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  1. Thanks. I had no advanced rules tab which is why i couldn't find the right thing. I managed to find out how to edit advanced rules from another thread. Thanks again.
  2. I recently had a save with Milan and i enjoyed being able to name 12 substitutes in league games and I was wondering if its possible to edit this for other leagues. I've just spent about 20 minutes going through the Editor but I cant find the right thing. Is it hard-coded or am I just being thick? Thanks
  3. Well i have to say im thoroughly confused. A season and half later and i've struggled to develop this player, he's probably only added a couple of points to his stats. I decided to use the in-game editor to see if there was something amiss and it turns out he only as a PA of 133?! It seems rather odd to me that a regen like this would have such a low PA.
  4. At the moment the only available tutor is Delph so i'm just gonna use him to get his determination up a few points. Would you guys agree that it's kind of unrealistic that a player like this would have such low flair?
  5. I've had one of the most nutty regens come through my youth system at City and he has some rather odd stats. Despite his high passing/vision/technique he has flair of only 2 and he's also the most one footed player i've ever come across. Can flair increase or is it set in stone? I've getting players to develop their weaker foot in previous saves but despite it being reported that the player has succeeded in doing so and gaining that PPM i've never actually seen their weaker foot rating increase. What would you do with this guy?
  6. Just started a save with Wednesday too. Be interested to know what tactics you guys are using, i'm kinda struggling myself.
  7. I'm trying to bring some youth players through in my AC Milan save and i'd like to know how much of a match does a player have to play for it to count as first team match experience? Also, does the player have to actually start the match or does bringing him on as a sub count (assuming he plays enough minutes). Thanks
  8. I bought Ozil for my Milan save and struggled to get him in involved as an AM or AP with the lone striker as a CF(S/A). Changing the striker to DLF/A and Ozil as TQ has transformed both players.
  9. Ah right, I tend to ignore the social feed because it hurts my eyes.
  10. I haven't play FM in quite a few years and i'm still trying to get to grips with 18. In previous games when you shortlisted a player you'd get lots of news items about him (contract offer, awards, unhappiness etc) but that doesn't seem to be the case with 18. Is there a way to change this? Thanks
  11. Mario Gomez definitely doesn't like this tactic. I'm having much more success with Olic who has far few technical skills but insane mental and physical.
  12. Yeah Schweiny would be great as PM but i i'd have to Kroos as the MCL and i think he's even more suited to PM than Schweiny. Basically i think they're both PM's and neither are perfect for MCL. I haven't seen Barkermush's tweak so i'll check that out now.
  13. My save has decided to start crash dumping so hopefully i can get it sorted and post some stuff about my team. I've started a new save with Bayern Munich so i'll see how that goes. My concerncs with Bayern are that Gomez is not the correct type of striker and that if i play Kroos as playmaker (MCR) Schweinsteiger is not the correct type of player as MCL (Gustavo is my defensive MC).
  14. I have to say im finding this tactic immensely frustrating. I've taken over as Arsenal manager in 2017 and decided to give this tactic a go as it looked like it would suit the squad i have. We seem to dominate possession but score relatively few goals and concede a few too many.
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