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  1. I have always only played this game with all leagues in play, and even with additional players and staff through the advanced data base set up. This since I first started playing this game, and that was with CM2 I think, some time in the 90's. I've just started epxloring the 2019 beta with exactly the same setup as usual. My current hardware is a laptop i7, 8 GB memory and everything is on a SSD. I'm comfortable with the speed.
  2. A stadium editor and some keen modders, there's the answer. But now that SI have started to put "real" advertising in the grounds, I guess there would be a few problems with that too.
  3. No. I think I got half a star or maybe a whole one. Doesn't bother me at all, the game runs along at a decent enough speed ... for me.
  4. Laptop i7 6700HQ, SSD and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM; runs all legues that comes with the game playable, and with advanced data base adding even more players and staff. (I think I started with about 180k +). It's fine.
  5. There are quite a few box-to-box type players in the game with good attributes to take on Vieira's role, but not all of them with the same physical presence in height and weight. I'd probably try and train someone like Bazoer or Goretzka into the role. Bazoer in particular looks very promising in my save - young and still "shapeable".
  6. Ah, but Marcelo is too old and too pricey for me. I had my eye on Alex Sandro, and my scouts told me at one point that it was possible for a reasonable sum of money, but before I could make a move for him Juventus gave him a new 150k/week contract, and now neither he nor Juve are in any mood to negotiate. Now I have two youngsters looking very promising in my sights instead. Future prospects are more fun than established players
  7. I am actually playing a system right now that has a RPM and a CM/attack (with roaming and more risky passes). Not entirely the same setup as ÖttA's, but close enough. I have an anchor man behind those two midfielders instead of a HB, and I play a "regular" 4123 DM Wide formation, with a CF/attack up front. Left wing back is attacking (initially, at least), right wing back is support. Left AM is a IF/support with roaming and sit narrower, right AM is a IF/attack. Both CD's are "regular" CD/defend. Control/Very Fluid with shorter passing, close down more, retain possession, work ball into box and whipped crosses. Özil or Cazorla are my RPM's, Ramsey is my CM/attack. Both Özil and Cazorla delivers brilliant work as RPM's, and Ramsey's goal-scoring is in the double digits. The whole thing produces some beautiful football, and wouldn't be miles away from ÖttA's setup; the biggest difference being the change from HB to Anchor and the positioning of the CD's that that produces. The CM/attack is a AP/attack in disguise, but being a bit more aggressively attacking. The initial positioning of the WB's are of no matter when attacking, and the Anchor functions mostly the same as a HB in a established defense. Because of the difference in positioning of the CD's that the change from HB to Anchor produces, my GK distributes to the wingbacks, not the CD's. That's about it. Edit: Why Anchor and not HB? Because I want a "flat" back four, I'm most comfortable with that. And the HB - or rather; the CD's won't position themselves as intended in a flat back four with a HB in front; the wingbacks need to be moved up into the "WB" positions for that effect to work somewhat properly. I'm sure it can work splendidly in a setup like ÖttA's - and a small experiment suggests to me that it can - but it's just not quite my cup of tea. Btw; as soon as I can find a decent enough player for the DL position, I will try a CWB role.
  8. I believe it to be a UI glitch. Other team instructions, like "Dribble less" doesn't visually change the instructions for individual roles properly either, despite that team instruction is supposed to work as "any roles that do not have dribble more as a default (locked) instruction, will be set to dribble rarely". Now we all would expect and like to see that change in team instructions to be properly indicated in the individual instructions, wouldn't we? Well it just does not happen. My take on it is that team instructions do indeed work as they are supposed to do, but are just not indicated - neccessarily - with any visual changes to the individual instructions. Otherwise, if we take only what we see in the individual instructions to be "the truth", we must assume that many of the team instructions simply do not work as intended. But anyway - whatever is the case, I would have no major concern with a player in that DLP role having a "tries killer balls" ppm. Certainly not enough concern to make that player "unlearn" it. In a similar system of mine, I have Cazorla as DLP/s and Özil as AP(a) - and they do beautiful work together, and no noticable excess of killer ball attempts from the DLP - even if playing without the "retain" instruction. The vast majority of Cazorla's passes are of the "controlling possession" type, with Özil much more willing to unlock the defense with that clever pass - just like intended. And they both have that ppm ... Edit: When I say "glitch", I think it's more a case of "we just couldn't bother" ...
