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  1. Can anyone help answer why my database isnt working?
  2. Hey I've made a database with Australian players in their prime but when I tick the box to use the custom database it doesn't show up when I load my game, none of my changes have been made. Why isn't this working??
  3. Hi I am creating a database on the FM19 pre game editor and when I went to save it, I noticed the FMF file had gone missing, I've searched all over my computer for it but I can't find it, do you have any ideas if I can retrieve it?
  4. @Schwoods Hey mate have you fixed the suggested issues on page 1?
  5. Hello @Simon Tipple do you think the foreign rule can be changed to 5 foreigners (not 4 +1 Asian player) also the salary cap be changed to the maximum of the cap not the minimum, as mentioned here Simon there simply has to be more Australian editors, it's obvious @Schwoods can't keep up with everything. I hope all of our suggestions have been fixed Schwoods.
  6. Harry Souttar should have Australian as a second nationality as he has an Australian grandmother and there was talk of Australia capping his brother https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/scottish-player-eligible-for-socceroos
  7. John Souttar should have Australian as a 2nd nationality but be declared for Scotland, there was talk about him being capped by us before Scotland did. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/scottish-player-eligible-for-socceroos
  8. The editing could be worse for the A-League but it's yet another year where the team is clearly undermanned, here are my fixes for the database. All of these suggestions are pretty clear and should be obvious to watchers of the league. Adelaide United George Blackwood – Second position should be LW, remove CM from his positions. Ryan Kitto – Finishing from 6 to 12, was Uniteds top goal scorer last year, dribbling from 10 to 12 Apostolos Stamatelopoulos – probably has a lot of blank stats, 10 strength and balance, 8 first touch Louis D'Arrigo – Should be CDM not CB, also a CM and better potential – he was the Y-League player of the year. Left footer Jordan Elsey – In the youth team for some reason, will be the starting CB and needs a big boost. Heading from 10 to 14, tackling and marking both 13, strength 13 to 15, he needs to be a better player than Regan basically. Kristin Konstandopoulos – Central midfielder like his brother, remove both wings from his positions Ryan Strain – Primary position should be RB, will be the starting there for the first team. Acceleration and Pace should be around 13, 15 stamina, 11 crossing. In general should be closer to Michael Marrone and Galloways ability Nikola Mileusnic – 12 Acceleration to 16 and 12 pace to 17, one of the fastest players in the league. Not sure why he is in the youth squad, had a good season last year and will be the best reserve winger Michael Marrone – Could receive a slight downgrade due to age and as Strain has taken preference over him. Daniel Margush – One of Australia’s best young keepers, should be in the Australia u23s squad so ability upgrade. Needs to be better playing out from the back. Central Coast Tom Hiariej – Shouldn’t be a CB at all, please remove that, should be more capable of playing CM. Crossing should be 14, excellent at putting the ball in the area. Andrew Hoole – Should be more capable on the left wing and less capable of playing right back Kalifa Cissé – Should be 20 as a CB and CDM Tommy Oar – Should be less capable of playing LB (he was more of a LWB) and accomplished at CAM. Melbourne City Eugene Galekovic – Sadly has dropped off with age and needs a bit more of a downgrade Bart Schenkeveld – Very fast for a CB, Acceleration from 11 to 15 and pace 12 to 15 Nathaniel Atkinson – It’s crazy that he can’t even play RB, needs to be natural there and less so as a winger and CM, could have a potential boost too. Lachlan Wales – Needs at least 14 pace and acceleration, minimum 13 free kick taking and in general more ability. Victory Thomas Deng – Somehow is in the youth squad despite making his Socceroos debut, needs a big upgrade and should be better than Ansell. As a smaller centreback he is quite fast and agile, should have 15 for pace and acceleration, 13 for agility and balance. He needs to be more capable at crossing, dribbling and passing as he’s also excellent at full back. Awer Mabil should be a friend. Birkan Kirdar – An aggressive youngster who should have higher potential James Troisi – Should be natural at CAM, he’s played there most of his career Newcastle Jets Jason Hoffman – Should be able to play in all right sided positions, spent a lot of time at RM last season. Small upgrade to finishing from 9 to 11 and first touch 8 to 10 as he is a good target man while playing striker. Kosta Petratos – Should be accomplished at LW and RW Ivan Vujica – In the youth squad for some reason despite being the best left back at the club, needs an upgrade Lachlan Jackson – Needs downgrade to physical stats, he should have lower acceleration, pace, agility and stamina. Perth Glory Brendon Santalab – At 35 years of age Santa shouldn’t have 14 acceleration and 14 pace, 10 would be better. Brandon Wilson – Primarily a CM and CDM not a RB Jacob Italiano – One of Australia’s brightest young wingers, not sure on his potential but I’d say at least -7.5, he should be a Gladbach player who is loaned back to Perth until the end of the season. Should be LW not ST with good dribbiling, agility and first touch. Make sure you get this guy right. Sydney FC Jop van der Linden – Has always been a CB, should only be competent at left back. Charles Lokolingoy – Should be faster and have a small upgrade to his other physical attributes Wellington Mitch Nichols – Needs a downgrade, hasn’t played much football for a while and has dropped off since his WSW days Sarpreet Singh – Should be more of a LW and CAM not CM, otherwise looks good! Wanderers Roly Bonevacia – Been playing as a LW should be unconvincing there Ruon Tongyik – Talented young CB, should be faster and have strong physical attributes Kosta Grozos – Was supposed to be starting CM until injury, should be CDM/CM not ST should have more ability and potential Keanu Baccus – In the youth squad for some reason, starting CM for the WSW and
  9. I have made a shortlist with a number of cheap players and players who will be valued more once they are at your club, it's suitable from league 2 to the EPL. Cheap and Undervalued Players_9E9DDF52-994C-4C84-AFDC-D65A8BF7C843.fmf
  10. I have made a list of Free Agents, check it out! Free Players (Andy Munro, Jul 2016).slf
  11. I just had a save as Toronto FC and Canada, was really fun as you get regens in your academy as soon as you start a game. Another great thing about being a Canadian team is that it only takes 3 season to gain citizenship. I recommend loaning American youngsters from overseas like Julian Green etc. Another great tip is to sell your draft picks for allocation funds, you can usually get like 350k for your 1st round pick, the players in the draft are rubbish and are usually too old (19-21). You can read more about my time with Toronto on my blog, my results with Giovinco were amazing. https://theaustralianfootballmanager.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/toronto-fc-a-new-beginning/
  12. Scored 28 goals for me in season 1 and got the golden boot, currently has 22 goals in 20 games in season 2.
  13. Looks like you will only be able to get these guys in Portugal and Holland where you don't need a WP
  14. Has anyone got screenshots of these lads? Would love to see it
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