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  1. Hi Milo I think this is great! I am as English as they come but I always love a good US save on an edited database, and this is pretty much my idea of perfection! Thanks for all your hard work. A couple of minor issues that I have found, not sure if they are intentional or not? The squad registration rules are a bit odd (APL, not tried the other levels yet). I have to select a squad of 25 and cannot use any players out of that 25 regardless of how old they are so if I have a few injuries I cannot select a full squad of 18. Should there not be a particular age before which players do not need to be registered - it hardly encourages me to bring young players through when they can't play in the league until they are pretty much first choice! I know you said that it's not really designed to be played from season 1, but I decided to try it anyway! At the top level it appears to be perfectly playable the only exception being that you have to name 3 players that have been trained by the club in the match squad. As my strategy was to snap up all the best released MLS players, I don't have any of the original generated players in my 25 which means that I can only name 4 subs for league games. I know that is a result of how I have gone about it, but I'm just not sure that it is realistic to expect a brand new club (which these all are!) to have players trained by the club. Is it possible to set it so that rule comes in after season 3? Also, a lot of clubs have home and away kits that are rather similar and do not really help avoid clashes. The worst offenders on this appear to be Bristol Speed of USS James River Regional who basically have two kits of red and yellow stripes, just with the foreground/background reversed for the away kit I'm about to sim into the future so will see how the regional divisions develop over time. Not sure my knowledge of US geography will be sufficient to tell though tbh!
  2. Thanks for this Neil. I have knocked the 3D graphics down a level and have not had the issue since. Appreciate your support as ever!
  3. It's a good season, your first at that level, predicted to finish 24th - so 9th is a good effort even if the way it happened can make it feel less so! Time to push for those playoffs next season though, very difficult league to get out of is the National League!
  4. UEFA European Championship Qualifier England v Estonia Wembley Stadium, London Well if the Lithuania game didn't teach me that we need to learn to see a game out, this did! We were crusing against Estonia, 3-0 up at half time but never emerged after the break which nearly cost us points! Jamie Vardy got his first England start, and marked it in style by scoring two excellent goals but when he was taken off at half time with a dead leg, everything started to go wrong, as we defended too high and allowed Estonia too much control in the midfield during the second half. It took Estonia to score twice and threaten our 100% record for us to spark into life, substitute Charlie Austin linked up well with Wayne Rooney who became England's record goalscorer with his 50th goal for his country The game also featured an England debut from the bench for West Ham left back Aaron Cresswell
  5. The four injury replacements brought in were Ashley Young, Charlie Austin, Ben Foster and Fabian Delph
  6. So that leaves the table looking like this with 2 games remaining. Both England and Switzerland have qualified but can we make it ten from ten?
  7. Slovenia v England Sportni Park Stozice, Ljubiljana We did not play well tonight, but we fly home from Ljubiljana with our 100% record intact. We were tactically second best tonight, went in too aggressive and whilst we started about 50-50, the last fifteen minutes of the first half saw us really get away with it, Joe Hart making several quality saves and John Stones a couple of crucial key tackles according to Prozone! At half time we changed it, dropping deeper, moving Rooney back into central midfield and dropping Carrick into a DMC role and it did the trick. This match had one bit of quality and it brought the only goal, a wonderful combination between Rooney, Kane and Walcott ended in the latter scoring his fourth goal in two games. I think the stats tell the story, they were better than we were, they had more chances but as long as it was 0-0 there was always a chance and we took the chance we got. The last two games of the group next month are Estonia at home and Switzerland away, then we can prepare for France
  8. England v Lithuania Wembley Stadium, London Well that was emphatic! The first half was all England as we went at them safe in the knowledge that they were not really able to threaten us, defending on the half way line and using the area in front to dominate the game. It took us until the 25th minute to score, but the truth is that it was well and truly coming and once we scored it was no surprise that the floodgates opened and we led 4-0 at half time. Lithuania seemed to work us out to an extent after the break as we were not allowed the same dominance we'd had in the first half, and they even managed to score albeit from a woeful error from John Stones whose back header fell a long way short of Joe Hart. Still 6-1 is a very nice start and the two biggest positives of the afternoon were the way that Theo Walcott scared the life out of the Lithuanian left back who had no idea how to handle his pace, ending up with a hat trick, and also the way that Wayne Rooney was able to control the game from the number 10 position That victory saw us confirm qualification with 3 games left. Next up is Slovenia away on Tuesday night
