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  1. Is it possible to sign GK's on an emergency loan? If so how do you go about doing this?
  2. As the title asks my question i was wondering if there is a way of adding more staff to the game without the need of running more leagues, im fully aware of the advanced setup before starting a game but all that shows is players and seeing this just leads me to thinking that it just adds players, am i wrong and does this add staff too? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. A dreaded day for me personally, i turn 30
  4. Not sure if this is the correct place to post but……….. is there any way i can disable the f1-12 keys so that i can use the in game shortcuts for inbox etc?
  5. im managing salford so im sure in non league there is no allocation of numbers
  6. is there anyway that you can enable player numbers on the tactics screen? ive been trying to get my numbers in the correct postions (11 & 7 for wingers, 5 & 6 for cb's etc) but so far not been able to do this, ive tried moving the players around so that the numbers would be in the right postions but when i go to play a match they are still where they were, any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. dont want 2 sound stupid, buts whats a pkm?
  8. it was shown as a straight red for the sending off offence, just seemed strange that he had already been shown a yellow prior to the sending off
  9. just played a game where matteo darmian was sent off, it showed that he received a yellow card then a few mins later he received a red but it doesnt show that a 2nd yellow card was shown, but after game im able to appeal against the ban, if 2 yellows were shown this wouldnt be possible
  10. wasnt sure if anyone had to pre-order before the beta is released in order to be able to access it
  11. if i pre-order the game on friday, will i be able to gain access to the beta?
  12. ive not seen this mentioned, but the idea came to me yesterday, i had a message inviting me to tour south korea due to my team having a high reputation there, i didnt know of my reputation there, so my idea would be to have a simple screen showing your teams reputation in each country and in addition to this, this could also be expanded to show how much income through merchandising that your club is getting from sales in each country
  13. is it possible to move players from the barcelona 1st team to the B team? the only option i can see is to move them to the u19s squad and when some of the players are 20+ then they wouldnt get any game time
  14. Never really thought about this before, obviously stats/attributes can increase, but can there height & weight also increase? As you sign them in their mid-teens, so say you sign a 16 year old cb that is 5ft10 could he end up being taller and heavier than he initially started out?
  15. if your not too sure about processors (which i wasnt) i would advise going to, you will be able to type the processor in a search bar and will automatically take you to the processor you search for, when on it you need to look at the 1st 2 columns, the 1st column is the higher number the better and the 2nd is the lower the number the better, hope this helps