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  1. I had an up and down 1st season with Newcastle - managed to win the league cup but struggled in the prem and managed to finish 10th by the skin of my teeth...during that time, the club was sold and I was giving £130mil to spend in the next summer window by the new owner. Sold lot of the deadwood and bought some new players and went on a unbeaten first half of the 2nd season, only drawing 2 in all competitions. However, I struggled a bit during the 2nd half and had to tweak my tactics a lot more and just managed to win the league.
  2. I signed him on a free for Newcastle in the first transfer window for only £25k a week so was happy to pick up that cost during his ban....however, coming back from his ban his performance has been rather mediocre (particularly giving away a lot of passes). I was more than happy to sell in during the next summer transfer window for £12.5 mil! Weirdly enough due to an issue with my beta save (which got resolved) I setup a new game save with Newcastle again and this time he wanted £100k a week wages....at that point i definitely declined his request.
  3. Its crazy how much the agent fees are but will assume this will replicate real life which is just absurd! I went to sign Harry Maguire as he was interested in joining with the 30 mil fee agreed with the club...he only wanted 2.6mil signing on fee but the agent wanted 7mil!! Needless to say I withdraw my offer for him as that was ridiculous. I then went to sign Trippier instead at a much cheaper signing on fee
  4. Well I can partially agree that it can seem easy - however, during my first season at Newcastle, although I won the Carbaro Cup I had the typical up and down season and finished 10 (though it wasnt looking that way as the season drew to the end).. What did happen was Mike Ashley finally sold the club and had £130m to spend in the summer, got rid of the dead wood and brought in around 7 players......so far in my 2nd season, I have played 37 (including friendlies and EURO), lost 0 and only drew 2!! Currently top of the league in December...only by 5 points however as Chelsea and Liverpool have been right in the mix since the beginning!
  5. This is the same for me. It is the first time in many many years that I been playing in 2D (3D during replays) and actually enjoying it so the commentary comes in handy. Its also been in Champ Man and FM ever since day one and would not feel the same if it was removed.
  6. Hi all, Anyone else noticed with this year's version with the implementation of the new Dynamics system that your nominated Captain refuses to perform of his duties? More noticeably when I sign a player and ask the Captain to welcome into the squad or ask them to speak to an unhappy player...they say its not their responsibility and refuse to do it. This seems to be a common theme with Team Leaders/Highly Influential players and there has been a couple of occasions that I had to ask an 'Influential' player to do it as the rest wouldnt.... For me, this goes against the role of Captain and have been tempted to remove the armband from these players but yet to do so as I fear a backlash....
  7. I agree on this - found it extremely tough this year (I did in beta for 2017 but not as much than this version). I started with Newcastle and sacked after 3 months, tried multiple tactics and was just leaking in goals all the time (particularly the keeper pushing the ball into his own net quite often) - now I am with Birmingham and only won 9 out of 25 since I took over in January...tinkered around with the tactics but in a way, it means I am now getting a better understanding of how they work instead of downloading from the Workshop!
  8. I am running that version now but I didnt notice the update prior to getting the error - I believe it was 6-7 GMT I first loaded FM18 and I would have likely received the update after reloading following the crash. I will now monitor to see if I get it again now I have the update.
  9. Hi, I have now encountered 2 game crashes within the last 3 days (RL) after a match finishes and goes to the full time screen (before full time dressing room team talk). It appears to be random and after task killing and reloading the game, it continues without issue. Both issues occur at full time (see example screenshot) and the game crashes/freezes - clicking any section of the screen has no affect and only option is to task kill. I have attached a copy of my dxdiag and also my save game up until the last crash (reloading the game progresses without issue). Save game uploaded to FTP in /fm/game-crash/BETA - Crash.fm Unfortunately the crash is random so not able to provide anything other than that - however, it is not something I have encountered with FM17 and believe will need to be resolved otherwise will cause some level of frustration over my (and maybe others) game time going forward. DxDiag.txt
  10. For me it depends how much I get into this save......whereas for FM17, I played 480 hours (up until last week) and was still in my beta save (11th season). Been a few bugs in this version, particularly my keeper(s) knocking the ball into the net a fair few times.
  11. For me this is the best FM yet...still on my beta save and been playing 100 hours. Currently half way through my 4th season, I had a bit of a shaky start.... Newcastle - my home time club (always start my first save with them)....struggling with tactics this year and managed to get sacked in November of the first season...(4th season and they are still in championship) Fleetwood - dropped a division (L1) and decided to take on this club after several (exactly the same) interviews.....again, struggled with tactics and just didnt feel they were the right club for me, club threatening to sack me, finished the season 20th and resigned - i think they have sacked a further 6 managers since. Sheff Utd - seemed to be a good club to start with, took over in September of 2nd season and after going on an unbeaten 11 game run and then just couldnt get into the flow - I did win the Checkatrade cup but board werent too bothered about that so ended up finishing 19th and resigned. Wycombe Wanderers - Started this team in September of 3rd season and had task of avoiding relegation, few up and down games and good highlight was winning 8-1 away from home...finished the season 10th and winning the Checkatrade cup (board were delighted). I felt I have built a rapport with the players and fans and go for playoffs in the 4th season. Currently in November, doing really well in 2nd place and won an away game 7-2. Will see how far I can take this team as they have some potential. In previous games I tend to get board around the 4th season and start a new save....but I am thoroughly enjoying this save and trying to build my reputation to take over a bigger club in a few years (hopefully back to the Toon!)....I am struggling to let go of this game to play the likes of Mafia 3 and Skyrim, also have the PS4 Pro preordered on Thursday....but this game is taking over my life....the fact that I try to get a game or 2 in the morning before work is saying something haha
  12. After heavily playing FM17 since Beta release (hitting 100 hours), I watched the Wolves v Derby game on Sky today and my mind actually thought for the first few seconds it was one of my matches in FM17 (I am playing L1 atm)....its not about the graphics, but the ME has come along way over the last few years that it is now starting to resemble a real game, the way the players move and kick the ball, and the camera angles too. The first goal scored by Derby was actually quite similar to what I have seen ingame...looking forward to see how it progresses over the next few years! This game is frustrating me a lot though as I am so obsessed that I havent touched Mafia in 3 weeks, only played an hour of Skyrim Special Edition and I am worried when I get my PS4 Pro on Thursday that I can t take myself away from this game...no other game in the series has got me this hooked!
  13. It makes a change to the game ending bang on the extra 3 minutes...happens all the time in RL
  14. Yea i noticed this before 16.1.0 - I had a couple of tactics that i used from FM15 but since the update I am not able to import them...
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