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  1. I had a Europa League tie either side of the original scheduled date (28 Feb), but surely having a game on the Thursday and the final on Sunday wouldn't necessitate a rearrangement. Looks like Chelsea had an FA Cup 5th round match the day after (01 Mar), so I guess that is the cause, but I'd have thought a Wembley final would take precedence. Weirdly, it looks like 6 of the 5th round FA Cup ties took place from 01 to 03 March (Monday to Wednesday) and but the other 2 (including my own game) weren't until Sunday 14th March for some reason. No obvious reason why the majority of the games were scheduled for weekdays! Anyway, I've uploaded the save (hopefully) to the Cloud service. Filename is Chris Laslett - Liverpool.fm.
  2. Not sure if this is a league specific issue, but I've noticed an issue with my Liverpool save in relation to rearranged fixtures. I am in my second season (2020/21) and I've got through to the Carabao Cup final. The game was originally scheduled for 28th February but was postponed/rearranged a couple of times for no particular reason and I never received any notification of the change (I had no other figures on or near the original date). The game has now been rearranged for 27 March, which happens to clash with an international period (see screenshot). This means that the vast majority of my first team squad are unavailable and I only have 6 first team players to choose from (fortunately my opponents, Chelsea, have loads missing too!). This has to be a bug, right?
  3. I love that a thread about Argyle has got so many people interested! Anyway, I promised I'd post an update once I'd got a bit further into my save... I had a good start to the season, and picked up a couple of good results against Peterborough away and Birmingham in the League Cup. However, I had a few struggles after that and had to start from scratch with my tactical set-up. The result is that I feel like things have turned a corner. We currently sit 7th in the league and are unbeaten in four (including a win away at Wigan where we were 4-0 and missed a penalty for 5-0!!). It's also worth pointing out that Graham Carey got injured in my 4th league match and will be out for around 3 months! In terms of my tactical approach, I've ended up with three tactics. I don't use masses of TIs or PIs, but I tailor these based on the opposition and how I think they are going to attack me and/or where I can exploit them. For me, this is the key to success with a below-average team - you can't just create a decent tactic and expect to outplay teams like you could if you were Man City or Barcelona. You need to come up with a gameplan of sorts for each opponent. These are the options I have for setting my team up: A counter-attacking tactic for away matches and/or where we are overwhelming favourites to lose. The approach is based on keeping men behind the ball and using my wide men to get forward and get around my defensive forward. Two standard tactics for home games or games where I fancy my chances of winning. The basic 4-4-1-1 is based on getting the ball wide and launching crosses into the box for Ryan Taylor - I've had a bit of success with this, but I'm still not 100% happy with the effect. The 4-2-3-1 is a similar approach, however the wide men play as inside forwards and I push the full-backs on a bit. The crosses are aimed towards the far post, which has resulted in my inside forwards combining well and scoring goals. Here are screen grabs of each of the tactics: I've been quite active in the transfer market, mostly to boost my attacking options. I released Te Loeke, Letheren, Grant and Ainsworth on free transfers (which cost a fair bit of my transfer budget) and brought in a few attacking players on loan and one on a permanent deal. The best bit of business has been Kyle McAllister from Derby - who I signed to cover for Carey's injury - he's scored six in five starts and looks to be a great find. Like I said, it's still early days, but I feel like we've turned a bit of a corner and the Wigan result makes me think this team can be anyone on our day. I still think promotion might be a bit of a tall order, but I'll give it my best shot. I'll try and post another update or two as we go through the season.
