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  1. what exactly did they say? i've had the "however we understand why we lost to xxx" message a lot
  2. yea wish this existed, i suppose at the minute the closest thing is the manager info in the hall of fame although its not specific enough, 1 major domestic trophy etc)
  3. i don't think it would happen irl the ref wouldn't allow the corner to be taken, but hey stuff like thats funny in the game wish it had happened for me lol
  4. might be worth posting in the data issues forum http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/197-Football-Manager-2011-Data-Issues
  5. yea stick to the bare minimum you think you'll ever manage in, maybe a small database too
  6. JGM

    FM Women's Version

    can imagine the angry threads now.... "ARGH THE STAR STRIKER I JUST SIGNED HAS GOT PREGNANT AND WILL MISS THE WHOLE SEASON, DAMN YOU SI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" etc
  7. JGM

    Oh dear Mr Wenger

    this made me lol, classic screenie.
  8. JGM

    LMA style

    well some of us do have jobs and families... i agree my results would be better given your approach but i would rather get through a few more seasons, its good that the game is configurable enough to allow us to all play in our own way
  9. what evidence do you have that this is the case? i'm not holding my breath...
  10. maybe his face would ruin the squad photo?
  11. have to agree with this, most human beings wouldn't make passable premiership players with the best training, or 100m sprinters or quantum physics theorists etc, we all have natural limits and pa reflects this, imo few players should reach this in game only in perfect conditions.
  12. sorry but there won't be a random pa add-on out there it would require changing the game code. All you could do is change a lot of PAs to -1,-2,-3 etc in the editor, this will initialize them to a different number within a certain range each time you start a save, so at least you don't know how far they can develop, i know thats not what you are looking for but theres not a lot else you can do.
  13. JGM

    Worse Fm Yet ?

    i have been playing since cm2 and this version hasn't got me hooked (yet!) in the way a few other ones have (fm07 and fm10 get recent honorable mentions) theres just something i haven't enjoyed quite as much, but thats just me.... but it's not the worst by a long way IMO its a solid game and very enjoyable, can see myself playing for a long time.
  14. pretty much, miles said it wasn't sustainable with the current number of subscribers.