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  1. FM11 10.3 - Thoughts

    Excellent stuff, Burgshield. I hope the directors (SI) of this football club (FM) will take on board your suggestions. One thing I especially dislike are the many oxymorons which have crept into the game. Certainly unintentionally, as a result of trying to balance everything out. Here's one example. Real life players (even youngsters) with high CA/PA in the game all have very decent hidden/mental stats. Yet newgens with the same CA/PA range have totally random (i.e. poor overall) hidden/mental stats. The way I see it, it's not logical for a player to have that PA in the first place, if the hidden stats are not at least somewhat in line with his potential. So, tutor them, one might say. Sure, and run the risk of having your best young striker falling out with your best senior striker. These are the sort of things that have me reaching for third-party editors, when I don't really like editing. But I'm a bit of a perfectionist too and can't stand these flaws. FM should be improving all the time, in line with the flaws being discovered and remedies suggested for the same. There are way too many aspects of the game which have been left to stagnate, or have been "explained away" to try make us see how the square peg fits a round hole (i.e. weaker foot issue, which I agree should not be tied to CA at all). Players should simply start off with Weaker Foot: Very Poor, Poor, Reasonable, Good, Either (no 1-20 values). And maybe special training (like for PPM's), could raise a player's quality by one level in this respect.
  2. Players recover a bit quicker if you give them a day's rest after a match. It's allowed me to play my first-choice MC's more regularly. However, there are players who don't need it, because their natural fitness is very high. My rule of thumb is to rest every player who is under 85% fitness for one day directly after a match. And if they are below 75%, they probably need to be rested for the next match (if it's within 3 or 4 days), not from training.
  3. Scoring Corners

    I'm getting plenty now, doing the following, without using any exploit (to my knowledge). [by 'tall' I mean good jumping/strength/heading. By 'small' I mean maybe better at finishing/first touch/technique/composure.] Stick 'tall' guy (my Targetman) on Stand On Far Post. Stick 'tall' guy (my CB L/C) on Attack Far Post. Stick 'tall' guy (my CB R/C) on Near Post Flick-on. Stick 'tall' guy (my DM) to Attack Ball From Deep. Stick two 'small' guys (my WF's) with good finishing on Challenge Keeper. Any ricochets or balls that drop to them, they'll bang them in fast. I did this because I had a theory it would work in real-life but wasn't very hopeful it would work in FM. Boy was I wrong. Stick 'small' guy (my MC) on Attack Near Post. Stick 'small' guy (my other MC) on Lurk Outside Area. Full-backs on Stay Back. Corner-taking set to "Mixed" for a bit of variety (and to ensure no exploit). Practically any player can take the corners as there will still be plenty of options in the box. Just make sure to leave at least two players on Stay Back, who never take corners. I only assign my MC's and WF's to take corners. Typically, the goals are scored by any of the Attack Far Post man, Stand On Far Post man, Near Post Flick-on man, one of the Challenger Keeper men, or the Attack Near Post man. Haven't seen my Attack Ball From Deep man or Lurk Outside Area man score yet (although the latter has come close a few times). But I'm quite happy with things the way they are. Also, I always like having a left-footer take corners from the right and vice versa. Strength is a great attribute in FM. It 'creates' an imaginary circle around the player that others can't step into lol. At least that's what it seems. So I think it's very helpful for corners and should not be ignored as a key factor in scoring from them. Also, corner takers should have good creativity and crossing ratings. The corner taking attribute itself isn't good enough on its own, which is counter-intuitive if you ask me (how could someone have a corner taking of 20 in the first place if his creativity and crossing are 10?) but there you go. Once a squad is gelled, you should also find that you are more successful with corners. Not only with corners, but with crosses and headers in general. Hope some of this is helpful.
  4. Camacho Red Cards

    Daniele De Rossi. Although he's calmed down a bit now. The first season when I signed him for Arsenal, it was crazy the amount of yellows he picked up. He didn't get more than 2 reds only because I substituted him in plenty of games after picking up yellows. I've also noticed that Newcastle are typically the dirtiest, with Barton and Smith the main offenders. At one point they had 91 yellows, and the team second on the list had 50-something. My advice is to stick with Camacho until he settles in better. If he picks up 2 yellows in one match, warn him. If he gets a straight red, fine him for a week. If he gets sent off again soon after that, fine him for 2 weeks.
  5. Here's another little tip to go with this. In "Split View" you can select to view your team's "Motivation" ratings. Which I do, at least at half-time. Then you can choose an appropriate team talk to lift them up or keep them going as they are. Sometimes you will see "Player X is playing nervously", so you can set an individual talk for them, such as "No Pressure!" etc. When two or three players are just "Playing okay", then I find that "You can make the difference!" is helpful, and motivate them to a better performance. Sometimes a player will have a 5.8 rating for the first half, but when you check his motivation you will see that he is very motivated, so it just means he's been unlucky in the first half. That's when you might not want to slam him, but encourage him to keep at it. Trial and error, see what works best with your players.
  6. Releasing comments about players

