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  1. Sorry, I changed the start date to skip most of the first season for testing purposes and forgot to change it back. Link now updated, and you should be able to choose whether to start in early June or early July in the first season.
  2. For those (like me!) that loved this db in FM15 (and as graaa left it open use), I think I have managed to resurrect it for FM17! I have holiday tested it for 12 years, and it seems to be stable. The issues with graaa's last FM15 release with teams qualifiying for the Open cup in the wrong year is fixed, as is the promotions in the A1 and AA leagues. I have checked and checked as much as possible, and all the promotions and relegations seem to work as intended. A lot of the kits didn't merge over very well, so I have used the (very handy) randomise kits button for all teams who start in League 1 and below. I have then gone through and restored a few real teams to their original kits (Tampa Bay and Fort Lauderdale spring to mind), but the majority of teams are fictional so I figured that it didn't really matter if they had different kit colours to the last version. However, I don't claim to be an expert in American geography or culture, so if there is a particular team that you think should wear particular colours, please tell me and I will change it! The issue with the World competitions confusing the qualifying rounds for the final is still there. I think it is fixable by messing around with the ranking levels but I'm not sure I know how to do it. The only thing it seems to affect is the media questions, it doesn't credit you with a trophy or anything like that. A few screenshots: Prime Cup Winners National League Winners Minor League Trophy Winners Winter Travel Cup Winners Champions League Winners World League Winners Most Expensive American Transfer Each Year James McConnell - Best American player in 2028, 3rd place in 2026 Ballon D'Or Hopefully there will still be interest in this. If there are any issues with it then let me know and I will try my best to fix it - I will warn you I am no editor genius though! This is all graaa's work, I have just edited it slightly to adapt it for FM17. I have not compatability tested it, so I would recommend that you do not load any other db's with it. The real names fix should be fine as long as you untick the media files. It will rename the MLS Premier League and Prime Cup though, as you can see in the screenshots above. Despite being English, I think this is my favourite db of all time so hopefully all will be well! Download
  3. How do I get a continental competition for the World to show up in game? What actually makes it show? I have set up a 'blank' continent, set up all the nations that supply teams into it, and set up the actual competition with all the stages etc but I can't get it to show in game. I've even copied directly from a downloaded one that works, but it still won't show? I'm tearing my hair out now ha ha, feel like I am missing something obvious! If I set the same competition up and assign it a continent then it works, but if I set it up under a blank continent it won't work. Can anybody help?
  4. Yes, that is what it shows, as per your picture What I want it to show is all wins (including penalties) and all losses (including penalties). So in your example Dortmund would be 5-0, Man Utd, Lyon, Besiktas would be 3-2, Al Rayyan would be 1-4 and Real Madrid would be 0-5 Is that possible?
  5. Hmm...possibly, although it relates to a league I am trying to create which is why I put it here Thanks anyway
  6. Hi I am trying to create a league where no draws are permitted, every game goes into extra time and penalties if needed. On the league table it shows wins and losses in normal time and extra time separate to those on penalties, so you have to add them together to work out the overall record Is there any way to put it all together so it just shows wins, losses and GD?
  7. No it still doesn't work unfortunately I'm getting a news item to say the correct team has won the title (when they win the playoff final) so it seems to recognise who the champion is, but it doesn't record it? I've tried everything I can think of, not sure what to do to make it work. Could it be something other than ranking levels causing it?
  8. I am really struggling with the concept of ranking levels, can anybody help? I have had a search on the forum but nothing that has been suggested seems to work! I have a two stage competition, with a normal league stage followed by a playoff, with the rankings coming from the playoff stage. The top 6 teams in the league qualify for the playoff, with the top two teams getting byes to the Semi Final. This all works perfectly apart from not recording the winner at the end These are the ranking levels I have set up: Stage 0 (League) Top team are champions - selected and unchecked Positions 0 to 1 - Current Ranking 0, Max 0, Min 2 Positions 2 to 5 - Current Ranking 0, Max 0, Min 3 Position 6 - Current Ranking 4 (and so on down to position 17 - Current ranking 15) Stage 1 (Playoff) Quarter Final Winner - Current Ranking 0, Max 0, Min 2 Quarter Final Loser - Current Ranking 3 Semi Final Winner - Current Ranking 0, Max 0, Min 1 Semi Final Loser - Current Ranking 2 Final Winner - Current Ranking 0 Final Loser - Current Ranking 1 Fate Actions Set League Fate, Final, Winning Team, Champions The competition still does not record the winner at the end, can anybody help? I feel like I am missing something really obvious but I can't work out what!
  9. West Lancs and Cheshire League will both promote to North West Counties. As will the Manchester League, West Cheshire league and Liverpool County Prem which you already have so you currently have 5 NWCFL feeders. Would you do 5 up 5 down or some sort of playoff?
  10. Looking forward to this, going to use it for my long term FM17 save, probably after replacing the sussex leagues with some northern ones Is there any chance I could request the Cheshire Football League at Step 7 (or Level 11 as you are calling it) please? I can provide club info if needed
  11. I'm out refereeing tonight, and am leaving at 5.15. So any time before that please SI, so it can be downloaded and ready to play when I get back!
  12. That would completely spoil the immersion for me. But each to their own I suppose...
  13. Not as a direct result of brexit. Which is the only such model being simulated
  14. Because it is happening in real life. Well brexit is anyway, and scottish independence is a realistic possibility as a result of that
  15. What it does is make the game dynamic. More of this please. Uncertainty over economy, currency exchange rates going up and down which could affect transfer fees. Dynamic tax rates which could affect league/national reputation and how much big name players want to come to your country. All yes please for the future!
  16. You reckon? On this forum maybe, although it seems to be quite a mixed reaction from what I've read, not what I would call a backlash. But it's also been picked up elsewhere, such as this article by the BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37692481. FM being mentioned in mainstream media like this is extremely good publicity for SI, make no mistake about it!
  17. Well, it's not really something that isn't in real life is it? It is happening whether we like it or not, the only bit we don't know is the extent to which it will happen. So SI have worked around that by coding in a number of possible outcomes all of which are possibilities in real life, even if some have very small percentage chance.
  18. Maybe it isn't that simple? If it has been hard coded into the game, it might not be possible to just turn off without affecting the whole code?
  19. People moan about the strangest things? I think it's great that SI have taken a risk (which this is) to try and incorporate something like this into FM. Personally, I think the more random events the better, as it makes the game more dynamic and makes each save feel different which should be what they are striving to achieve. I did wonder how they would approach this actually, but I was expecting it to be more of a static change, and probably not for a couple of versions time. This is much much better than that, I'm looking forward to see what happens in my save now!
  20. They are in Division 1 South (2 leagues below National League North) so they won't be promoted like that
  21. Ok. I'm not moaning, it's out when it's out. But I just think SI are very careful about how they word things so there is something in that I reckon
  22. The wording they used was 'at least two weeks before release' which is a significant change from 'around two weeks before release' as was used for previous versions. Two weeks before release would be this Friday so based on that I am expecting Tuesday or Wednesday.
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