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  1. Thanks. I had no advanced rules tab which is why i couldn't find the right thing. I managed to find out how to edit advanced rules from another thread. Thanks again.
  2. I recently had a save with Milan and i enjoyed being able to name 12 substitutes in league games and I was wondering if its possible to edit this for other leagues. I've just spent about 20 minutes going through the Editor but I cant find the right thing. Is it hard-coded or am I just being thick? Thanks
  3. Well i have to say im thoroughly confused. A season and half later and i've struggled to develop this player, he's probably only added a couple of points to his stats. I decided to use the in-game editor to see if there was something amiss and it turns out he only as a PA of 133?! It seems rather odd to me that a regen like this would have such a low PA.
  4. At the moment the only available tutor is Delph so i'm just gonna use him to get his determination up a few points. Would you guys agree that it's kind of unrealistic that a player like this would have such low flair?
  5. I've had one of the most nutty regens come through my youth system at City and he has some rather odd stats. Despite his high passing/vision/technique he has flair of only 2 and he's also the most one footed player i've ever come across. Can flair increase or is it set in stone? I've getting players to develop their weaker foot in previous saves but despite it being reported that the player has succeeded in doing so and gaining that PPM i've never actually seen their weaker foot rating increase. What would you do with this guy?
  6. Just started a save with Wednesday too. Be interested to know what tactics you guys are using, i'm kinda struggling myself.
  7. I'm trying to bring some youth players through in my AC Milan save and i'd like to know how much of a match does a player have to play for it to count as first team match experience? Also, does the player have to actually start the match or does bringing him on as a sub count (assuming he plays enough minutes). Thanks
  8. I bought Ozil for my Milan save and struggled to get him in involved as an AM or AP with the lone striker as a CF(S/A). Changing the striker to DLF/A and Ozil as TQ has transformed both players.
  9. Ah right, I tend to ignore the social feed because it hurts my eyes.
  10. I haven't play FM in quite a few years and i'm still trying to get to grips with 18. In previous games when you shortlisted a player you'd get lots of news items about him (contract offer, awards, unhappiness etc) but that doesn't seem to be the case with 18. Is there a way to change this? Thanks
  11. This can often be caused by a player with the 'Dwells on ball' PPM but more often than not its because they dont have another play to pass to which is mostly a tactic issue.
  12. If my thread title isn't clear I basically want try figure out what sort of setup best accommodates a box to box midfielder? As in; what formation is it most effective with and what type of player should I pair him with in central midfield? Secondly whenever I play with AMR's and AML's I always have as either Inside Forwards or Wingers because i've never really been how best to implement someone playing as an Advanced Playmaker. I was wondering if someone had any experience with this and whether or not you had to alter your tactics/formation and/or the roles and duties given to your striker(s) and AMC? Thanks
  13. I ordered from CJS-CDkeys it wouldn't update. I logged in to my account there to find a second key for the full game which they might have f****** mentioned at the beginning when i purchased the game and was given just one keywith absolutely no indication that it was for the beta only and that a second key would be generated on release day. I registered the new key with Steam which promptly spazzed out and wouldn't update the game. I restarted steam at which point it decided to re-download the entire game.
  14. SI chose Steam. SI has my monies. I dont have my game. The fact this is happening with many different etailors is not coincidence. As far as im concerned SI should be actively try to sort the problem by asking the etailors why their customers aren't getting their game.
  15. [video=youtube;EJ37R6dZwJ0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ37R6dZwJ0 My right DC (Risso) attempts to deal with the attacker and does a fairly poor job at which point left DC decides to charge out seemingly with the intention of giving Risso a cuddle as well leaving a big enough gap to land a space shuttle. I hadn't setup any OI's for that particular attacker so im not sure what's going on. One of my big problems with this game is that even with world class defenders (and mine aren't, admittedly) i seem to fail at setting up a back four that keeps its shape instead of just charging around like a bunch of lunatics.
  16. I still find it very difficult trying to figure out how best to use the players i have when taking over a club. Simply putting players in their natural positions and giving them their natural role and duty easy enough but I am aware that that doesn't always lead to a system that works well. I started a new save as Galatasaray and i'm unsure of how best to use my 3 most attacking players. 4-4-2 diamond seemed like a natural fit for my squad although my left flank is very week (we dont seem to have a LB at all and Riera is fairly average). My idea is that Melo has a DLPd aims to screen the defence and initiate attacks but feeding the ball to Sneijder or to wide player who then aim supply Drogba and Yilmaz. Yilmaz seems like a natural poacher and Drogba seems like a Complete forward except that he has poor passing (9) and creativity (11). As he's good in the air and a good finisher i figured TMa would be a good role. I've gone for DW on the flanks simply because i've never really used them DW's before, Rashidi seems to think they're underrated and Riera and Altintop seem to fit nicely. My main concern is whether or not my setup for Yilmaz, Drogba and Sneijder can work together and whether or not my plain outlined above can work as a whole. I'd like to use this thread to help understand what role combinations work together and which ones clash and can lead to a breakdown of the system. Thanks
  17. Rashidi - You say it's all about the players but what do you do with lower division teams where you tend to have to compromise since players in lower divisions tend to always lack one or two key atrributes for every role they play. How do you go about deciding who to buy and who play when its not possible to have players they fit perfectly in to any given role?
  18. I've taken to giving players what they want and then using FMRTE to reduce them to a more realistic level. You can call it cheating if you like but i'm so fed up of so many parts of FM13 that i couldn't care less.
  19. Im still in 2012 with my Rotherham team and for some reason tons of players from Uruguay show up in my player searches despite the club having 0 knowledge of that country (or even South America. See below: Thoughts?
  20. Even before I saw your replied i noticed that my poacher for some inexplicable reason had the 'Comes deep to get the ball' PPM so his loan move was swiftly terminated Haven't had much playing time since my last post but just had a nice win vs Port Vale. [video=youtube;9WSWXC-nprE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WSWXC-nprE On another note, how you would try and exploit the opposition when you see their DC's so close together like this?
  21. It'll be one of your coaches who possess that PPM. Find out which one and then sack the guy
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