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  1. West Lancs and Cheshire League will both promote to North West Counties. As will the Manchester League, West Cheshire league and Liverpool County Prem which you already have so you currently have 5 NWCFL feeders. Would you do 5 up 5 down or some sort of playoff?
  2. Looking forward to this, going to use it for my long term FM17 save, probably after replacing the sussex leagues with some northern ones Is there any chance I could request the Cheshire Football League at Step 7 (or Level 11 as you are calling it) please? I can provide club info if needed
  3. Can someone check the link please? I can't get it to work, would like to know if it is down or if it is my computer being pathetic as per usual?
  4. Can I do it twice? My mate wants to be in but doesn't have a login on here: I'll do him first and if I get the go-ahead, I'll add myself as well Player Information First name: Connor Last Name: Johnson Nickname (optional): DOB: 18/10/1995 (16yo) City of Birth: Stockport Nationality: English Second Nationality (optional): Height (CM): 190 Weight (KG): 63 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Blonde Favourite clubs (optional): Stockport County Disliked clubs: (optional): Man Utd, Man City, Burnley, Stoke Favourite personnel (optional): Jim Gannon, Dave Jones Disliked personne
  5. Can you re-open this please http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/191959-Howay-the-Bay-From-Whitley-to-Wembley I know it's a little old, but I've decided to continue it Cheers
  6. Can we have an update on this? Is it happening or not?
  7. yep, that sounds fine by me, if the game selects them randomly
  8. Lets try again. I'm aware that you need the 'goal chant' to include the goal music, but can you put say 5 or 6 different 'goal chants' each with a different song as goal music. I would say that most (English) teams either use Piranhas or Chelsea Dagger. These are easily accessible off youtube, but I'm not sure how you combine them with crowd noise. Those two alongside Samba de janeiro, with the game selecting randomly between the three would be great imo.
  9. Can you put x songs on there and then rotate them, or is it the same song for each team?
  10. Can I confirm that its OK to have two saves with threads in here at the same time? I really want to do my new County save, but only alongside my other one, not instead of it
  11. Could you close this please: http://www.community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=191959 I'm starting again for reasons outlined in that thread
  12. I prefer monthly, I do monthly I don't think it takes too long to write up a monthly report My updates are OK i think Competition Type: Score (Scorers) 1 or 2 lines describing the game, or more for a big game like play offs or cup finals e.g League: Whitley Bay 2-0 Ashington AFC (Cook, Lucketti) Well, we've finally won a league game, but it was still a shaky performance against very poor opponents, and it's not looking too good for the future. We're 6th in the league, but still have more chance of going down than up if we continue to play like this Seems to work well enough, and get r
  13. I'll do another Stockport career on here soon after release. I tried a couple for FM09 but they never really got going, but will definately do one for FM10
  14. Could someone close this thread please. Damn precarious computers. Up goes that save and 700 quid in smoke:(:( http://www.community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=136933
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