  9. So my first squad looked like this: Until this happened... So I called up Ashley Young instead, who has scored three goals in his first three games of the season for Man Utd. Then this happened... So I called up West Ham's Carl Jenkinson, who had also had a great start to his season. Only for this to then happen... That left me with no right backs anywhere near first team ready, so I brought in James Ward-Prowse instead who is pretty much the best player left who was not either injured or already in the squad First game for my depleted England side was Lithuania at Wembley
  10. Tactics The old criticism of England teams is that they are too negative, especially in major tournaments where we seem more scared of the opposition than confident in what we can do. I’m looking to change that, as my primary system will be an aggressive 4-2-3-1. Now I am no tactical expert and have learned most of what I know through threads on this forum, but I think this will firstly allow us to get at the opposition and make them worry about us rather than the other way around. It will also get the best out of the Rooney-Kane partnership I want to use up top, with support from the wide men and will also provide enough defensive cover to be comfortable Formation - Instructions I have two alternatives to this. The first is only really to be used in qualifying games either at home to teams we should be beating or both home and away to the real minnows (the Andorras and San Marinos of this world). It’s less aggressive than the standard – this is because most smaller teams coming to Wembley come and sit ten men behind the ball and ask us to break them down. In these cases, I don’t want to be pumping balls straight into where their numbers are, they will leave us a large area between the edge of the box and the half way line where they are happy for us to have the ball, and I want to exploit this as best I can. Most of these teams are not going to threaten us so I am less concerned with defensive stability, I’m more interested in possession in the middle but also forward runs out wide and up top which will create us scoring chances. The width is key in this system – these teams can deal with balls over the top but less so with balls from wide positions, so the general plan is to use the Advanced Playmaker to attract the ball to the middle, but then spray it out wide to commence the attack Formation - Instructions The second alternative is for when I feel my primary tactic is going to be a little bit too aggressive, and I want something else in there to protect the back line, at the cost of an attacking player. This is more for tournament football where yes, I want to be aggressive but if I go in too attacking against an opposition that can pick it off, we could quickly find ourselves with no way back and going home. However, I don’t want to make the typical English mistake and shut up shop as soon as we cross the English Channel! I will still be looking to control the middle of the park and attack teams when we have the ball, again hence the Advanced Playmaker to attract the ball there Formation - Instructions
  11. Right, I’ve done this before, but I’ve not really been into FM over the last couple of versions, only really playing a few seasons over both of them. This year however, I intend to do a long term save with the EEE update when it is released, but until then (inspired by forameuss’ efforts with our neighbours to the north) I am going to do an international save, starting with my own country – England On FM12 I managed to win the Euros before the save fizzled out, so the only two aims for this save are to repeat that success and also to win the World Cup. I’ve started in July 2015, with the Group table looking like this. First objective is to make that ten out of ten like the real England team managed and then go on to have success in France in the summer! This is my manager. Connor Johnson is a 34 year old ex-international who has done all of his coaching badges before walking into the England job as his first management role after Roy Hodgson stepped down.
  12. Loving the thread! Wish you would stop beating England though! Group C is definitely the Group of Death, with yours second. England seem to have the easiest one with only Chile providing a challenge. Good luck anyway! In fact you might have inspired me to start an England save whilst I wait for EEE
  13. Thanks for your reply Neil Not sure where the 511 figure came from, that is what it says is the max but from watching it, it tends to be between 75 and 85 during the 3D match, occasionally going higher but never over 95. Outside of the 3D match it is around the 60-65 mark. Have just run the stress test for half an hour with FM closed and no issues. Overheating is the only reason I can think of that the laptop would just switch itself off. Which is incredibly frustrating when you are 2-0 up away from home and you lose it all! It's not a restart, you have to switch the PC back on again and you lose everything that was open and unsaved. No other issues, I have 5 star 3D capability and it is running fine other than this.
  14. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have the same issue on a similar laptop as the OP. The laptop occasionally just switches itself off, so far has always occurred within a 3D match I've run the SpeedFan program for about an hour during a match, and it's giving me the following readings, not really sure which one I should be looking at? HD0: min 38, max 44, mean 44 GPU: min 42, max 511(?), mean 95 Core 0: min 23, max 85, mean 78.8 Core 1: min 22, max 81, mean 77.8 I'm running Dell Inspiron 5548, intel core i7-5500U processor @2.40GHz (4CPUs). Graphics device is AMD Radeon R7 M270. Windows 10. Never have a problem running FM other than this one in FM16 The Stress test runs with no crash issues at all (although it does slow FM16 down considerably). Have tried it for about 35 mins so far, no issues other than speed. Do the numbers above suggest overheating or not?