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  1. what can i say about this tactic? Well i guess a picture is worth a thousand words.... http://img233.imageshack.us/i/torquay.jpg/ i mostly used the defensive version and was predicted 17th, a few signings but nothing major still kept within my wage budget after telling the board i would consolidate. absolutely superb tactic
  2. i know you can if you activate the game through steam not sure otherwise
  3. this thread is totally amazing, its clearly the best one on the forum
  4. i was playing it up until about a month ago, some serious longevity for 20 quid lol
  5. hey guys great to see a torquay thread! I bought the game for 11.3 and will probably start my annual torquay game tonight or tomorrow. Looking at the squad compared to the one on fm10(.3) my first impression is that its going to be very tough to make an impact in the first season, however i'm fairly confident i can achieve a comfortable mid table finish and push on from there with some decent bosmans. My first job will be to sort out the backroom staff, the club has way too many physios and not enough coaching talent, a new assistant manager would be a help also. Fingers crossed for a good cup draw like yours torquayfmer to boost the bank balance a bit.
  6. no i agree, was a genuine question id just never heard it being an issue in previous years.
  7. not so far, think this should be the final patch/fix
  8. cheers, always have one with my favourite club (Torquay) and a career game, last year it was Worcester, Millwall, Arsenal and Barca along with failing with England at some point that i dont remember but then everyone else does
  9. would love voice commentary if it was somehow implemented well, but it always sounds rubbish, it will always become repetitive if you play 50 games in a season.
  10. wasnt trying to hurt the company, love football manger, was just curious
  11. hey just noticed the update, they are in sweep testing, heres hoping for the end of the week
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