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  1. back when i played fm21 and coaching barca i remember that everytime i faced liverpool my team would wear the away kit (black) no matter i play at home or away, and liverpool always got to wear their 1st kit, even though their second kit was a light blue kit and would have made no clash with my 1st kit. it was very disturbing. i dont know if it has been fixed in later editions but i think that fm should complement a feature that allows the home team (or treated as home team) to choose the kit (shirt and short separately) that they wanna wear on a matchday (they can choose 2nd or 3rd kit if they want, or even mix 2nd shirt with 3rd short), before a game. then the other (away) team will get to choose their kit with the options that clash with the home team kit eliminated ruled out already. fm should implement regulations regarding kits in real life. also, can you add the 4th kits of some of the clubs to the game, some teams even have a cup version of their home kit (dortmund), which can be treated as 4th kit too. lastly, on kit sales, can you give information about the detailed sales of each kind of kits as well (stats for home, away or 3rd kit)
  2. I have been working with the PGE lately and having a horrible time. It is incredible how little instruction it has. Most of the fields I have no idea what they do, sometimes an instruction box will appear on hover, but more often than not nothing happens. that is not to mention most of the options for the dropdown fields are little to not descriptive at all, I cant understand what they do either. please improve this, the PGE itself is not easy to use in the first place, and how it lacks tutorial anywhere doesnt make it better. actually you guys should release a series of tutorial content (video, blog, etc) with use cases if possible. like i want to make the copa america a 24 team competition like the euro or asian cup or the afcon, how can i do that?
  3. hey could you please tell me how to change the format to 48 team 12 group of 4 as it has been confirmed by fifa? i'm stuck at setting the 8 3rd-placed teams qualify for the round of 32, but i'm not sure if i have done anything correctly in the first place either. the editor is so complex and there is hardly any text in it is any instructive. Also if u could please tell me how to change the max squad size of the international competitions from 23 to 26.
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