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  1. I've always aimed to get to 10k steps each day. Even though I have an office based job, when I was in the office I was hitting this pretty easily most days. Even driving to work, the walk from the car park, up the stairs to the office, then walking around the office, up and down stairs a few times per day, to the toilets etc, all added up to around 3k/4k minimum per day. If you've got a walk to a tube, around the tube stations, to the office etc, all these steps will aid in burning calories.
  2. Sweeter the better for me! Loads of pancakes, then toppings will be sugar, Nutella, golden syrup or jam. Love pancakes.
  3. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine this. I love it Agree with the posts above about Harlequin being Gabrielle, and Sausage being Sheridan Smith. Robin has to be Aston Merrygold. Ne-Yo is Badger I think.
  4. Katherine Ryan. Every single panel show I stick on, she's on it. I don't think I've ever laughed at a single thing she's ever said!
  5. I think they've panicked and have tried to get a share of that market. I've had stuff collected from my door by the likes of UPS and Hermes, and it's worked really well. Crazy timing though, but I guess they must be desperate.
  6. Happened to me and a mate yesterday Turned up at half 4, thinking surely won't be THAT busy at that time. They had a staff member outside, said that usually you scan a QR code, it tells you how long the wait is, and then you get a buzz when a table is free, and have 15 mins to get back there. However the wait last night had reached 2 hours and 45 minutes, so they'd turned the machine off and this poor young girl was having to tell everybody to try back in 3 hours
  7. Thankfully no real bad experiences, bar waiting longer than we were quoted. Did once get somebody elses takeaway delivered though. We'd ordered from one takeaway on Just Eat, and a delivery turned up about 40 minutes later. As it was bagged, already paid for etc, just took it in and presumed it was our food. Took it in, opened it up to find it was a completely different order (although still things we liked!). Rang the takeaway and said we've been sent the wrong food, whilst on the phone another knock at the door, our correct delivery. No idea what shop the first one was from, or who the
  8. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh a pound. One of the biggest myths around is that muscle weighs more than fat. The difference between them is the density. Muscle is much less dense, and will therefore take up less room in the body than a pound of fat.
  9. I love Monzo. Had it since the days of it purely being a pre paid card, and use it regularly. Biggest plus for me is the instant notifications when spending, and the money also leaves your account instantly. Saves the feeling of having to wait a good few days after a night out etc to see how much you actually spent!
  10. Love Gavin and Stacey, and really enjoyed that last night. Some great loud out loud moments. Tribute to Doris was good, and loved their references to 'Glenda', after reading the other day that the house they film in is owned by a lady called Glenda!
  11. Hello mate! I'm really new to running (few months), and like yourself, suffered horrific shin pain every time I was running, no matter my pace, the distance etc. I was just wearing some standard Nikes, so had a read into running styles, which trainers were best for which style etc. Decided to give some stability trainers a go, so I bought the New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V3. I give myself a few weeks complete rest, but since getting back into it, I've had no pain whatsoever.
  12. Marvin


    I'm currently using it, replacing either breakfast or lunch with a Vanilla shake, depending on how much time I have at work. I really rate it. Shake keeps me full and it feels like I've had a genuine meal. It's full of nutrients and I definitely feel the benefit when I'm drinking it. I chose to buy it out of convenience of just having a shake for lunch an not having to meal prep or go out and buy food at work, but I now actually choose to have it.
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