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  1. hi yes i am taking first team training .
  2. i go to my top calender and put in rest players but in the squad screen nothing shows that there resting am i missing something? or is this a bug ? in 2018 when i did this my whole squad would show as resting .
  3. i have played people online and they were using 433 and my 4231 beat them, so not sure about this exploit , i have also tried it against ai and got mixed results .
  4. when i click on continue it takes ages to process and i have to press browse and then press continue i have to do this numerous times to process from one day was working ok until latest update.
  5. cheers, never heard of this before personally i like 4231 and fun of the game dont get why people need to exploit weakness in game surely cant enjoy it as much (unless your playing your brother online then get bragging rights lol)
  6. is there any fm17 latest transfer updates?, i play fm18 but the lag is terrible and cant enjoy the game so going to go back if can find an update, cheers
  7. in match there is also an option, if click onto tactics (top left) then select player u want to swap it should be down bottom right .
  8. hi , im running 13 leagues with 29000 player count, it doesnt happen all the time .but there seems to be no pattern to when it does . DxDiag.txt
  9. any idea on this , was working fine during the season, im using no custom logos or facepacks etc...
  10. Just into my pre season after first season and my inbox has become really slow takes ages to go onto next message ,was working fine all season .
  11. anyony?? i only want to see how many goals they have all season when they score a goal. thanks
  12. where has the swap positions gone in the match?
  13. is there any way to get back when in a match and your player scores it tells u how many goals they have for the season, mine just shows who assists now and i quite like knowing in game . thanks
  14. im playing with man u and signed him for free in 2nd season
  15. New hotfix out just downloading now.
  16. im finding the match day experience awful this year, the 3d engine is terrible i get lag on all settings, also added time seems to go on for ages played a first half up-to 57th min. shame i will have to wait til 10th to play it then . last years beta was alot smoother
  17. will there be another hotfix out before the final release, at the moment im finding the game unplayable cause of all the match day bugs. thanks
  18. great thanks i will look into doing that .
  19. hi, is there anyway i can edit the commentary/media to give more varied options or is there a pack i can download as find it very repetitive in game thanks *im not interested in audio as never listen to games .cheers
  20. is there a way to see all manager stats from other teams, in fm16 you could look and see what manager had spent the most on transfers ,most time spent at club etc... throughout career but i cant seem to find it now thanks
  21. i am in my 3rd season and in club world championship cup but im unable to register my team if i go on holiday and skip the game it registers my players , but obv want to play all games. how do i register them please or is it a bug in game not allowing me to do it. thanks ****SORTED NOW HAD TO SELECT TEAM BEFORE GAME AND IT REGISTERED THEM****
  22. ha ha have tried it again its def not in my head lol, yes its not really a big pain as have my players on performance and not stars anyway just found it funny that it would do that , thanks for reply
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