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  1. @Cleon Hello, screenshots of older topics are gone. If you can share them in the same way, I would appreciate it
  2. Do you use it still as a default Vertical Tiki-Taka
  3. Hi michaeltmurrayuk How can we see Mentality and Team Shape in this screen like image ?
  4. Fm 2014 working on windows 8.1 but giving error massage if i use liveupdate.me Data Update i take screen shot of error mesage http://imageshack.com/a/img824/7373/33gy.png
  5. I know but after last uptade he seems in his old team again.Can you check please I did, but it did not. Thereof I wrote her
  6. Fenerbahçe Move Milos Krasic ( 5745043 ) to Sporting Club de Bastia ( 876 ) on loan until 30-06-2014
  7. Sanica Boru Elazigspor ( Id 130377 ) signed a new manager Okan Buruk ( Id 107057 )
  8. Genclerbirligi S.K. ( Id 1873 ) signed a new manager Mehmet Ozdilek ( Id 2018784 )
  9. Yes it is true you did it right, thank you Kalu Uche is Kasimpasa player in the game but tranfer to El-Jaish Sports Club ( Qatar ) 01.10.2013
  10. 1-Milos Krasic loan Bastia (Italy) wrong Milos Krasic loan SC Bastia ( France ) 2-Kalu Uche transfer El-Jaish Sports Club ( Qatar ) 01.10.2013 Thanks
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