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  1. Thank you so much for this skin, Cleiria. I just couldn't get used to the official skins. You've put all the important stuff on the left and it's so easy to find, and to navigate in general now. Game enjoyment boost of 100%.
  2. Two things - Training Information Suggestion. Okay, the suggestion/idea is for the Assistant Manager to provide you with a little more information about a player in a player's training - overview screen (Coach Report section). Specifically, for him to tell you which areas he thinks the player cannot develop anymore. For example - "Pat Rice thinks that Cesc Fabregas will not be able to improve the strength and aerobic side of his game much more, so it might be a good idea to concentrate on other areas of his training." As far as I understand, there is a 'ceiling' when it comes to certain attributes like pace, that players hit and cannot improve upon. The problem is that we, the managers, have no way of knowing whether they have hit it or not. So we are probably never getting the best out of our players with our training schedules. This would go a long way in helping address that. Goalkeeper Training Issue It is my wish that the following be sorted out please - the issue is that Goalies are not supposed to train in either Defending or Shooting. I make this claim because the Goalkeeper default training schedule uses neither of them, and also because I have looked in players' Training - Attributes - Training Category, and the categories displayed for goalkeepers do not include Defending and Shooting. So what's the problem you may ask? The problem is that a goalkeeper's Concentration (covered in the Defending training category) and Composure (covered in the Shooting training category), always go down if you do not train them a little in Defending and Shooting as well. I believe this is wrong, that those attributes should not be covered in those sections when it comes to Goalkeepers. So ideally, they would be moved elsewhere, perhaps by giving them a slightly different name* so that it is possible to move them to another training category, if the FM program wouldn't allow it? e.g. Concentration = Gk Concentration, Composure = Gk Composure. If this can't be done, I suggest SI gives more managers a clue about this by upping the Defending and Shooting training categories in the Goalkeeper default schedule. They both seem like important attributes for a goalkeeper to have.
  3. Player Preferred Moves Instructions I think it would be good to have a section with a tick-box beside a player's PPM's, fitted into the match screen section, perhaps beside/under Opposition Instructions, to tell your players which of their PPM's you want them to not use in the next match. The default for this PPM screen during the match could be that all the players' PPM's are ticked, so those who don't want to mess with this and don't think it's an issue, could just play normally by leaving it alone. That's the idea. But why? - If a player has just 1 PPM you don't want him using, it's fine because you could lower his creative freedom and that's it. But there are many players who have more than 1 PPM. Say tries killer balls and places shots. One day you need him to play as a SC not as an AM, so as his manager you should be able to tell him, right son, today I need you to not look for killer balls, but you can still place your shots if you like, so I'm still giving you creative freedom for that PPM, not for the other one. There is no ideal workaround for this otherwise at the moment, especially if you take into account that many FM'ers like some of their players to swap positions (2 SC's, 2 Wingers, etc). Meaning that lowering creative freedom for one player would affect the other swapped player too. So the ability to tell specific players (not their positions in your tactics) what you want, before the match, and at half-time, would avoid problems. The way things are currently, it is not ideal for many situations, such as having a versatile player in your squad which you like to play in different positions throughout the season. What PPM's do you ask him to learn, when most (not all) PPM's are sort of specific to certain positions, know what I mean? But with this method, we could tick or untick PPM's for each match at our pleasure, depending on what we required. Making a player unlearn his PPM's is not the solution either, as they might be good ones for other situations/matches. What you shouldn't be able to do for example, is to tick PPM's for the player that he hasn't actually learnt as that would be unrealistic. However, asking him to refrain from using some for a specific match would not be unheard of for a manager to ask a player. And I for one would find it useful. Maybe the screen for this could be a list of all the names of the players in your match squad, with a dropdown button beside each name called something like "Instruct player on his PPM's". When you click it you would see a list of his PPM's with tick-boxes on the side of each, and you would see that they were all ticked because that would be the default. Then you untick those you want. if you don't want, you don't mess with it at all, and just hit play. Like this, you could ask a AMR/SC to learn good PPM's for both roles, but ask him to employ only the ones which benefit the position he is picked in, for each match. There are many other benefits which I'm sure others can think of.
  4. Best to ask those questions on FMGlive itself, in one of the sound threads by Nova. That's where the links are, so you could easily be referred to them, rather than having to explain here.
  5. Downloading now. I could have sworn I'd already heard a Kolo Toure chant in the team chants soundpack lol, probably I misunderstood what they were singing. "There's only one Toure" it sounded like.
  6. Yeah I got that but I can't find a download link anywhere. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> It's in the first post by Nova on his thread there. Look more thoroughly.