  4. Hi – sorry to hear you’re struggling. You’ve actually prompted me to attempt an Argyle save (been putting it off all season), so I’ll see if I can help… It’s a tough challenge taking on Argyle this season. The players (on the whole) aren’t really good enough for League 1 – Carey, Matthews, Threlkeld and Church being the possible exceptions. I had hoped that some of the squad might’ve got a slight improvement in their stats during the latest DB update – we are 6th in the league after all! A few general pointers… first of all, we’re predicted to finish 24th, which suggests that Argyle will start as underdogs in most games (for now at least). Therefore, you need to factor this into your tactical set-up. You could, in theory, set your team up to be attacking in the hope that you’ll catch opponents off-guard and exploit gaps at the back, however I’m not sure the squad has the attacking talent to pull this off. I’d therefore suggest a more conservative approach and try and grind out results by relying on counter-attacks and your set-pieces (not too dissimilar to Argyle’s actual approach this season). As for Carey, I wouldn’t focus too heavily on building a tactic around him – concentrate on getting the right tactic/shape established first and see how the team performs. If the team is performing well, it stands to reason that he will be a major part in this success! In terms of the approaches you’ve taken so far, the overriding observation is that you don’t seem to have a clear idea of how you want your team to play. Get this sorted and then think about your base formation, mentality and shape (this post by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! is really good and helped me to get my head around these aspects). As I mentioned above, Argyle are overwhelming favourites for relegation, so an expansive, attacking approach might be tricky. Also, have a look at the Team Report to see where your squad compares to the rest of the league and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can then tailor your tactical approach accordingly. These are the things I’ve identified in my save: Positives High Teamwork / Determination / Work Rate – be more disciplined? High Fitness – Lower risk of injury, can keep a small-ish squad? Good Jumping / Heading – whipped crosses? Decent Goalkeepers – better chance of keeping clean sheets! Negatives Poor Passing – More Direct? Poor Stamina – Close Less? Poor Tackling – Stay on Feet? Poor Decisions – Highly Structured / Be More Disciplined? Poor Shooting – sign another striker? Turning to my own approach, below is what I’m going to start with. It may need some tweaking as I go through the season. The basic plan is to remain solid defensively, use the creative talents of Carey and Lameiras on the break and get Sarcevic forward to support Taylor. Mentality: Counter. As above, I’m not expected to win many games, so a lower mentality is necessary. Shape: Highly Structured. My squad has low attributes for decision-making, so I want them to prioritise their assigned roles. I will then use player roles/mentality to define how I want each player to function. Base formation: 4-1-4-1. Lends itself to a counter-attacking mentality, based around keeping men behind the ball whilst giving opportunities to attack in wide areas when possible. Team Instructions: I’m a fan of “less is more” here, however I may tweak these as the games unfold. For now, I’m going to start with 3 TIs, which suit the system I am playing and the strengths/weaknesses of my squad (see above). Player roles/mentality: most players on defend or support duty, reflecting my low-medium risk approach. One of my central midfielders has an attack duty (probably Sarcevic) as I need to get someone forward to work off my TM. Player instructions: GK – take long kicks Defenders – none DMC – fewer risky passes MR – none, but Carey has personalised PIs of “get further forward” and “roam from position” MCR – shoot less often, dribble less MCL – move into channels ML – none, but Carey has the same PIs as above if I play him on the left SC – move into channels I hope this helps. I'll try and post some updates as I go through my save. I'm not expecting miracles, but I'm hoping I can hold my own against some of the weaker teams in the division and slowly start to climb the league. Good luck!!
  5. I had a relatively successful save with Wolves playing a really simple 4-4-1-1, which was far more effective than I'd expected. I finished 5th in the Championship in my first season (lost in playoff final), 1st in my second season and finished 9th then 7th in my first two seasons in the PL. My plan was to have a simple 'base' tactic and focussed on fitting the right players into each role. The 'base' tactic looked as follows: GK(d) FB(a) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) WG(s) CM(d) DLP(s) WG(a) AM(a) AF(a) I used a flexible shape and a balanced mentality as my starting point, and the only TI that I used all of the time was 'pass into space'. I adjusted the mentality before each game, depending on the strength of the opposition (the match odds were useful here) and also tended to tweak this during the game depending on how the match was going (I mainly switched between counter, balanced and attacking mentalities). I also used shouts and additional TIs to make further tweaks mid-game when this was needed. I didn't mess too much with the shape or player roles - simple mentality changes seemed to do the trick in most situations. The tactic was fairly solid defensively, which isn't always easy without a DM. I rarely ever dominated possession (wingers don't really help in this regard) but still created plenty of chances and scored quite a few goals. In some ways the tactic was more effective in the games I wasn't fancied to win (where I typically used a counter mentality) - I knocked Man Utd out of the cup in my first season with 36% possession and regularly punched above my weight after promotion to the PL.
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