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  1. After an hour of reloading I finally got Folkestone (1950). Rarest team I saw in that period was Basford (1900).
  2. So is this the full game now and there won't be an update on Friday? Neil's post seems to suggest that?
  3. Will it happen for this update or is it an FM18 thing?
  4. Any native Germans here? Any insight on whether Mario Gomez will now stay in the team?!
  5. I've got 52 teams but only entered one in this
  6. That cross from Quaresma for Ronaldo's header was insane!
  7. Could Quarema start now? Give us your predicted XI noikeee...
  8. You need to daisy chain. For example: Giroud -> Kane -> Morata -> Ronaldo
  9. Georgia lost 5-1 to Romania just a few days ago...
  10. How certain are you Portuguese experts that it will be Pepe and Carvalho at CB (e.g. rather than Bruno Alves)? Cheers.
  11. All about transfer strategy in this version of SDT. You effectively have 14 players in each of the first three phases.
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