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  1. I have always only played this game with all leagues in play, and even with additional players and staff through the advanced data base set up. This since I first started playing this game, and that was with CM2 I think, some time in the 90's. I've just started epxloring the 2019 beta with exactly the same setup as usual. My current hardware is a laptop i7, 8 GB memory and everything is on a SSD. I'm comfortable with the speed.
  2. A stadium editor and some keen modders, there's the answer. But now that SI have started to put "real" advertising in the grounds, I guess there would be a few problems with that too.
  3. I have my keeper (SK/support) distribute to central defenders. I have yet to see the opposition nick the ball from one of my defenders or the HB. The keeper is not stupid; if CDs/HB is tightly marked he finds other passing outlets, usually the WB's. I play a very fluid 4123 DM formation.
  4. I use a HB in front of a "flat" back four (WB-BPD-BPD-WB), and I disagree with Özil-to-the-Arsenal on this subject, even if I agree with him on a lot of other tactical aspects. My central defenders move wide enough to cover the flanks left by attacking WB's, but not too wide so that they leave a huge gap in the middle. The HB in front of a back four will not safeguard that central gap all the time, but - when the team is in possession - move a bit furher up the pitch to act as a possession recycler, a better passing outlet for the more advanced players. The gap he leaves then could be easily exploited by a quick thinking opposition defender and a speedy forward. I would argue that the HB works better in a flat back four than in a formation where you have placed the WB's higher up in what is called the WB position. The latter will make the central defenders go wider, and then the central gap will be the HB's problem alone. It can work if you have a particularly good and disciplined HB, but it's risky. And it's not the way I want my HB to work; I prefer the way he and the CD's operate when there's a flat back four behind him.
  5. Well, lower fps during the time the game is processing (the screens where the game is processing day by day) does not actually make the cpu processing any slower, and the game itself isn't going to be any slower because of that. Low fps should only be of concern when watching matches. Those of us who are able to monitor graphic card performance in real time would have noticed that whenever the game is out of the live match screen the graphics processor and video memory will tend to clock down considerably - that is typical and perfectly normal behaviour. You can - allthough there's really little point to it - force the graphics card to work at full power and max clocks all the time. I do get low fps and stuttering when watching matches from time to time, and in my experience that has to do with Windows somehow losing app (FM in this case) focus; clicking anywhere on the fm window will then immediately bring the app back into focus and stutter free, or sometimes I have to click somewhere that isn't FM first; easier to do if you play in windowed mode.
  6. Is it the same in windowed mode as in full screen?
  7. I play with all leagues playable. I want as large a football world as possible in the game; it's the only way to play ... according to me. I get half a star, I think - that does not matter; I get the speed that I get, and for me, that speed is fine. I'm not the impatient type of gamer. It's up to you. Load as many leagues/players as you want. Play. If the game moves on a bit too slow for you, then start a new save with fewer leagues loaded, less detail, fewer players - whatever. I think I once read - many years ago - that one of the Collyer brothers (the fathers of this game) said in an interview that he only ever played the game with all available leagues and players loaded, and that it was the only way he could play the game, no matter what speed that resulted in. It's the same for me. It takes a couple of hours to finish a month in the game, but I believe most of that is because I watch every match in extended highlights (the full match if I'm testing tactics).
  8. No. I think I got half a star or maybe a whole one. Doesn't bother me at all, the game runs along at a decent enough speed ... for me.
  9. Not so much tactics as such, but in matches where the odds are heavily stacked in my favour I make sure to give squad players and prospects with fewer starts some competitive playing time.
  10. I give players that are prone to injuries the "less tackling" instruction. Seems to help, I've managed to get Jack Wilshere through 2 seasons without any major injuries.
  11. Good accelleration(and pace) is nice to have for any role. You decide whether it's important or not. Use common sense.
  12. Laptop i7 6700HQ, SSD and 8 GB of DDR4 RAM; runs all legues that comes with the game playable, and with advanced data base adding even more players and staff. (I think I started with about 180k +). It's fine.
