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  1. I have made a list of Free Agents, check it out! Free Players (Andy Munro, Jul 2016).slf
  2. Fair enough mate, Yeah realistically the Phoenix aren't playing 500k for someone from the ASB prem, they are all free transfers, I know the league is unplayable in the default database however I just want the game to accurate, thanks.
  3. Thanks for getting back to us Regan, can you answer why the player values for NZ based players are so overvalued?
  4. Nope they aren't nearly as good as that haha, do you agree that all of the ASB premiership players are overvalued?
  5. I think that's just your game, on my game he's only worth 150k, which is too much anyways.
  6. They are affiliated clubs, you can get any A-League NPL club player for a free transfer, I got Pasquali for Adelaide which isn't realistic. I would argue they should be actually a part of the club. I found some more A-League fixes for you Schwoods. Andrew Hoole should be a default AML, he has not played DR since he started and should be less competent in defence Roy O’Donovan should be a striker not AMR Alejandro Rodríguez should just be called Alex Rodríguez
  7. I believe the players based in New Zealand are far too overvalued by the game, I'm not a fan of the New Zealand league however I know the teams because the Pheonix recruit players from the league like Krishna, Riera and so many Kiwis. All of these players move from club to club by free transfers which indicates that the players like Krishna aren't worth 500k to 900k like some of the crazy values in the game. The player values/league reputation should be similar to that of the Victorian and NSW NPL. I look forward to hearing a response, I just want the game to be accurate and realistic. Edit: Also I can't find Albert Riera at Auckland City, is it just the database I loaded?
  8. Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully we can get the FFA Cup or the NPL in the future! I will be sure to provide more feedback if necessary
  9. Thanks for your prompt response, if Choi and Regan can't be added as replacement players can they at least be added to the squad on short contracts? Also Choi's history does not include his time spent at Daejon Citizen. I thought it might be the case but why wasn't the full FFA Cup added? If that is the case then Centrals SC should be added as they played in the most recent FFA Cup qualifying, thanks. Regarding some A-League players: Sergi Guardiola is a "target man" Striker who is 180cm and 77kg Shouldn't Corey Gamiero be injured with his ACL injury? Daniel Arzani is primarily a AMC not a ST Tim Cahill should primarily be a ST as that is where he has always played since he left New York, also he should have the Republic of Ireland added to his natonalities Osama Malik should be less comfortable playing at ML and AML Dimitri Petratos should be comfortable playing MC Michael Neill is capable of playing MC Trent Buhagiar is one of the fastest players in the A-League and ran 100m in 10.8 seconds, he plays ST and AMR Oliver Bozanic primarily plays MC Mitch Austin purely beats his man due to his incredible pace and acceleration he should have around 18/19 in these attributes Lawrence Thomas is Victory's primary goalkeeper and should start ahead of Bray. Ivan Vujica is Australian but has represented Croatia in the past Jumpei Kusukami attributes are most suited to a winger however he is more of an agile AMC I hope this makes the database more accurate!
  10. Danny Choi and Taylor Regan aren't at Adelaide United, I assume this is because the beta had a data lockout a few weeks ago, can you confirm this? Also Mate Duganzic has been released by Adelaide United and I believe he is a free agent. International SC and Apollo SC both based in Mount Gambier are now in the Limestone Coast Football Association not the Western Border Soccer Association, the league has changed it's name as seen on the website Inter and Apollo are each other's fierce rivals. I also have a question, why are Inter and Apollo only included from the Limestone Coast Football Association also why are Renmark Olympic and Barmera United included from the Riverland Soccer Association? Do you only include teams that qualify for the FFA Cup? Thanks for your response.
  11. I just had a save as Toronto FC and Canada, was really fun as you get regens in your academy as soon as you start a game. Another great thing about being a Canadian team is that it only takes 3 season to gain citizenship. I recommend loaning American youngsters from overseas like Julian Green etc. Another great tip is to sell your draft picks for allocation funds, you can usually get like 350k for your 1st round pick, the players in the draft are rubbish and are usually too old (19-21). You can read more about my time with Toronto on my blog, my results with Giovinco were amazing.
  12. Scored 28 goals for me in season 1 and got the golden boot, currently has 22 goals in 20 games in season 2.
  13. Looks like you will only be able to get these guys in Portugal and Holland where you don't need a WP
  14. Has anyone got screenshots of these lads? Would love to see it