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  1. I follow Sunny on facebook as i liked him from that Ronnie match and he plays at a club near me. He practices nearly all day every day and is a real talent even if he is unorthodox Backed him at 13/8 yesterday and will be backing him again.
  2. Three fights before last 1.11, 0.26 and 0.45 and does that. Monster
  3. So when they sort this stuff out for self employed, does this get back dated from the date you stopped working and they pay you a lump and then weekly from there? Starting to worry a bit now even when the uc hopefully starts coming in a couple of weeks.
  4. Ive just downloaded cm 01/02, downloaded the patch but every time i try and set up a network game it says unable to create. Any ideas why?? On Windows 10
  5. Hi Ive just downloaded cm 01/02, downloaded the patch but every time i try and set up a network game it says unable to create. Any ideas why??
  6. I work outside...does this mean i can't carry on working?
  7. Pulled up last week Extra Elusive 2:55 Lingfield tomorrow. Currently 5/2. Connections at Charltons yard says it's improved a lot since it was last seen.
  8. Faller and a winner last week. He likes the look of Valence D’Aumont (3.40 Uttoxeter) Has been backed in, currently about 4/1. He says he watched it last time out at Catterick, said not given a hard time when beaten.
  9. No, only the BBC and as @Wigmore kind of says, they don't work again. I go to the UK every year as im 20 mins away and they never work. Been to the Masters, Worlds and Players and its the same
  10. One of my best mates has been working at timeform for just over 6 weeks now. He's only given me two tips in that time which have both won at around 4/1. Though tomorrow the two hes mentioned are quite short and said don't go massive on them but i'd thought i'd share, even if it is just to keep an eye on. Bold Plan - 14:25 Ascot - 7/2 Yala Enki - 14:50 Taunton - 13/8
  11. Is it local to you? I'm about 30 mins away but only been twice, both the Boxing Day meeting.
  12. Pot, safety, pot, safety...awful game this.
  13. Went off WWE, it was getting awful, repetitive and boring. This was over a year ago. But i must say ive enjoyed this first episode of AEW that i watched this week...will continue to watch.
  14. Brilliant game that. As much as i didn't like Gurney, he was very good and he's growing on me.
  15. Mark Williams (1) v Martin Gould David Gilbert (16) v Joe Perry Barry Hawkins (9) v Li Hang Kyren Wilson (8) v Scott Donaldson John Higgins (5) v Mark Davis Stuart Bingham (12) v Graeme Dott Shaun Murphy (13) v Luo Honghao Neil Robertson (4) v Michael Georgiou Mark Selby (3) v Zhao Xintong Luca Brecel (14) v Gary Wilson Jack Lisowski (11) v Ali Carter Mark Allen (6) v Zhou Yuelong Judd Trump (7) v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh Ding Junhui (10) v Anthony McGill Stephen Maguire (15) v Tian Pengfei Ronnie O’Sullivan (2) v James Cahill Mark Williams (1) v Joe Perry Barry Hawkins (9) v Kyren Wilson (
  16. Yeah i've been up since 6:30 too. Huge crowd! Had gone for USA to win all apart from the first game at 7.8/1 draw no bet.
  17. Same with Vegas...just got back today. Mid to high 40s, never felt heat like it!
  18. If Wright is still struggling in front of large crowds still you would think its Anderson. Would love it to be Lewis though...or shock...James Wade. Love to see him back up there again.
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