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  1. We were the better team yes. But we could have/can be better. Sterling has no confidence, Alli half injured. Leaving Rashford for the last 5 mins? Can't believe he's only been given proper playing time in that "friendly" vs belgium.
  2. Wow, thought Finland did well to actually get there...but to beat Brazil and get this far..! 😲
  3. Yeah it was the first video game for me so its very close to me too! Remember it so well, even all the music on it!
  4. Great story, again, @CFuller . Just read your Dagenham story (took a while but was brilliant) That World Cup 98 idea is great too! I spent so many hours on that game! Loved it!
  5. First bet - Russia v Saudi - under 2.5 goals
  6. Started last night and i think that was the preferred team.
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