  9. Yes, exactly. The AP (Iniesta) in this system we're discussing in this thread, gets the "more risky passes" instruction, and the DLP (Xavi) does not, his passing is set to neutral as default in that respect. Which would be fine, but when we add the "retain possession" TI, the DLP now gets a "don't try any risky passes" instruction. And that does not compute with me; that's not the Xavi I remember. Often - no. Now and then - yes. Rarely - no.
  10. I would say that when you have a system that uses the "retain possession" instruction - which asks every player that haven't got "more risky passes" hard coded in their default role instructions to not make risky passes - then you'll need a few roles with risky passes as a default instruction and/or players with "killer balls" as a ppm. In this system, I would be ok with the DLP having "killer balls" ppm. The DLP is in fact one of just a couple of roles in this system that do not have more risky passes hard-coded. And in my opinion, asking Xavi to not try the odd killer ball would be ... wrong. Note: The DLP role used to have "try killer balls" hard-coded - it does not now. The older role instructions would suit Xavi better than the new ones, in my opinion. As it is now, it's not even certain that you would see many killer balls from the DLP even if he has the ppm for it - because of the "retain" team instruction.
  11. Assistant manager is the only(#) cheat I do, and the only reason why I have the InGame Editor. I just hire an unknown guy (rather than messing up the existing ass.man, who's contract will be terminated) and use the editor to make him as good at team talks & motivating as possible, and then set him to handle all talks & interviews. For my own role-playing needs, I tend to hire someone from my own home town and at the same-ish age as me, and pretend I have known this guy forever. I have just brought into my new club an unknown gem that I have just been waiting to give a chance in the big league. Works for me, and given the right attributes he keeps morale and motivation up well, and never puts his foot wrong in any interviews, as far as I can tell. (#) Erm, no. Not the only one. The other one is using the IGE to maximise tactical familiarity whilst evaluating new tactical ideas.
  12. If we're talking real life here, I doubt that Özil's role/instructions (from Wenger) have changed much at all - but he seems to be more confident in his goal-scoring abilities now, and possibly added a bit of physical strength too, and therefore making more runs into the box and putting himself more into goal-scoring positions. If trying to emulate that in FM, I would keep him as a AP, but maybe add "get forward" PI ... if goals are really needed, that is. AM with the right combo of PI's would probably work too.
  13. I ammended my post above. The "proper" Kaby Lake i5/i7's are coming, but are they worth holding out for? In my opinion; no. Just get a Skylake Core i7 6700HQ now if you need a laptop now. The Kaby Lake Core i7 7700HQ (if that is what it will be called) will probably have a tiny bit more performance than a 6700HQ, and use a tiny bit less electrical power while doing it. But most probably not enough that you will feel that you've been "cheated" because you didn't wait for it.
  14. I think it's near optimal for FM, but you pay for 8GB of RAM more than you would ever need (But as RAM isn't very expensive these days, it's not a biggie). Apart from that it's very good - I can't speak for value though - as I'm not in the UK, I don't really know if that is a good price for what you get or not, and/or if you can get similar for a better price elsewhere. As for those Dell's: Yes, they are Kaby Lake's, but they are also the "u" versions - ultra low voltage - of the Core i5/i7 processors, and they won't be anywhere near as powerful as the "proper" i5's or i7's .... The "proper" Kaby Lake's hasn't arrived yet - and from what I'm reading, the performance gain from the Skylake's will be really minimal. But they will most probably be needing a tiny bit less electrical power to operate at a similar performance as the Skylake's.
