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  1. So, is that because of the embargo? When that's lifted would that change to show those players interested, because it would be strange if no one wanted to go to Barcelona!?
  2. With Barca's transfer embargo, does this stop me seeing the transfer list? Nothing shows up and is just blank for me. Thanks Jon
  3. Yeah, unbeaten in the league in say 10 games, praise the team for the results and the team doesnt benefit or see the point in the meeting. Surely me praising my team should give them a lift, be excited by the fact im acknowledging there run of results.
  4. I've tried team meetings and every time is the same, that the squad had no benefit from it. No matter what I say it always the same. I could have thrashed someone 6-0. Praise the lads and nothing, no point according to the players. I shall persevere though.
  5. Especially if you have them set to an Attacking mentality, there always further up the pitch than what my tactics are dictating. Its all very well and good them being up the other end of the pitch, and overlapping to get crosses and exploit the flanks, but when there not going back to help with the defending side of things, it gets frustrating.
  6. Team talks.... Something to boost the morale of my players... Annoying i cant do it.....
  7. What formations and tactics do people prefer to play with Shakhtar? Retain Possession? Shorter Passing? Wider Play etc? What do you guys find best with them?
  8. Whenever my wingers decide to get on the ball and cut inside into the box, i could have people free in the box yet, every single time they will go on a 1 man crusade. Does anyone else have this happening.... Doesnt matter what i set there instructions to, they will always be ignored....
  9. Who would everyone recommend getting rid of. Going to start a new save with Shakhtar, and know the limitations with FGN players. Seen a few players i might buy such as Romero, but other than that should i bring in a few Ukrainian players too to balance the books?
  10. You can only run 3 nations on the Vita, and as far as im aware its unlimited like the PC version.
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