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  1. Hi since the update I haven’t been able to import any shortlists. I was able to before the update on iTunes as normal. When I go to try and import a shortlist I can not select a file to go into, it’s just blank. I can import tactics fine but not shortlists. Have you you come across this problem before? If so how can it be fixed? thanks
  2. If the issue is down to space (I have 6gb free for a 16gb tablet) then it needs addressing surely? I shouldn’t have to upgrade my perfectly capable apple tablet in order to play this game. 6gb free space is more than sufficient.
  3. Mines an iPad Air , A1475 the version I’m on is iOS 12.4.4. I have just under 6 gb of free memory left. I’ve had the last 2 fms on this device and it’s been fine apart from the odd very rare screen freeze. However with Fm20 this freeze is happening even more and not just during a game now. It surely isn’t the graphic capabilities? If so what’s fundamentally changed from fm19? appreciate your help on this.
  4. Mine crashes during a match every other game. Very frustrating, it’s a real good game other than this. I’m using an iPad Air 2. Hopefully a quick fix will be sorted soon.
  5. Well knap what can i say other than well done! Truly incredible tactic the best ive used for many years won everything for a lot of different clubs! 108 points says it all! The only thing i changed now and then was in the difficult away games id switch to control. When i took a narrow lead at home and players were tiring id switch it to control or counter! Seriously this tactic is as close to cheating as you will ever get! I won the champs league 4 times in a row! The league was pretty much a formality! Currently starting my 3rd season having just won the treble with west ham.....the man utd treble that is! i urge everyone to give this tactic a go!👏
  6. I couldnt download the fm demo on my laptop because the graphics card? Didnt think you were able to download the tactics direct to ipad?
  7. Really like the look of the 108points tactic Knap! Is there any chance of the player instructions? Appreciate your help as always!
  8. Quick update knap: started to use blue matter 433 vol4 for home, and goodbye 343 108 points tactic for away. Where i was going wrong was not doing opposition onstructions from my assistant manager(craig shakespeare) as soon as i did i went on a massive winning streak, won all the trophies except the champs league lost in the final to atletico with everton! I had 4 key injuries before the final! well done knap once again top drawer tactics👏
  9. Nice one knap, im using your 108 point tactic, managed to get this off my little bro who has it on the pc version (phew) seems pretty good so far will report back, testing with everton, bought nearly a new squad.
  10. Cheers for the tactic Knap. Struggled away from home, but found a tweek near the end of the season, i just ticked be more disciplined and i was 7th at the time, i ended up finishing 3rd in the league with everton. I had loads of injuries and sold and bought a shed load of players!
  11. You are an absolute legend! Thanks Knap really appreciate it,👍
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