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  1. MyNameIsJohn

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Have let my son start to play this. Any idiots guides on the internet?
  2. Santander current account the answer for savings up to £20k.
  3. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    I’m not really looking to hit on people / end up in a grievance...
  4. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Sure has, that’s Britain for you...
  5. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Not bad, can’t complain. You?
  6. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Anyone any good at it? Got any tips? I am seriously woeful and need to up my game at work on this front!
  7. MyNameIsJohn

    Any Mortgage advisors on here?

    Just use L&C.
  8. MyNameIsJohn

    Difficult People At Work

    Smear a turd on the inside of the handle.
  9. MyNameIsJohn

    Help keep me occupied

    Gun club would be a good shout
  10. MyNameIsJohn

    Black Friday 2017

    Need a 9" Samsung tablet - anyone seen a deal?
  11. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    My wife does all of ours and I think we are about 90% there. The scooters was my assignment!
  12. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    Appreciated thank you. This looks like it could be just the ticket: https://www.skatehut.co.uk/brands/madd_gear_pro/browse_all/madd_kick_pro_x_complete_scooter_black_black.htm
  13. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    10yo girl and 8yo boy, happy to strike a balance on budget vs quality - say up to about £80 each. Will have a look at those - cheers Gizzy,
  14. Right, my 8yo and 10yo want "stunt scooters" for Christmas and my wife keeps nagging me to sort it out so over to OTF... At the moment neither of them even have normal scooters so they are hardly proficient scooter users and therefore may not want something too 'stunty'? Anyone got any pointers/suggestions? Feel free to use this thread for similar questions!
  15. MyNameIsJohn

    Amazon Prime

    Need some Britta filters!!