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  1. Downloaded latest version. Looking forward to getting started. Is there likely to be much more editing to do, before I decide to make this 1 my long term save?
  2. Started on this with the first Beta version. All good within the first season, but at the start of the Second season a couple of things that I've noticed is that past winners doesn't show up for the 15/16 season, and it also seems that Turriff United have been put into the Lowland League, with Tynecastle being promoted to the Highland league. Will download the upto date version and see if these still occur. Hopefully not. Looking forward to playing the finished version
  3. Who replaced Alex Ferguson on your FM?

    Mike Phelan followed by Steve Bruce
  4. *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    same problem but this time saying total number of teams entered (309) It only does this when trying to load with other leagues. If it's just on it's own then it's fine
  5. *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    CvK just a quick question - trying to start a new game with this, but with also the English leagues down to Level 10 and also with Faroe Island and Maltese leagues aswell. When choosing from the 'change' menu and selecting all them leagues I get an error saying 'Could not process rule group settings in MARK-PC/C:/Users/Mark/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager2011/editor data/ScoNewPyr_181210_comp.dbc.xml Scottish Cup - Total number of teams entered for this competition (312) is different to number of teams set in the cup stage (308)' Any idea's?
  6. *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    Well done boss Taken charge of my home team Newmachar. Lets see if I can fire up the leagues
  7. The Official Fifa Pannini Virtual sticker album

    Just started this, bought 25 packets over past 2 days.:o Swaps already I have are; Nicolas Lodeiro (Uruguay) Ismael Fuentes (Paraguay) Serbia shiny. PM if anyone needs them
  8. Lost faith in awards

    I'm managing Manfredonia Took them up the divisions.....qualified for Uefa Cup, but although I got knocked out in 1st knockout round I was still surprised to see him win the award
  9. 60 to One

    Struggled in Europe in 2 of the 3 updates. Also loaned in Guti
  10. 60 to One

    Come on Villa. And also come on to whoever is managing Tottenham
  11. Lost faith in awards

    No :confused: .
  12. I sold a player in the January transfer window to Wigan for £1m upfront then £10m after 1 international apperance. Just wondering that if he leaves Wigan then gets capped by Italy will I still get the £10m from the additional clause added or because he moved will it become void?
  13. Send To Specialist

    It costs to send to specialist I think. So if your a lower league club you might not be able to afford it
  14. Additional Clauses

    Sorry if I never made myself totally clear I sold him to Wigan, he is still there at the moment, so he is still on the list. Inter Milan are interested in him at the moment though, so was just wondering that if I did sell him before he was capped if I'd still get the extra £10m. I will check the transfer clause screen once/if sold Cheers guys
  15. Additional Clauses

    Cheers for quick reply Stupidity on my part I guess
  16. Lost faith in awards

    Were you on about my post? :confused:
  17. Lost faith in awards

    If it make you feel better then I was surprised to see this
  18. Looking at my Staff Rating, I have a higher percentage for Scout than I do a Manager EDIT - infact looking at all the other screenshots posted - only 1 person has a better percentage for a Manager, but I think he's editted a fair amount of his profile
  19. How much are you paid ?

    £7,500 per week with Manfredonia. 2019
  20. Just had a centre back score a hat-trick..

    My defender scored 4 in a game....1 headed from a free-kick, 2 headed from a corner, 1 scramble in the box
  21. Error?

    Obsessing with constipation much today?
  22. A 2-0 win for me in the first leg of the State Championship playoff at Cruzeiro Halfway to winning Atletico Mineiro their 40th State Championship.
  23. Through to the Minas Gerais State Championship Final with Atletico Mineiro, where unfortunately I go onto play Cruzeiro They were the only team I dropped points, and a goal against (1-1 draw) in the Group Stage so will be hoping to get payback on them in the Final
  24. Finishing a season

    I'll save my game leave it for a few hours then start up a new league until I start to miss the save that I was previously playing then go back to it. At the moment I have 3 save games: My long term Manfredonia game, a game with Knicz Pruszkow from Poland and a recently started game with Atletico Mineiro from Brazil. Manfredonia is always the game I go back to when I cant find the motivation with my other saves
  25. I'll probably be on FM all night so will make sense to post my progress in here Started a game with Atletico Mineiro from Brazil, my first save game in FM09 with a club from their nations top division. Topping the Minas Gerais State Championship so far after 7 games on goal difference from Cruzeiro with 6 wins and a draw (1-1 vs Cruzeiro). Scoring 29 goals and conceding 1 in the progress. Also smashed in 8 goals in the Brazilian Cup First Round (3-0 and 5-0 wins) Will be waiting till the League campaign kicks off before I actually see how good the team are, as the state Championship is mainly contested with 3rd division sides and non-league teams, with us and Cruzeiro being the exception.