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  1. I have always only played this game with all leagues in play, and even with additional players and staff through the advanced data base set up. This since I first started playing this game, and that was with CM2 I think, some time in the 90's. I've just started epxloring the 2019 beta with exactly the same setup as usual. My current hardware is a laptop i7, 8 GB memory and everything is on a SSD. I'm comfortable with the speed.
  2. A stadium editor and some keen modders, there's the answer. But now that SI have started to put "real" advertising in the grounds, I guess there would be a few problems with that too.
  3. No. I think I got half a star or maybe a whole one. Doesn't bother me at all, the game runs along at a decent enough speed ... for me.
  4. Laptop i7 6700HQ, SSD and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM; runs all legues that comes with the game playable, and with advanced data base adding even more players and staff. (I think I started with about 180k +). It's fine.
  5. There are quite a few box-to-box type players in the game with good attributes to take on Vieira's role, but not all of them with the same physical presence in height and weight. I'd probably try and train someone like Bazoer or Goretzka into the role. Bazoer in particular looks very promising in my save - young and still "shapeable".
  6. Ah, but Marcelo is too old and too pricey for me. I had my eye on Alex Sandro, and my scouts told me at one point that it was possible for a reasonable sum of money, but before I could make a move for him Juventus gave him a new 150k/week contract, and now neither he nor Juve are in any mood to negotiate. Now I have two youngsters looking very promising in my sights instead. Future prospects are more fun than established players
  7. I am actually playing a system right now that has a RPM and a CM/attack (with roaming and more risky passes). Not entirely the same setup as ÖttA's, but close enough. I have an anchor man behind those two midfielders instead of a HB, and I play a "regular" 4123 DM Wide formation, with a CF/attack up front. Left wing back is attacking (initially, at least), right wing back is support. Left AM is a IF/support with roaming and sit narrower, right AM is a IF/attack. Both CD's are "regular" CD/defend. Control/Very Fluid with shorter passing, close down more, retain possession, work ball into box an
  8. I believe it to be a UI glitch. Other team instructions, like "Dribble less" doesn't visually change the instructions for individual roles properly either, despite that team instruction is supposed to work as "any roles that do not have dribble more as a default (locked) instruction, will be set to dribble rarely". Now we all would expect and like to see that change in team instructions to be properly indicated in the individual instructions, wouldn't we? Well it just does not happen. My take on it is that team instructions do indeed work as they are supposed to do, but are just not indicated
  9. Yes, exactly. The AP (Iniesta) in this system we're discussing in this thread, gets the "more risky passes" instruction, and the DLP (Xavi) does not, his passing is set to neutral as default in that respect. Which would be fine, but when we add the "retain possession" TI, the DLP now gets a "don't try any risky passes" instruction. And that does not compute with me; that's not the Xavi I remember. Often - no. Now and then - yes. Rarely - no.
  10. I would say that when you have a system that uses the "retain possession" instruction - which asks every player that haven't got "more risky passes" hard coded in their default role instructions to not make risky passes - then you'll need a few roles with risky passes as a default instruction and/or players with "killer balls" as a ppm. In this system, I would be ok with the DLP having "killer balls" ppm. The DLP is in fact one of just a couple of roles in this system that do not have more risky passes hard-coded. And in my opinion, asking Xavi to not try the odd killer ball would be ... wron
  11. Assistant manager is the only(#) cheat I do, and the only reason why I have the InGame Editor. I just hire an unknown guy (rather than messing up the existing ass.man, who's contract will be terminated) and use the editor to make him as good at team talks & motivating as possible, and then set him to handle all talks & interviews. For my own role-playing needs, I tend to hire someone from my own home town and at the same-ish age as me, and pretend I have known this guy forever. I have just brought into my new club an unknown gem that I have just been waiting to give a chance in the big
  12. If we're talking real life here, I doubt that Özil's role/instructions (from Wenger) have changed much at all - but he seems to be more confident in his goal-scoring abilities now, and possibly added a bit of physical strength too, and therefore making more runs into the box and putting himself more into goal-scoring positions. If trying to emulate that in FM, I would keep him as a AP, but maybe add "get forward" PI ... if goals are really needed, that is. AM with the right combo of PI's would probably work too.
  13. I ammended my post above. The "proper" Kaby Lake i5/i7's are coming, but are they worth holding out for? In my opinion; no. Just get a Skylake Core i7 6700HQ now if you need a laptop now. The Kaby Lake Core i7 7700HQ (if that is what it will be called) will probably have a tiny bit more performance than a 6700HQ, and use a tiny bit less electrical power while doing it. But most probably not enough that you will feel that you've been "cheated" because you didn't wait for it.
  14. I think it's near optimal for FM, but you pay for 8GB of RAM more than you would ever need (But as RAM isn't very expensive these days, it's not a biggie). Apart from that it's very good - I can't speak for value though - as I'm not in the UK, I don't really know if that is a good price for what you get or not, and/or if you can get similar for a better price elsewhere. As for those Dell's: Yes, they are Kaby Lake's, but they are also the "u" versions - ultra low voltage - of the Core i5/i7 processors, and they won't be anywhere near as powerful as the "proper" i5's or i7's .... The "pro
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