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  1. Hi When leading 4-1, Rangers have a corner in the 76th minute, it is clear and I am awarded a 5th goal. When I click on the goal in the match report there is no highlight. PKM is attached. Thanks Rangers v Aberdeen phantom 5th goal.pkm
  2. Allen almost went back to Buffalo for that sack!!
  3. Yup, he really wasn't that great - should be an ideal fit in Detroit!
  4. Miami could trade them Fitz for Watson, straight up, if Bill was there!
  5. Also, it's difficult to think of a team who would have the relevant cap space and draft picks available to persuade Houston to trade, especially since Bill O'Brien is no longer there.
  6. Mention of Trestman gives me the shakes - was a horrific OC in Miami!
  7. I feel your pain - at least we screwed it up for ourselves though!
  8. That's Lynn out at the Chargers.......
  9. And Chan Gailey at OC for the Dolphins is also helping them with the playcalls........
  10. So do I, just not against the Dolphins!
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