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  1. Haven't encountered any problem like this before. Few days ago was playing FM20, after playing several hours without issue, during a match the game freezes and then my Macbook crashes, the computer not just the game. Just went to black and restarted. I thought maybe it was that the laptop got overheated. But today when I played again the same thing happened, at around the same point in the same match too (early in the second half) and it definitely wasn't due to overheating this time.
  2. Dailon do Rosario and Dailon Livramento in NAC Breda reserve team are duplicates of the same player, one should be removed. And the issue with the "determination" attribute being randomized to super low numbers when no data has been put in has to be fixed. Really stunts the development of players. Can't at least guys like Calvin Stengs get a fixed value there so sort it out? So he doesn't get a randomized value like 2, which stunts his development and which is wholly undeserved for a player who's shown great determination in overcoming long term injuries early in his career. Edit: Sa
  3. Don't see the issue with there being a lot of youth players, that's just nice? Who cares what the AI does, and when you manage the club you can sort it out yourself with promoting keepers to reserves/first team or loaning some out. Do agree that Onana's reflex attribute should be improved though, he's talked about now as a world class keeper and his reflexes are among thee strongest parts of his game, he's shown it in all the Champions League games this fall for example with some of the saves against Chelsea, Valencia and Lille, and last season too, he's bailed out Ajax defenders many man
  4. In Deportivo Alavés U19, 'Hector' and 'Hector Castillo' are duplicates.
  5. Lol I meant that his speed irl is ridiculous, not meant as some weird dig at you. Another small attribute thing I noticed now is that Azor Matusiwa's strength and conditioning could be upped a bit, at least his stamina, he's in very good physical condition, has high work rate (which is reflected in the game in that attribute) and works hard for 90 minutes, think his high work rate should be coupled with high stamina and such. Noa Lang's finesse (7) def warrants a raise too given how he's a tricky, technically skilled and creative player. Thanks for the explanation regarding the
  6. But there are other japanese players in the game? Ko Itakura at Groningen for example. Why is that he can be in the game but not Sugawara at AZ or Nakamura at Twente? Out of curiosity. Also yeah yeah attributes are subjective but I think Sergiño Dest's pace (13) and acceleration (15) needs to be higher. He must be on of the fastest players in Eredivisie at least, and beyond really. Both his overall pace and acceleration is ridiculous.
  7. Okay, but how? Looking at it the code for analyzer and the personal info at the bottom they look very different, I don't know how to smoothly replace it especially without messing up the containers (gotten some error messages for that already playing around). Like I said, this ain't my thing really. Through trial and error I've now gotten rid of the analyzer (through simply removing it's default_width, alignments and insets values. And I've discovered how to move around the image and the personal info bit through playing with alignments, insets and outsets, but what I'm stuck at now is I can't
  8. Thanks! That did it, gotten it to this point now (see attached image) by changing to: Trying to finetune a bit now, you see there's some space not being used above the image so I'm trying to move the image up a bit, have tried playing further with the inset values but they just cut into the image. Ideally I'd like to the get image more upwards and maybe do away with the attribute hexagon and by doing this maybe having room for the personal info below the image, but I don't know how to achieve that, some other insets I should mess with instead to move the image up, get the hexagon out a
  9. Oh, thanks, didn't see the folder. Any idea what to change? I'm really not good at this thing. In "player profile personal details" I found these lines: Which I assume would be the ones to look at but I have no idea where to begin.
  10. Okay, do you know where the player profile panel files are located? I've extracted the sitoolkit with the Resource Archiver but can't find any of the player profile/player profile personal details etc etc files.
  11. Hello, so I make facepacks for a fansite in a style that's larger than the regular player faces in the game which means some adjusted panel files are needed for the pics to work. Had trouble getting the panels to work in FM18 but through some assistance on this forum I got them working perfect. However the same files now in FM19 doesn't work and I don't know what to do (editing .xml files ain't my strong suit). This is how it looked in FM18 after I got it working: https://content.invisioncic.com/Msigames/monthly_2017_12/5a2d4f81c2e86_Skarmavbild2017-12-10kl_15_55_50.png.81247a2bd1529
  12. Thanks, that did it! (changing it to -2), thanks a lot for all the help!
  13. Thanks! Now for me almost half of the picture is covered by the personal details, I suppose it's because I'm on a macbook so only have a resolution of 1280x800. Is it possible to move the personal details a bit further down? Since there's still some room there (see screenshot). Otherwise great!
  14. player profile personal details, sorry for the inconvenience!
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