  7. What program did you use to unzip/extract the downloaded file?
  8. TEL, after downloading, what did you do exactly?
  9. Okay Paul, now you need to EXTRACT that compressed folder called English Soundpack. And for the future, it is always best to download things to your Desktop first. To extract, you need a special program which your computer might or might not already have. So try right-clicking on the English Soundpack icon and see if you have any option similar to this - "Extract using/ Extract to". If you do not, you need to download a program such as Jzip (this one is free, there are others but that's the one I use and it's been working great ever since installing it). Having a program like this will come in handy because most downloads for FM are compressed and you will need it to extract them. Once you have your program installed, try right-clicking the English Soundpack icon again, and you should now see the option to extract. Extract to folder of same name, or to desktop. It depends on the program. Jzip has "extract to folder of same name". Then a new folder will appear, called English Soundpack, and this is the folder you need to work with. Open it and read the Readme, and follow the simple instructions. You already know where the "data" folder is, and have already removed the two original folders you need to remove, from it, so you just need to drop the two new folders into the "data". That's it. If you have any more questions, ask. I'm keeping an eye on this thread.
  10. Yeah, people should definitely try that if it doesn't work for them otherwise. But just for the record, I'm playing match speed on full, and key highlights on one click above halfway, and it works perfect.
  11. Okay, when you have "saved it to", describe what you did, step by step, no matter how obvious it may sound to you. All the way from downloading to ending what you thought was the installation process. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Okay, downloaded it to my documents (just in the my documents) as the program files doesn't show up when saving something. Once finished downloading, cut it from my documents to the data folder, then copied it and put the copied version in the subfolder, sounds. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thank you Paul. Now please confirm you did NOT extract the compressed file. I haven't seen you mention that bit so I guess you haven't, but please confirm to be sure.
  12. Okay, when you have "saved it to", describe what you did, step by step, no matter how obvious it may sound to you. All the way from downloading to ending what you thought was the installation process.
  13. Furney's was great but this one is the best now. I'm not having any problems with corners or anything. My only guess is it could have something to do with each computer's speed/performance. When the ref calls a player to him after committing a foul, the crowd start chanting "off! off! off!". It's brilliant lol. About the music playing when you start FM up - the only thing I noticed is that it's a little low (volume-wise) compared to the rest of the sounds, and I have to turn my speakers up a bit to hear it. But it's definitely there. It's improved the experience of playing FM by miles.
  14. This soundpack is fantastic. Been using it since Friday and I'm chuffed. Really easy to install too, except some people might not be too sure about the correct path to enter the data folder. Here it is (for Windows XP) - My Computer -> C: -> Program Files -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2008 -> data I mention this because some people might look in their My Documents instead, where there are other FM folders for skins etc.
  15. Reggae Boyz said: As Konami hold the license for the rights of the J-League, I was wandering if it is possible that this could still be implemented into the next version of Football Manager using completely fake player, club, stadium names, etc.
  16. An "Unsackable" option. The option could be introduced, and targeted mostly at beginners to FM, to help them be able to play plenty of matches against different teams, and experiment with tactics, without having to spend hours on re-building a new team they've taken over, or starting a new game, each time they are sacked. The result would be that there would be far less complaints about how hard the game is, and the option would also be there for those who aren't beginners but wish to use it anyway, say if they are taking over a pretty weak team and want some leeway in learning how to cope in the lower divisions. At any point in their career, a manager could choose to untick the option to make it more challenging and realistic. This would have no bearing whatsoever on winning or losing matches. It would just be very helpful, in view of how much time it takes on FM, to sort out your squad/hire and sack staff etc, at the beginning of each game (or season), only to get yourself sacked because you haven't been giving enough opportunities to experiment with getting your tactics and teamtalks right.
  17. A TABLE "CONSTANTLY" SHOWING WHO AT YOUR CLUB IS HOME GROWN AND/OR TRAINED BY YOUR TEAM FOR ENOUGH TIME, TO THEREFORE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IN EUROPEAN CLUB COMPETITIONS. Please. For obvious reasons - you don't want to be selling one player too many, that you end up learning you needed to complete the European squad, later on when it's too late. It's not good enough to just show you who fulfills the requirements whenever you actually need to submit the squad. And it's waaay too much work to manually find this out. With a section showing this, that you could refer to whenever you plan on selling or buying, it would make FM life a whole lot more fun.
  18. I'm not enjoying it as much as previous versions. That's the honest truth, and I have been successful at winning trophies so that's not the problem. I'm not enjoying watching the matches. Shots straight at the keeper, seemingly hit by a two year old so the ball bobbles to him. Central defenders staying in their position even though a winger is breaking through on goal, or running after the ball and then stopping to let the striker clean through (which never happens when I'm the one attacking). 34 shots, 19 on target, the opposing team wins with 1 shot. The way the player ratings are done I don't like either. Still too many long shots. Use a Playmaker and he might only pass the ball 20 times whilst another player will pass it 50 times. Little things like that which disappoint when they all add up, because in those respects FM has gone backwards. FM 2007 was far more enjoyable for me. Having said that, FM 2008 has loads of potential, if only they could iron out all the issues. The litmus test for me is how soon I get bored of playing. With all previous versions of CM or FM, I never did. With FM 2008 I usually quit after playing 3 matches. So, I've tried all the beta patches and the official patch, I'm going back to playing FM 2007 now, and will try the second official FM 2008 patch when it is released. I thought that once I discovered successful tactics I would enjoy FM 2008 more, but it was only a brief thing. It's just not exciting anymore.
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