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  1. How can I get my players to play more passes sideways or backwards? I'm trying to play with possession and patience but my players tries to pass it forward way too much. I play on "counter" with "pass shorter" and "less risky passes" and there are usually simple passing options for the players. It should be possible as the AI pass it around like crazy all the time getting 100+ passes for several players.
  2. How do you win/retain possession versus teams that press really high? Any general tips? In such situations, my players just clears it away or get the ball taken from them. I struggle to figure out how to counter this.
  3. How do you beat really defensive teams? Almost everyone seem to play really defensively against me and I'm finding it completely impossible to break them down. This usually results in 0-1 losses after they score on the counter. It's really frustrating.
  4. I think I'd rather have a small squad but I always end up with a massive one. There's just too many good players available for me to keep a small squad.
  5. FM11 for me. It had a good balance all around and isn't brutally difficult as the latest versions. FM14 would probably be my favorite if I wasn't too stupid to play it. While I have won both the league and CL in my Liverpool save, I've never really had control over the tactics to get consistant performances.
  6. Any tips for playing with some of the more defensive mentalities? Every time I try to play a more patient game using counter or defensive I struggle to keep possession and simply invite the other team to play. The difference in quality between the teams doesn't show at all at these times as my players doesn't impose themselves on the match. I'm usually much more successful playing a high-risk pressing game using control or attacking.
  7. It's insane how difficult this game is. I even started playing Classic mode to eliminate some of the variables but it didn't help at all. I'm not even trying to win anymore, just trying to control the possession but even that seems impossible. I'm currently playing as Real Madrid and I can't even control the game against the crappy teams in the friendlies. It's like the instructions and the way the team plays are completely disconnected. I have even tried playing with defensive mentality (with play out of defense TI) to have the team play more cautiously but they still just rush forward into
  8. That's most likely a part of the issue but its probably tactical as well. I just dont know enough of the game and of tactics irl to be successful at this game. I dont want the game to be too easy, that would be boring but I just cant figure out how to play to win, especially away. If I lose I want to know why so I can improve that to next time, but everything seem so random to me with no clear connection to my actions.
  9. Really wish I could get my money back for this game. It's just too hard for me. I restarted my save have managed to be reasonably successful when playing at home but matches against big teams and away matches are still way too tough. I think the biggest problem is my inability to know what's not working and come up with a working solution for it. I usually watch the matches on "Comprehensive" but I just don't know what too look for and what to do to improve the way my team is playing. Any tips for getting better at this?
  10. Is there really no way to view the assistant's feedback before the match begins like in older versions? That my team looked overconfident during warm-up is of less use once I've already given my team talk.
  11. How big difference does an attribute 'point' make? I've always found the attributes pretty hard grasp in FM and this year it seems much more important with the increased difficulty. How big would the difference be between 18 and 16 in passing for example? Is the difference very noticeable or just minor with a very small impact on the pitch? Probably a very difficult question to answer though.
  12. I haven't played FM13 but I'm finding this game insanely difficult. If you think 13 is too hard perhaps you should reconsider getting this game, I don't think it's gotten any easier.
  13. While that's true, the big ai teams rarely gets absolutely smashed like I do frequently.
  14. Is there any way to view the tactical instructions the ai use? I can't manage to create a tactic that is even close to consistent, watching how the ai sets up things would be very beneficial if it's possible in some way.
  15. Then I have understood wrong. Seems to be many who think they do, is that simply your reputation increasing and the opposing teams playing more defensively as a result?
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