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  1. Ryoya Ito who plays for Schalke II should have Australia and Germany as second nationalities.
  2. I was just going to post this! Here is another link
  3. Connor Pain is born in Hong Kong and should have Hong Kong as a 2nd nationality
  4. I just had a save as Toronto FC and Canada, was really fun as you get regens in your academy as soon as you start a game. Another great thing about being a Canadian team is that it only takes 3 season to gain citizenship. I recommend loaning American youngsters from overseas like Julian Green etc. Another great tip is to sell your draft picks for allocation funds, you can usually get like 350k for your 1st round pick, the players in the draft are rubbish and are usually too old (19-21). You can read more about my time with Toronto on my blog, my results with Giovinco were amazing.
  5. Can anyone explain this? Thanks
  6. In FM15 with Udinese you could buy Granada's and Watford's players for nothing, why isn't this possible in FM16? Also Udinese aren't even affiliated with Granada.
  7. Scored 28 goals for me in season 1 and got the golden boot, currently has 22 goals in 20 games in season 2.
  8. Thomas Glover should have English second nationality, he was even training with the English youth teams but has recently playing for the Australian u20s.
  9. Also I just noticed that Anthony Costa isn't at Adelaide United anymore, he should be with Adelaide City.
  10. He plays in Japan mate, the J-League isn't in the game.
  11. Osama Malik should have a preference to play for Australia, he was in contention for a Socceroos Asian Cup call up Malik's stats haven't been updated from when he played in central midfield, although he is versatile he should have higher marking, tackling and heading (despite his bad form recently) he should recieve a decrease in finishing and long shots as he rarely scores (2 goals in 101 games for Adelaide) Malik should not be competent playing as a ML and AML however he should be competent at DR. Isaias should receive a large downgrade to finishing and long shots as he has only scored 3 goals in his whole professional career. Marcelo Carruca's main position should be as a CM or CAM as can be seen here he should also be downgraded in pace & acceleration but a small upgrade to marking & tackling around about 6 or 7 and an upgrade in finishing scoring 5, 6 and 7 goals in each respective season in the A-League, very good for a central midfielder. It's nice to see Tarek Elrich is better this year however his technical stats are lackluster, his crossing needs an upgrade is probably the greatest aspect to his game, marking/tackling need a drastic upgrade and a small upgrade to passing, dribbling and first touch. Dylan McGowan's main position should be DC and not DM. Bruce Kamau should have at least 16 pace and acceleration plus at least 12 dribbling. Sergio Cirio's main position should be AML as can be seen here Cirio is Adelaide's inside forward, he should recieve an upgrade to first touch, acceleration (not pace), agility (he is only 163cm) and balance. The rest of Adelaide's players are well done, if you want more feedback on the rest of the A-League clubs just let me know, I want to help as the editing in the past few years has been average, thankyou.
  12. Looks like you will only be able to get these guys in Portugal and Holland where you don't need a WP
  13. Has anyone got screenshots of these lads? Would love to see it
  14. Great post man! Looks like I'll have to have a Darmstadt save sometime