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  1. any update on this? surely si must be nearer to sorting this problem .
  2. is there any fm17 latest transfer updates?, i play fm18 but the lag is terrible and cant enjoy the game so going to go back if can find an update, cheers
  3. its been added to GeForce experience now, i havent had time to try it has anyone else ?
  4. just tried it with new update, mine seems to have lag still but only happened twice in first match instead of all game .
  5. Swap positions FM2018

    in match there is also an option, if click onto tactics (top left) then select player u want to swap it should be down bottom right .
  6. inbox

    hi , im running 13 leagues with 29000 player count, it doesnt happen all the time .but there seems to be no pattern to when it does . DxDiag.txt
  7. inbox

    any idea on this , was working fine during the season, im using no custom logos or facepacks etc...
  8. Just into my pre season after first season and my inbox has become really slow takes ages to go onto next message ,was working fine all season .
  9. goals in match

    anyony?? i only want to see how many goals they have all season when they score a goal. thanks
  10. where has the swap positions gone in the match?
  11. is there any way to get back when in a match and your player scores it tells u how many goals they have for the season, mine just shows who assists now and i quite like knowing in game . thanks
  12. im playing with man u and signed him for free in 2nd season
  13. any idea when the lag will be fixed, i have tried all steps and still get lag when in match and on calender.
  14. i have the same issue on my computer.