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  1. I'm out refereeing tonight, and am leaving at 5.15. So any time before that please SI, so it can be downloaded and ready to play when I get back!
  2. That would completely spoil the immersion for me. But each to their own I suppose...
  3. Not as a direct result of brexit. Which is the only such model being simulated
  4. Because it is happening in real life. Well brexit is anyway, and scottish independence is a realistic possibility as a result of that
  5. What it does is make the game dynamic. More of this please. Uncertainty over economy, currency exchange rates going up and down which could affect transfer fees. Dynamic tax rates which could affect league/national reputation and how much big name players want to come to your country. All yes please for the future!
  6. You reckon? On this forum maybe, although it seems to be quite a mixed reaction from what I've read, not what I would call a backlash. But it's also been picked up elsewhere, such as this article by the BBC - FM being mentioned in mainstream media like this is extremely good publicity for SI, make no mistake about it!
  7. Well, it's not really something that isn't in real life is it? It is happening whether we like it or not, the only bit we don't know is the extent to which it will happen. So SI have worked around that by coding in a number of possible outcomes all of which are possibilities in real life, even if some have very small percentage chance.
  8. Maybe it isn't that simple? If it has been hard coded into the game, it might not be possible to just turn off without affecting the whole code?
  9. People moan about the strangest things? I think it's great that SI have taken a risk (which this is) to try and incorporate something like this into FM. Personally, I think the more random events the better, as it makes the game more dynamic and makes each save feel different which should be what they are striving to achieve. I did wonder how they would approach this actually, but I was expecting it to be more of a static change, and probably not for a couple of versions time. This is much much better than that, I'm looking forward to see what happens in my save now!
  10. They are in Division 1 South (2 leagues below National League North) so they won't be promoted like that
  11. Ok. I'm not moaning, it's out when it's out. But I just think SI are very careful about how they word things so there is something in that I reckon
  12. The wording they used was 'at least two weeks before release' which is a significant change from 'around two weeks before release' as was used for previous versions. Two weeks before release would be this Friday so based on that I am expecting Tuesday or Wednesday.
  13. Hi Milo I think this is great! I am as English as they come but I always love a good US save on an edited database, and this is pretty much my idea of perfection! Thanks for all your hard work. A couple of minor issues that I have found, not sure if they are intentional or not? The squad registration rules are a bit odd (APL, not tried the other levels yet). I have to select a squad of 25 and cannot use any players out of that 25 regardless of how old they are so if I have a few injuries I cannot select a full squad of 18. Should there not be a particular age before which players do not need to be registered - it hardly encourages me to bring young players through when they can't play in the league until they are pretty much first choice! I know you said that it's not really designed to be played from season 1, but I decided to try it anyway! At the top level it appears to be perfectly playable the only exception being that you have to name 3 players that have been trained by the club in the match squad. As my strategy was to snap up all the best released MLS players, I don't have any of the original generated players in my 25 which means that I can only name 4 subs for league games. I know that is a result of how I have gone about it, but I'm just not sure that it is realistic to expect a brand new club (which these all are!) to have players trained by the club. Is it possible to set it so that rule comes in after season 3? Also, a lot of clubs have home and away kits that are rather similar and do not really help avoid clashes. The worst offenders on this appear to be Bristol Speed of USS James River Regional who basically have two kits of red and yellow stripes, just with the foreground/background reversed for the away kit I'm about to sim into the future so will see how the regional divisions develop over time. Not sure my knowledge of US geography will be sufficient to tell though tbh!
  14. Thanks for this Neil. I have knocked the 3D graphics down a level and have not had the issue since. Appreciate your support as ever!