  15. Yes, processor is key. Get a laptop with a Core i7 6700HQ processor, 8GB RAM, a GTX 950 or 960 graphics card ... and if possible a SSD "hard disk". Then you have pretty much an optimal laptop for FM, you can't really - in practical terms - do any better. Well ... you can, but at a hefty price. Btw: Apart from the GPU - mine is a GTX 970M that I use for other games than FM - that is the laptop specs I have myself. I play with all available leagues playable, and some 180k players/staff loaded in my save. It's not the speediest setup ever for playing FM, but for me - perfectly fine.
  16. I wouldn't buy a laptop with the GTX 9xx series of GPU's now, unless they were seriously cut down in price. The reason being that the new GTX 10xx series of GPU's are so much more powerful. The lowest spec'd GTX 1060 has got a performance that surpasses the previous most powerful laptop GPU, the GTX 980M. Furthermore there's now very little performance differences between the laptop and the desktop versions of these cards - exemplified by Nvidia ditching the M suffix for their laptop versions of the cards now. They do still come in versions for laptop or desktop - for example the GTX 1060 Laptop vs. GTX 1060 Desktop - but the difference in performance between them is now so small that it's no longer much of an issue .... typically less than 5%. By all means - a laptop from PC Specialist is still a perfectly valid option - but choose one with the latest generation GPU in it. Since you're looking at a laptop with that sort of powerful GPU in it (the GTX 970M/980M), I presume that you want that GPU power for other games than FM. If not, it's a bit of an overkill. If it is the case that you want more GPU power for other games (more advanced graphics) than FM, you should really look at a laptop with a GTX 1060 instead - it will outperform the 980M, and most certainly the GTX 970M. And it will play virtually any game at max or very near max graphics settings at the "normal" resolution of 1920x1080. For higher resolutions, choose the GTX 1070 or the GTX 1080. If on the other hand you don't need this GPU power, I think you would be better off looking at a laptop with the GTX 950M or 960M instead (since the new GTX 1050/1050Ti are not yet on the market). These cards will be plenty for FM, and they will be far less costly, but still be usable for playing most other games - but then often at moderated settings and/or even lower resolution.
  17. There are i7's and there are i7's ... i7 6700HQ and i7 6820HK are very good, and are the "proper" big daddies of laptop processors. The ultra low voltage (ULV) i7's are not in the same class; lower voltage (and therefore lower power consumption and lower temperature output) does also mean lower performance, there's no way around that fact. So if you go with one of the first two I mentioned, 8 GB RAM and a SSD, your FM will run as fast (or as big) as you can expect any normal laptop to do. The onboard graphics chips in these processors will run the 3D matches, but probably not with maxed settings.
  18. Laptops with desktop processors ... then you should primarily look at vendors that sell an assortment of Clevo builds. Depends on where you are in the world; in the UK, PCSpecialist.co.uk and MySN.co.uk (Schenker XMG) are the two main Clevo pushers.
  19. Well, if we're sticking to laptops .... you can get laptops that has the top of the line, latest generation Core i7 desktop processors in them (like the Core i7 6700K, or even the 6950 Extreme, or even a Xeon ...), as well as the laptop equivalent of the Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card. Not the GTX 980M which is considerably weaker than it's desktop namesake, but the full fat one, the same as the desktop version, only made to fit into a (large) laptop body. Now that would obviously be a dream machine both for FM and for other games, and pretty much for everything else really, as long as performance is all we care about. However, such a beast comes with it's obvious drawbacks, such as being the least mobile of any mobile computer, going on battery wouldn't last you long, and so on. Like this one. In the real world, where often some sensible compromises has to be made, I think I have what is close to a dream compromised machine both for FM and for other games. It has a Core i7 6700HQ processor, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, a SSD + a HDD, and Nvidia GTX 970M - which is enough of a card to play most games on very high settings at full resolution - many can be maxed out. All this is put into a relatively slim and light chassis, and it comes with a very nice 15.6 inches 1920x1080 IPS screen and a keyboard that is nice to type on. The cooling system works very well, and there's no excessive heat or noise issues. It runs on Win 10 64. It's this one, only mine is branded differently and have some slight hardware changes (including a better screen). I play with all default leagues ticked (meaning I tick all countries and play with the leagues that are loaded by default in that country), all playable. Advanced database, at the start of the save there are some 180.000 players loaded. The speed of the processing is ok with me, it may be too slow for others. I think it's an improvement over your 3 leagues running slow as hell, allthough I obviously don't know exactly what you mean by slow as hell. It takes me 3 or 4 good evenings of playing to get through a season, and I watch every match in extended mode (comprehensive mode if I make a new tactical tweak). I'm fine with that. I guess that if I only played 3 leagues, a season would take me a couple of hours? I don't really know for sure as I have always loaded up all leagues and the biggest database available with this game series for as long as I can remember. For me, it's the only way of playing. In the FM benchmark thread, the Core i7 6700HQ in that chassis is so far the fastest of all non-overclocked processors; it just a handful of OC'd processors outperforming it, most of them desktop processors.
