that the player instructions are correct. I have raised a bug for this in the Bugs Forum: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/378884-14.2-Players-instructions-are-changed-when-a-new-tactic-is-loaded-(or-switched-to)
  15. Thanks for the help. I made the changes you suggested and not a single sending off in several games now. Looks like this issue was just down to tactics. Good to know.
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