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  1. I found the issue with the Application Error. The games always lag for me in 3D, so I had been trying different settings to get the game to play smoothly, so I added a launch option to steam I found in the forums to see if it helps (which it clearly didn't), but forgot to take it away. Anyhow, I'm still getting a lot of lag when running 3D, so maybe you can use my dxdiag to see if you spot anything?
  2. Switched to public beta yesterday, and it worked fine. Today I cannot start the game as the screen is black before eventually displaying an Applicaton Error. Attached is the crash dump and dxdiag file. FM 2020 v20.2.4.1336959 (2020.01.17 23.04.32).dmp DxDiag.txt
  3. What a shame that FM is so uninteresting to play this year. I always liked to indulge in a bit of FM during the holidays, but the obvious issues, and the fact it brings my powerful machine to a grinding halt (strangely enough even after I've closed the game), has made it more a chore than a pleasure. I don't regret buying it, but the game seems a bit like Arsenal these days. Looks promising but more often than not disappoints. I really enjoyed FM19, so it's hard to believe that FM20 could veer so far off into the path of disappointment.
  4. Really disappointed with FM this year. I usually play FM until around March time before I lose interest, but this year I started to lose interest around mid December. My main interest has generally been creating my own tactic and watching my team play nice attractive football that leads me to success and sometimes disappointment, but nonetheless I can see the result of my efforts being reflected on the pitch. Like every year trial and error brings me to something I like to play a career game with, however this years mindless long shots and overpowered goalkeepers (Man Utd manage
  5. During the match in the team ratings screen when a substitute is made, how does one get the substitute to take the place of the player substituted thus avoiding having to scroll down?
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