  20. Nobody knows how well FM would run on them - because nobody else but you know what you mean by "well". But it really is as easy as that, at least if we keep the 3D graphics out of the equation; Better (faster) processors will run FM better (faster). So buy the best processor you can within your budget. That's really the easy bit. It gets more complicated if you in addition to caring about FM performance also care about things like screen quality and resolution, general build quality and quality "feel", heat and noise, battery capacity, maybe you want to be able to play other games with more demanding graphics, et cetera et cetera. Then you need to allocate proportionally more of your budget onto these other things, and maybe settle for a slower processor to keep within budget. But really; if you have a list of processors ranged from fastest to slowest (it isn't quite that straighforward), then buy the computer that has the fastest of them, within your budget. That will be the best computer for FM, for you and your budget. I'm not familiar with the UK market, but I would have a guess at the Intel Core i5 6200U as the best processor (of the latest generation) you can get in a laptop for £500 or less. If not that, then the Core i3 6100U. The Dell you linked to has a Core i5 5200U of the previous generation, and it's not bad either, it's processor is among the best you can get within your budget, I would think. I'm assuming now that UK laptop prices are not wildly different from the rest of Europe. The U at the end of model numbers denote a ULV (ultra low voltage) processor, and next up in line we get into the "full blooded" Core laptop processors, like the Core i3 6300HQ, the Core i5 6500HQ, the Core i7 6700HQ etc. These operate at a higher voltage, with much higher power drain and heat emissions than the "U"'s, and quite frankly they offer considerably better performance as well. But you need not concern yourself with these, as I doubt you can get one of them in a laptop for £500 or less. But maybe I'm wrong, and you can. A list that puts processors in descending order of overall performance you can find here. This lists both desktop and laptop processors, but you can switch to "show only notebook processors" and then click "restrict" to list only mobile (laptop) processors.
  21. This list has got seven UK Clevo vendors, including PCSpecialist and Schenker XMG. Edit: Looks like the 7th UK vendor, Chillblast, is no longer with us.
  22. If you're in the UK and looking at a PCSpecialist build, don't forget to check out the Schenker XMG range of customizable laptops over at mysn.co.uk --- they're the same laptop chassis'es that PCSpecialist use (mostly Clevo, sometimes MSI or Gigabyte barebones), and are configurable in the same fashion. They tend to cost more for the exact same specs, but not always. And if you're in Germany, the same laptops can be found at mysn.de The Schenker XMG laptops - that are the same base builds as PCSpecialist's builds, and the same as several other vendors offerings around the world, are frequently being reviewed at notebookcheck.net, one of the best sites for everything laptoppy. If you're not in the UK but like the offerings of PCSpecialist's/MySN's customizable laptops, and wonder where can you get the same where you live? Go http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-resellers-in-the-european-union-v1.652403/ for a fairly comprehensive list of other Clevo vendors around Europe. It includes a few more UK ones. If you want more info on who, what, where Clevo barebones is, go here for an introduction. Here you can also find the links to several American or Canadian vendors. Looking around in this Clevo forum you can also find links to Asian and Australian vendors.
  23. You're in the UK? PCSpecialist's Clevo builds are bloatware free, I think. They are in every other Clevo vendor I know about in the world.
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