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  1. Downloaded latest version. Looking forward to getting started. Is there likely to be much more editing to do, before I decide to make this 1 my long term save?
  2. Started on this with the first Beta version. All good within the first season, but at the start of the Second season a couple of things that I've noticed is that past winners doesn't show up for the 15/16 season, and it also seems that Turriff United have been put into the Lowland League, with Tynecastle being promoted to the Highland league. Will download the upto date version and see if these still occur. Hopefully not. Looking forward to playing the finished version
  3. markcator3006

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

    Think my players could do with finding the target more often http://i.imgur.com/9newGew.png
  4. markcator3006

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/4bZ1qB0.png - it's happened again.
  5. markcator3006

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

    10 men and my keeper saved 2 penalties. I was expecting to get trounced after I had the boy sent off
  6. markcator3006

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

  7. markcator3006

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

    Been a while since I've posted here. Hope you're all well. Anyway, Into my second season at Honka in Finland. First season did the domestic treble, and finished 3rd in my Europa league group. Won the Finnish League by 13 points in end, was never really in any trouble. Got to the end of season and I forgot to renew a lot of player contracts leaving me bare for the start of the next season.:o Second season so far and I got knocked out of League Cup in the Semi-Final to eventual winners FC Inter, into the Final of the Finnish Cup against IFK Mariehamn and only a point clear of HJK in the league, although I have 2 games in hand over them. Best to come though is that I've managed to qualify for group stage of Champions League, bringing in much needed money where I'll probably spend on developing training and youth facilities. Got drawn against Real Madrid, PSG and Porto , probably the worst group I could have got. Tim Vayrynen currently tearing it up alongside Roppe Riski. My aim is to hopefully turn Honka into 1 of the best teams, developing them with just Finnish players.
  8. End of first season with Airbus and won the Welsh Premier League and the Loosemores League Cup on the same day. Media prediction at start of season was to finish 9th so I'm pretty chuffed with how I've done. Although £210k in the red and consistently losing money. Hopefully the Champions League will bring in much needed money
  9. Haven't posted in here for a while. Started a new game today as Airbus in the Welsh Principality Premier. Brought in 10 players during the pre-season and they all have pretty much helped me to top spot after 19 games. Currently have the best defensive record in the league aswell, and into the Loosemores League Cup Final against Carmarthen. Still in Welsh Cup also. Losing money rapidly aswell and I doubt I'd get a lot from player sales
  10. markcator3006

    Star Signs

    Was Cancer - now Gemini. No thanks
  11. markcator3006

    Who replaced Alex Ferguson on your FM?

    Mike Phelan followed by Steve Bruce
  12. markcator3006

    *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    same problem but this time saying total number of teams entered (309) It only does this when trying to load with other leagues. If it's just on it's own then it's fine
  13. markcator3006

    *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    CvK just a quick question - trying to start a new game with this, but with also the English leagues down to Level 10 and also with Faroe Island and Maltese leagues aswell. When choosing from the 'change' menu and selecting all them leagues I get an error saying 'Could not process rule group settings in MARK-PC/C:/Users/Mark/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager2011/editor data/ScoNewPyr_181210_comp.dbc.xml Scottish Cup - Total number of teams entered for this competition (312) is different to number of teams set in the cup stage (308)' Any idea's?
  14. markcator3006

    *** FM11: Its New, Its Improved, Its the All New Scottish Pyramid ***

    Well done boss Taken charge of my home team Newmachar. Lets see if I can fire up the leagues
  15. markcator3006

    I have not become a dad!

    Congratulations. You're shooting blanks