  13. You mean a DFB, right? Well that would be a waste of Speedy Gonzales (Bellerin) at the right back, I feel. But maybe if he's not playing there ... Incidentally, my tactics are rather similar to Özil-to-the-Arsenal's Pep's Barcelona system. He and I share many of the same thoughts tactics wise.
  14. Well there's no need to, really ... all instructions are there in my post, simpler and quicker for you to just make a new tactic and copy my instructions, if that's what you really want to do.
  15. Tactics that brought me the Premiership in the first season (2017-2018). No cheating of any kind. 4-1-2-3 DM Wide. Control. Very Fluid. Shorter passing, play out of defense, work ball into box, whipped crosses, close down more. Starting at the back, and from left to right: SK/Support (Distribute to central defenders) WB/support - BPD/defend - BPD/defend (CD/defend if Mertesacker) - CWB/support (WB/support if anyone else but Bellerin plays at right back; and the right winger/IF also gets a "get further forward" then) HB/defend AP/attack (get further forward, roam from position) - DLP/support IF/support (get further forward) - CF/support - IF/support. (When/if Walcott plays at right wing, he gets a winger/support role. No other changes because of that) I'm sure you can figure out who suits playing what position/role yourself. One new first team player in the first window; Hakim Ziyech form Ajax, who can play both AP/attack and Right IF. Plus one for the future; Melegoni from Atalanta. No first team players in the January window, but Xhaka was disposed of. Moaners are out of my team asap. Summer 2018 Window: Sanches, Özil, Debuchy and Cech out, Mario (Villareal), Kepa Arrizabalaga (Athletic), Sander Berge (KRC Genk) and Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) in. Doing very well as of October 2018.
  16. Windows? Users - Public - Public Documents - Sports Interactive - Football Manager 2018. There's the hall_of_fame.dat file.
  17. Still .... most TV screens have a setting called "overscan" or something similar. If that's on, all 4 edges of the screen are moved slightly outside the bezels of the screen. Turn overscan off to fit all of the picture inside the physical boundaries of the screen.
  18. Also note that "dives into tackles" is not necessarily a bad thing; for a player with the right attributes it is a good thing, it makes him better at diving into tackles. It is only a bad trait to have if the player in question lacks the numbers in the right attributes, or if you for tactical reasons do not want him go strong into tackles.
  19. There are quite a few box-to-box type players in the game with good attributes to take on Vieira's role, but not all of them with the same physical presence in height and weight. I'd probably try and train someone like Bazoer or Goretzka into the role. Bazoer in particular looks very promising in my save - young and still "shapeable".
  20. Note: Trequartista, Enganche and Regista are also playmaker roles, even though they don't have "playmaker" in their title. There are other roles that will often act as playmakers - like the False 9 and the deep lying forward - but these don't come with this "ball magnet" effect, I believe The Half back is the only role that I know of that directly alters the positioning of other players around them, but any player/role put into the DM strata (between the defense and the midfield) will have an effect on the defensive line and therefore the compactness of the team shape.
  21. Well, the Halfback makes an influence that is pretty easy to observe when watching a match. Playmaker and target man you have to watch a bit more closely, but the tendency is quite clear, in my opinion. So yes, this info is gathered from reading posts from people that seem to be "in the know"* in the tactical forum mostly, or in one or two of the better guides elsewhere on the net, coupled with personal observations that seems to concur with that info. And of course, the role and duty descriptions themselves gives clues. Any "official" info from FM's manual .... nah, forget it. That thing has been s#### from the very beginning. * A couple of the better contributors in the tactics & training forum has actually been involved in the evolution of the match engine at one point ot other, I believe, so maybe one of them can confirm this info if they read this post ....
  22. What's important to know is that some roles makes the match engine behave differently when they are in use. Playmaker roles will attract passes from other players more than if you "make a playmaker" using a CM role, for example. Target men likewise. The Halfback makes the whole back line behave differently. You can "make" a box-to-box midfielder using a CM role as a basis, but looking closely you will notice that the resulting player mentality, closing down etc. - depending on team tactic settings - will not neccessarily be 100% the same.
  23. Managing a big club with plenty of scouts, I just leave it to the chief scout. Really, it's only when you have a limited amount of scouts that you need to think hard about where you send them, in my opinion.
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