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  1. It'll be a team that has Forest as a feeder club terminating the link
  2. I did 1 last night and finished 11th in league. Too drunk to try 1 ton ight although i've jus recently been told that board might finally give in to stadium expansion. I should stop moaning
  3. It might just be that I'm easily amused but this made me laugh.
  4. I thought there was a way. Does it allow you to manage them aswell or does that just allow the real players to be in the team?
  5. I was thinking of doing something sort of similar to this. Except it will be international management instead. I was going to holiday until whenever the Euro Championships are being drawn and then getting 16 (15 depending on Germany situation) people to sign up for 1 of the nations and each of them fight it out for Euro Championship glory. Would be interested to know what you think and if there are any questions i'd answer them for you
  6. I'd say sign Aguero and play him up front with Pato and see if you can sign a decent left back and a younger replacement for Cafu
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