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  1. This should be on the Germany thread. @Schwoods Can you update us on the changes you made?
  2. Cameron Saint at Gambier Centrals is a different player, he plays midfield and is one of the best players in our league.
  3. Thanks @Schwoods you should include Muller somehow because he's a big name player, the other guys can be left out. The A-League media are wrong, they must have Googled it and found the golfers height. On transfermarkt he's 186cm and if you look at the header he just scored he's over 6 foot tall.
  4. Also Martin Boyle should have caps for Australia
  5. Aladin Irabona was Adelaide's best player in my game for some reason, then in another game he was a good midfielder. Please set his ability properly, he's a standard young forward. Kristian Fardal Opseth should just be called Kristian Opseth. Riley McGree is Adelaide's best player and should have better potential as he's only 20. Upgrades to dribbling, crossing are needed. I'm not sure what Toure's PA is but it should be at least -8. Pacifique Niyongabire and Elvis Kamsoba are brothers, please set this. Hassan Ramazani should have DR Congo second nationality. Izaack Powell could get a bit of a boost with better potential. Tommy Oar is in the Socceroos squad in game, he should be downgraded and capable of playing CAM. Samuel Silvera could be a bit better. Jamie Maclaren needs an upgrade to his dribbling 11>13 finishing 13>15 first touch 10>13 Harrison Delbridge could get a heading upgrade from 13>15 plus marking 11>13 and tackling 13>14 Kenny Athiu is 201cm not 193cm so that will upgrade his jumping reach to 20 Matthew Millar should be better at Right Back and less capable of playing centrally. Crossing 8>13 dribbling 11>13 because he's an attacking fullback not so good defensively, Also hes 186cm not 178cm (that's Matthew Millar the golfers height) so you will need to update jumping reach and heading. Also Strength from 9>13 because he's tall and athletic. Dimitri Petratos should be natural CAM because he played years there and natural RM, no idea why he's LM. Downgrade his marking, heading and tackling. Upgrade his dribbling, first touch, passing and crossing. I'm not sure why he's such an all round player, he's purely an attacker. Joey Champness is over in America trying to be a rapper. He's coming back to the Jets sometime before the end of 2021/22 season. Wes Hoolahan is also injured. Why isn't Adam Le Fondre's last seasons stats in his history? He played for Sydney not Bolton. No idea who Ben Van Meurs but he shouldn't be one of Sydneys best young players. It's great that Rhyan Grant is good this year! He just needs an upgrade to dribbling 9>12, crossing 11>13, first touch 9>11 Milos Ninkovic has 15 first touch which is spot on but dribbling should go from 12>14 Mitch Duke should be natural at LMR, that's where he played for years in Japan and he plays there now. Strength from 7>14, no idea why it's so low! First touch 7>11 crossing 6>11 heading 10>12 passing 4>9 Tarek Elrich and Ziegler should probably be downgraded a bit. Kwame Yeboah's best attribute is probably dibbling, 6> 13, first touch 6>12, crossing 7>11, acceleration 13>15 and pace 12>14 Agree that Keanu Baccus needs a big upgrade, Tass Mourdoukoutas too. Mathieu Cordier should be centre back who can play left back, he's a striker on my game. Josh Risdon is pretty spot on except crossing 10>12, dribbling 9>12, flair 3>12 and finishing 3>7. Nathan Fleetwood plays for Gambier Centrals now not Adelaide Raiders. They play in the Limestone Coast FA however only Apollo and Inter feature in the league. This is the league I play in so I would be happy to help. Overall the editing has been better this year and an improvement from previous games, the only issue is that some players hide in the NPL teams when that's not very realistic, Matt Simon as untalented as he is, wouldn't be playing NPL. Dylan Fox and Keanu Baccus were also in NPL teams.
  6. I have made a shortlist with a number of cheap players and players who will be valued more once they are at your club, it's suitable from league 2 to the EPL. Cheap and Undervalued Players_9E9DDF52-994C-4C84-AFDC-D65A8BF7C843.fmf
  7. I have made a list of Free Agents, check it out! Free Players (Andy Munro, Jul 2016).slf
  8. I just had a save as Toronto FC and Canada, was really fun as you get regens in your academy as soon as you start a game. Another great thing about being a Canadian team is that it only takes 3 season to gain citizenship. I recommend loaning American youngsters from overseas like Julian Green etc. Another great tip is to sell your draft picks for allocation funds, you can usually get like 350k for your 1st round pick, the players in the draft are rubbish and are usually too old (19-21). You can read more about my time with Toronto on my blog, my results with Giovinco were amazing. https://theaustralianfootballmanager.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/toronto-fc-a-new-beginning/
  9. Scored 28 goals for me in season 1 and got the golden boot, currently has 22 goals in 20 games in season 2.
  10. Looks like you will only be able to get these guys in Portugal and Holland where you don't need a WP
  11. Has anyone got screenshots of these lads? Would love to see it
  12. Great post man! Looks like I'll have to have a Darmstadt save sometime
  13. Since nobody else seems to upload shortlists, I made one of all the wonderkids, thank me later http://www.filedropper.com/153wonderkids-10-9160paf50fa9cd-da49-4329-94ce-b6215357cc20
  14. I already knew about those teams, but cheers anyways guys
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