    That's it. Although I reckon it's 3 games in a row. Except maybe at the start of the season when it's 4 or 5.
  7. First time I have seen this in the game actually. Situation - Champion's League Final 2011, Arsenal v Barcelona. It is injury time after 90 minutes. Incident - Yaya Toure gets crocked. Walcott has a great opportunity to counter but sportingly puts the ball out of play. Toure is substituted, and Abidal takes throw-in, launching a Barcelona attack down that flank! You're supposed to throw it back to us you *&^$£(*%&^!! I wish I could say or do something about that, if it happens now and then. Like to accuse the other team of unfair play and start a media war lol. They didn't score from that, I'd have been more furious if they had. But they went on to beat us in a penalty shoot-out. Has anyone noticed other incidents similar to this one?
  8. Mexes, if you're letting Gallas go. He's done really well for me. Sakho, Danny Wilson, Jack Rodwell, Simon Kjaer, are good candidates for squad/back-up roles in the second season and also excellent prospects for a first team role in the near future once they achieve their max potential. If I had to pick one of those four I'd pick Rodwell as he's home grown and can also play as DM and MC. Just try get his jumping attribute a little higher (shift Aerobic training one or 2 clicks up from your normal), the other attributes will fall into place nicely. Same for Sakho if you get him.
  9. profitable feeder club

    In older versions it was easier to get Japanese and USA feeder clubs than Chinese, so my habit is of snapping up the Chinese one first, and then try to get another two from Japan and USA later. The way it works is that when you sign a player, there will be a knock-on effect on the shirt sales etc by having a merchandising feeder club. The higher the reputation of the player, the higher the sales. I read a couple of days ago that the nationality of the player is irrelevant and touring the country is as well. Don't know really, it's hard to say without SI confirming. But the whole point of this type of feeder is for when you sign top players. If you're not signing any, there's no point in having them. That's my understanding of it at present.
  10. I was running about 20 divisions from 8 countries in a previous save but after the end of the 3rd season I noticed not enough quality newgens were being created. Enough for one or two top teams to snap up yes, but not enough to keep all the top teams fed and keep things interesting. There were about 13000 players loaded. So I started a new save with all leagues and divisions (available in the game, none added) running. View only though, except the league I'm playing in (England). Database size : Custom - Large - current international players from 6 continents - all top division players from 6 continents - all top club players from 6 continents. Comes out to about 87200 players loaded. It's running okay surprisingly. So far. Just entered January 2010. One thing I'm already glad about is that there are more quality staff available. Brazilians especially but not exclusively. Can't wait for the beginning of next season when I can take a look at the newgens and see if there's been an improvement.
  11. [Another?] Injury Thread :

    LOL. Maybe so, maybe so.
  12. This is a great idea. And I have found myself wishing for the same lately. There could be an option in the Training screen, which you could tick to assign your players to a 1 day rest if they have played "x" number of minutes on a day. So that the game will give them a rest automatically from then on. Cutting down on clicks, or giving us users the option to if we want to, should be the highest priority in FM, in my opinion. Otherwise it will become a mess the more things that are added. If something is added that allows to REMOVE (so many clicks) then it's not adding to the mess, it's clearing it up.
  13. I'm getting plenty of enjoyment out of the game. But tutoring and I have never gotten along for several versions now and it's really getting to me. I read others say that Fabregas tutored Ramsey successfully, so I try it and guess what? Yes, now they hate each other. This just isn't realistic. And happens to me way too frequently. When it could be solved simply by having one of the players state: no thanks I don't really want to. As happens with PPM's etc. Another thing I've noticed now is that if a player is injured, you cannot set him to be tutored. Does a manager in real life have to wait till a player recovers from injury to say "I want you to learn from player X"? Can't he say "when you recover from injury I want you to learn from player X ok?" All this does is give me headaches trying to remember which player I have to remember to ask once he's back from injury, and if the injury is long then I need to make notes to remind me. It's all needless hassle isn't it? Work instead of fun. Just let us set the tutoring when we want to, and if you want to make it so the tutoring actually begins when the player is back from injury, fine. But I do remember reading that "off the pitch" behaviour would also be learnt right? So why can't they get a head-start on that while they are injured? The final point I want to make concerns multiple tutoring. As in, several tutees being tutored by one tutor at the same time. There's a "trick" to be able to do this, so I'm not sure if it's a bug. If it's a bug then nevermind. But if it isn't, could you please remove all the extra-clicks-needed-hassle? Thanks for reading.
  14. [Another?] Injury Thread :

    I know that training levels etc contribute to injuries. However, given that players have a 1-20 range for injury proneness, it seems that the change SI have done to make injury occurrence reflect real-life more, might be overly punishing those who happen to have a team with a high injury proneness average. Assistants/physios (reports) might not even comment that a player is prone to injuries as long as the relevant rating is under say 16 or whatever. If you have many players on 13's and 14's, that is still pretty high. At the moment, all the feedback we get on that is that a player is injury prone (17 or above?) or he isn't. There are no other stages/levels at the moment. Such as "is sometimes prone to injuries", "is rarely prone to injuries". That would help a manager to know which players to get rid of and to bring in some players who typically get injured less often. Balance things out a bit. For example, Robin van Persie's injury proneness is . Yet the Assistant Manager reports "Pat Rice believes van Persie doesn't have any real weaknesses".
  15. Exactly. That's what I think too. Between the pitch remaining green, not turning white, and the big snowchunks falling, it's very hard to follow the orange ball around.