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  1. MyNameIsJohn

    Club Screen - Missing Info

    Also have this issue. Displays fine using dark skin so won’t be a resolution issue.
  2. As highlighted
  3. MyNameIsJohn

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Have let my son start to play this. Any idiots guides on the internet?
  4. Santander current account the answer for savings up to £20k.
  5. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    I’m not really looking to hit on people / end up in a grievance...
  6. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Sure has, that’s Britain for you...
  7. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Not bad, can’t complain. You?
  8. MyNameIsJohn

    Small talk

    Anyone any good at it? Got any tips? I am seriously woeful and need to up my game at work on this front!
  9. MyNameIsJohn

    Any Mortgage advisors on here?

    Just use L&C.
  10. MyNameIsJohn

    Difficult People At Work

    Smear a turd on the inside of the handle.
  11. MyNameIsJohn

    Help keep me occupied

    Gun club would be a good shout
  12. MyNameIsJohn

    Black Friday 2017

    Need a 9" Samsung tablet - anyone seen a deal?
  13. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    My wife does all of ours and I think we are about 90% there. The scooters was my assignment!
  14. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    Appreciated thank you. This looks like it could be just the ticket: https://www.skatehut.co.uk/brands/madd_gear_pro/browse_all/madd_kick_pro_x_complete_scooter_black_black.htm
  15. MyNameIsJohn

    The help with Christmas presents thread

    10yo girl and 8yo boy, happy to strike a balance on budget vs quality - say up to about £80 each. Will have a look at those - cheers Gizzy,