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  1. Unable to continue the match

    I had something like this last night and worked around it by selecting a player, clicking on the team and then "match" in the top right corner which took me back to the match. Not sure if this helps, but hope so!
  2. Widgets have moved since 18.2 update

    I am experiencing similar. When i go to make a sub all my widgets end up scattered across the pitch. Very frustrating!
  3. [Scotland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    More SPL fixture nonsense. Round 37 of games, top 6 play on Tues night (19.30 KO) while bottom 6 play on the Wednesday afternoon (15.00 KO) Should be evening KO, probably 19.45 to be totally correct.
  4. Ok, managed to eventually complete the game, pkm attached. Also, after the game it asked me for a prematch teamtalk, not sure if this is linked or not Thanks Aberdeen v Ross County.pkm
  5. Hi Nic I am getting this error periodically. Unable to upload the pkm as I can't advance the game to the end without waiting for an age. Seems to happen shortly after i concede a goal and i am looking to make a tactical change or a sideline instruction, but both options are greyed out. Very frustrating.
  6. [Scotland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Just had Rangers play Celtic on a Friday night in the SPL - more a quirk of scheduling than a bug I think, but I doubt there would ever be an Old Firm game on a Friday night in real life! Probably wouldn't be good for Police Scotland's overstretched resources
  7. I'd be keen to see these views back, along with the Radar widget
  8. [Scotland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hi Ed Thanks for the reply. I think you are correct re the rescheduling. I has a Europa League group game on the Thurs so i guess i should have got the Sunday semi. However the other semi was played then and i had my game midweek. None of the other semifinalists made it to the groups so they could have played on the Saturday. Do you still need the save? I've moved on about 6 weeks in game time. Both the semis and the final were played at Hampden (but might as well have been Ibrox in the final ). Semi was against Hearts so less pronounced!
  9. [Scotland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Just played League Cup semi v Hearts and final v Rangers as Aberdeen. There are a number of issues: 1. Semi was midweek, irl semis are played sat/sun on the same weekend 2. In the match info mention is made of number of away support. In both games, I was drawn second (i.e. away and had far fewer fans at the games). May be cosmetic but irl tickets are generally split 50:50. Much more apparent in the final where apparently only c. 6,000 Aberdeen fans were there. Please let me know if you need anything more on this (eg pkm/save)
  10. Offsides

    I used to see a lot of offsides from overlapping full-backs/wing-backs. However, on a very small sample admittedly, seems better so far for me.
  11. Glasgow Rangers FM 2018

    Alessandro Del Canto (no, me either!!) got the Rangers job in my save. Surprising as I am Aberdeen - would have expected McInnes to get it as he's available. Lambert has got the Scotland job.
  12. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Hearts still seem to be playing all their home games at Tynecastle at the start of season 1 (instead of murrayfield)
  13. Can't save in local folders

    Right, seem to have worked through my issue - need to save separate files for each set piece type. Have been able to do this now so hope all well. Not sure it helps the OP though, sorry!
  14. I had this too and removing my xbox360 controller seems to have resolved it.
  15. Can't save in local folders

    I can now save to disk but the files don't show when i try to load them for a different set piece (e.g. i cant use a defend direct free kick set up for defending an indirect free kick). Pretty sure i could before. Note - this is saving to my default directory Thanks