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  1. Upgrading PC's is really rough; buying a new one is a bit iffy. As for the link, it's just a ton of buzzwords but it's not actually that good of a PC, though as far as prebuilt prices go it's not as much of a rip off as some things I've seen. If you have a friend who's handy with PC's have him help you put together a PC built from scratch; You'll come across far cheaper than anything prebuilt.
  2. Didn't know giants played football. And at 15 years old.
  3. One way to motivate a team. "If you win you get to see tits!"
  4. Now that's quite a deal. Could run quite a bit of a profit
  5. One team gets a bye? Don't see the problem. No idea on how the league cup works though so yeah, if there's anything else wrong i dont know about it.
  6. Simmed far into the future and took control of a new promoted club, noticed one of my players had Kaka as a favoured person, surely not... Well... He's been there since his retirement in 2018, probably could get a coaching job in any club he wanted, yet he shows up here for a low wage, my oh my. Not that the club would be complaining mind you, even though his determination and motivating lack a fair bit he's a killer coach
  7. Taking his first name seriously there. Not to mention if this happened in real life the result would be plastered all over the AFC Wimbledon stadium for ages
  8. Three minutes of extra time, 1-2 down They can't have been pleased.
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