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  1. i know you can if you activate the game through steam not sure otherwise
  2. this thread is totally amazing, its clearly the best one on the forum
  3. i was playing it up until about a month ago, some serious longevity for 20 quid lol
  4. Feel for you, i'm waiting for fm11 to be delivered (only buy around the last patch) but played the vanilla demo as a few teams including Celtic and it just looks plain wrong. Tried google but doesnt seem to be a solution. Maybe stadium seat colour or predominant stadium colour could be something included in future editors to solve things like this, people like the game to look cosmetically right surely it wouldnt require a huge amount of storage.
  5. so dissapointed the window turned out to be open, otherwisee this would have been epic personally these days i just swear a lot, my girlfriend just humours me
  6. i love in the 1st one that they didnt score against 7 men, i know the game was over but come on!
  7. Thanks a lot, will definately bear that in mind. Halfway through my first season in league 2 at the minute, currently top but only on goal difference, however im 10 points ahead of 4th place so its looking good for a second promotion. The only problem I've found this year is I tend to concede a lot of last minute goals (4 or 5 i think so far) in the shut up shop formation, Ive started just using the main or counter tactics at the end of matches and it seems to have solved the problem, the higher class of player seemed to exploit my sitting back much easier.
  8. Hi there, First post although i've been lurking for a few months. I couldn't not comment on this tactic, its superb! Won the Blue Square South with Bath at my first attempt, I've since started a new game with my beloved Torquay and won the Blue Square Premier with 104 points in the first season, not a massive achievement but I'm terrible at this game... this tactic seems to have teams playing like world beaters, the quality of the moves and passing are better than I thought possible at non league level. Thank you very much for the tactic, highly recommened to any strugglers still hanging on in there Onwards to league 2......
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