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  1. Upgrading PC's is really rough; buying a new one is a bit iffy. As for the link, it's just a ton of buzzwords but it's not actually that good of a PC, though as far as prebuilt prices go it's not as much of a rip off as some things I've seen. If you have a friend who's handy with PC's have him help you put together a PC built from scratch; You'll come across far cheaper than anything prebuilt.
  2. Newgen names are based on names from the database. They're generated from existing nicknames, first and last names from any player.
  3. You might not like it, but that's how it works. PC's get outdated in 6 months. Your 5 year old machine is much MUCH weaker than what you get today on the same budget as you had then. It's rough, but when it comes to PC's you're rarely going to be able to upgrade slightly unless you do it constantly. Maybe you could find a better CPU, but CPU's for that socket haven't been produced for 4 years now. Do some general upkeep. Defrag, run some malware adware and virus checks, uninstall unneeded programs, clean up the startup program list. Or just reformat if you want to. These two options might give you a slight boost, but don't count on it making a big difference.
  4. Yeah and those guys have no qualification for doing anything else, or are severely inexperienced, a 3D ME programmer isn't suddenly going to become a specialist at coding transfers or an artist. People seem to think stuff like this is insanely easy. Thank god you wont ever touch game programming with a five foot pole.
  5. Not because of the 3D engine, no matter how much you want to convince yourself you're right. I could leave it there; but since I'm gonna be a nice guy. Football manager is and always was a niche title that relies on function for advertisement. It's about realism, accurate simulation and being true to the sport. Graphics wont make the game, ever, not in a game like this where it's a small part of the whole experience compared to everything else. Even if they DID make a fully fledged 3D engine with graphics at around the level of FIFA 13, the game wouldn't sell any more. Because there's still the whole issue of _that's not the core part of the game_.
  6. Maybe if they actually were developed a LOT more. Media pressure, fan pressure, important questions, expectations of how you'd say and different responses if you respond "out of character". Board warning for unnaceptable behaviour, fines etc. Right now they're just press tone and keep clicking the 2nd option.
  7. The probability of something like this happening is near 0. Remember, this isn't a huge studio, even ignoring licensing issues as Welshace mentioned it would take massive sacrifices in other areas to achieve a higher level of graphical fidelity, that there would be no improvement on any other part of the game for a number of years, or the development costs would skyrocket.
  8. Any read and write processes will be faster. But anything that requires your CPU will not, and as this is mainly a CPU reliant game you wont see that much of a boost. You'll see player screens and such open up faster, but the actual processing and similar things won't be changed. This is probably not the game to install to an SSD.
  9. Yeah, hopefully it is. I mean it's not really that bad of a bug honestly, it's just a mild annoyance at best.
  10. It drops when people go on loan, and goes back up when they come back. There's no "yeah but but but", this IS a bug this NEVER happened in any other previous iterations and it only happens to YOUR players that YOU loaned out. Post it in the bug forum and hopefully SI can have a look at this. It definitely is happening when it shouldn't.
  11. It wont. Surface uses a different version of Windows 8 compared to what you'll find on regular PC's.
  12. For two players a bog simple connection should be more than enough to play without any sort of lag, FM isn't a very network intensive game.
  13. This should theoretically speed up your game during matches especially, as it basically just adds a multiplier to your match speed in and out of highlights. It shouldn't have a massive effect if any at all on processing and will however, introduce a few bugs (good luck trying to click a drop-down menu). Your mileage WILL vary, depending on how powerful your PC is. However it should not be causing crashes or any instability and the risk should be minimal. However, as it is with this things, it is a slightly increased risk so if you are someone who likes their risk to be as low as possible, don't use this. It will also require a bit of tweaking and trial and error to see what value works for you. Additionally, if your game crashes you will recieve 0 support from SI, even though the only crashes should in theory come from your system itself, and not the game. Just be careful, and if you start seeing any instabilty, turn it off. Speedhacks are generally safe stuff as long as the game is single player and your PC is strong enough. GENERALLY.
  14. Your CPU is not always fully clocked in order to conserve power, resulting in variances in the star rating.
  15. It means your laptop is running hot. Get rid of the dust.
  16. You mo man. These puns are starting to get cringeworthy. Good luck once again, I see you decided to spare yourself a lot of self inflicted stress by lifting the no signing rule.
  17. You've been proven wrong that the OP is outdated, and that newer information is out. Right now the best you can do is give misinformation to people. Your last bit of the sentence works both ways.
  18. They never CONFIRMED it completely, they have stated on MANY ocassions that it's not set in stone. Stop trying to pretend you know when it's out, nobody knows, you're not the special person who does, covering your ears and convincing yourself that the beta will be out then will not make it real that it will be out when you've convinced yourself it will be. It. Will. Be. Out. When. It. Comes. Out.
  19. You're not gonna be overclocking your CPU with that powersupply, and even then, it's pretty iffy since it's still very weak. Go for a 3570.
  20. Requirements are always hit and miss. My friend can run bordlerands 2 fine, despite the game requirements stating he doesn't reach the MINIMUM CPU requirements. The game will most likely work on ANY processor you can get nowadays, and any processor from heck, even 2002 onwards even if it's only 1.8ghz, should be able to run the game. These are guidelines, not strict limits.
  21. Just keep in mind, the beta is completely provided as is. You're gonna run into bugs... a lot of them... But that's what a beta is all about. First patch will come out on release day(or right after it). And the more bugs you report, the better the patch will be . Last year it was updated right at release AFAIK.
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