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  1. I'll send mine across tomorrow mate. Do I get any winnings for best kit
  2. If there's a deadline that people miss for paying, I'l take a spot definitely!
  3. I've only seen bits of pieces of McEachran but each time I've seen him he has looked very good for such a young player. What is his actual position though, is he attacking, defensive, box to box?
  4. Very up and down lately mate! Was confident we could push for the automatic spots a few months ago, then we went on that run and autos were well beyond us, but was still confident of the play offs. Then even at Cardiff at home, I was encouraged by our 2nd half performance, we battered them but unfortunately the damage was already done and the ball just didn't want to go in. Then I was on the bus back from Hull just utterly gutted, and despite only being 2 points off play offs, was certain we had no chance. After the performance at Derby though I am confident again. Haroun being back is such a lift, he gave us the energy we've been severely lacking since he got injured. Desperately need a win tonight though. Donny are the *****, obviously just been relegated and a squad full of players who will be off in the summer. If we are serious then we should go out and beat them pretty comfortably. It's a good chance to get a decent win and to boost our goal difference a little, cos I think it might come down to that! Both Cardiff and Blackpool have very tough games tonight, I can see atleast one dropping points. Dirty Leeds could actually do us a massive favour this week, their games are Blackpool away and Cardiff away. Feel horrible wanting them to win
  5. have literally just discovered this thread and have spent the last half hour or so reading the last few pages. Some decent stuff going on in here, can't believe I haven't got involved sooner! Boro fan here, season ticket holder and almost every away gamer, and still extremely optimistic that we can make the play offs. Going to be some end to the season
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