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  1. I've got him at Aberdeen in my game - staggering increase in value.......might well cash in on him soon!
  2. Have they lost Rodgers? That seems to make a big difference.....
  3. Am playing the 19.3 beta and the following came up. I have been able to click through and continue - will it have any impact on my save game?
  4. Agreed. I managed to get good money (£6m) for him from Everton in my game when he was 32......he's been replaced by an excellent 17 year old regen.....clearly not coached by Jim Leighton or Jamie Langfield
  5. Booooo, Joe Lewis would never sign for Rangers
  6. Celtic have just completed an invincible 2nd season in my Aberdeen save......managed to prevent them getting a treble by winning the Scottish Cup. Some crazy signings flying around....I sold Mckenna to Celtic in Season 1 for £9m.....Arsenal offered Celtic £14.25m one year on - he's good but not that good!
  7. Uploaded as AFC Career Game 19.2.0 (v03).fm I think the issue seems to be around the Europa League Thursday games rather than the Tuesday game, or that the Tuesday game should have been moved when I got to the EL second knockout round.
  8. I am experiencing some severe fixture congestion in Season 2 (2019-20) where I have 4 games in 6 days (Sun 8/3/20, Tues 10/3/20, Thurs 12/3/20 and Sat 14/3/20). Thursday games are Europa League 2nd knockout round, while the other games are league games. After my game on 17/3/20, I will have a 10 day gap (assume due to internationals), but surely some space could have been created to alleviate the pile-up above.
  9. In season 2, I'm finding that Celtic are very consistent but the other teams take points off each other, leaving Celtic to romp ahead......not far off real life so far!
  10. It's difficult with any team other than Celtic in the Scottish Premier.....in season 1, they got 103 points and I finished second with 78 as Aberdeen with Rangers 3rd on 75......pretty close to how things have gone in real life tbf.
  11. I usually find that clearing the cache in Preferences > interface, as well as reloading skin in the Preferences works. This assumes you have extracted the graphics to your documents > sports interactive > FM19 > Graphics folder (may need to be created if not already there. Hope this helps!
  12. Thanks Ed, although given post-Brexit wage levels, we may need the high transfer fee income to finance Scottish teams' wages for any foreign players in future years
  13. Just off the back of this, John Souttar has been sold by Hearts for £17.25 million to Leicester in the first transfer window - now he's a decent player, but that fee is not realistic, in my opinion. Separately, Tierney went to Liverpool for £38 million, which seemed high, but not totally beyond the realms.....
  14. 45, playing since original Championship Manager on an Atari ST
  15. Would any changes re Brexit work permit rules be save game compatible?
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