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  1. How can I get my players to play more passes sideways or backwards? I'm trying to play with possession and patience but my players tries to pass it forward way too much. I play on "counter" with "pass shorter" and "less risky passes" and there are usually simple passing options for the players. It should be possible as the AI pass it around like crazy all the time getting 100+ passes for several players.
  2. How do you win/retain possession versus teams that press really high? Any general tips? In such situations, my players just clears it away or get the ball taken from them. I struggle to figure out how to counter this.
  3. How do you beat really defensive teams? Almost everyone seem to play really defensively against me and I'm finding it completely impossible to break them down. This usually results in 0-1 losses after they score on the counter. It's really frustrating.
  4. I think I'd rather have a small squad but I always end up with a massive one. There's just too many good players available for me to keep a small squad.
  5. FM11 for me. It had a good balance all around and isn't brutally difficult as the latest versions. FM14 would probably be my favorite if I wasn't too stupid to play it. While I have won both the league and CL in my Liverpool save, I've never really had control over the tactics to get consistant performances.
  6. Any tips for playing with some of the more defensive mentalities? Every time I try to play a more patient game using counter or defensive I struggle to keep possession and simply invite the other team to play. The difference in quality between the teams doesn't show at all at these times as my players doesn't impose themselves on the match. I'm usually much more successful playing a high-risk pressing game using control or attacking.
  7. It's insane how difficult this game is. I even started playing Classic mode to eliminate some of the variables but it didn't help at all. I'm not even trying to win anymore, just trying to control the possession but even that seems impossible. I'm currently playing as Real Madrid and I can't even control the game against the crappy teams in the friendlies. It's like the instructions and the way the team plays are completely disconnected. I have even tried playing with defensive mentality (with play out of defense TI) to have the team play more cautiously but they still just rush forward into a wall of defenders every time they win the ball. I'm still at square one after having the game for two months and after having spent insane numbers of hours on it. Even more annoying that people I've watched playing the game on youtube seem to dominate with extremely unbalanced tactics. Are there any known exploits I could use to my advantage? I really want to enjoy this game as I've wasted a lot of money on it but it's just impossible unless I reload constantly, which isn't really fun. And even then I don't play the way I want. The latest tactics are as follows: CF(s) W(s) CM(A) DLP(s) WM(A) HB(D) WB(A) CD(D) CD(D) WM(S) GK Fluidity: Fluid Mentality: Defensive TIs: Play out of defense, pass shorter
  8. That's most likely a part of the issue but its probably tactical as well. I just dont know enough of the game and of tactics irl to be successful at this game. I dont want the game to be too easy, that would be boring but I just cant figure out how to play to win, especially away. If I lose I want to know why so I can improve that to next time, but everything seem so random to me with no clear connection to my actions.
  9. Really wish I could get my money back for this game. It's just too hard for me. I restarted my save have managed to be reasonably successful when playing at home but matches against big teams and away matches are still way too tough. I think the biggest problem is my inability to know what's not working and come up with a working solution for it. I usually watch the matches on "Comprehensive" but I just don't know what too look for and what to do to improve the way my team is playing. Any tips for getting better at this?
  10. Is there really no way to view the assistant's feedback before the match begins like in older versions? That my team looked overconfident during warm-up is of less use once I've already given my team talk.
  11. How big difference does an attribute 'point' make? I've always found the attributes pretty hard grasp in FM and this year it seems much more important with the increased difficulty. How big would the difference be between 18 and 16 in passing for example? Is the difference very noticeable or just minor with a very small impact on the pitch? Probably a very difficult question to answer though.
  12. I haven't played FM13 but I'm finding this game insanely difficult. If you think 13 is too hard perhaps you should reconsider getting this game, I don't think it's gotten any easier.
  13. While that's true, the big ai teams rarely gets absolutely smashed like I do frequently.
  14. Is there any way to view the tactical instructions the ai use? I can't manage to create a tactic that is even close to consistent, watching how the ai sets up things would be very beneficial if it's possible in some way.
  15. Then I have understood wrong. Seems to be many who think they do, is that simply your reputation increasing and the opposing teams playing more defensively as a result?
  16. I've read that the ai learn to counter your tactics much more on this version than previously but how does that work? Do the ai "forget" about your tactics after you haven't used them for awhile or will they have counters to almost all ways of playing once you've played for a really long time?
  17. The reason I'm not playing Werner on the left is Enrique. I wasn't sure he was good enough in attack for an attacking role down the left flank to provide width.
  18. Sterling plays on the wrong side because I made a mess of the transfer window. I'm in the second season currently, before the season I made quite a few transfers and like Spurs a season ago I bought a lot of good players with huge potential but not with much planning thus I lack a good left footed winger. I also lack a good attacking left fullback which makes it hard to properly balance the team. I have tried playing with a striker with attack duty but I thought they were playing too direct. The striker tried running with the ball against 4-5 players which usually ends up with him loosing the ball. Similarly, the rest of the team also played very direct and constantly tried to reach the striker eventhough the space was very limited. I'm currently halfway through season 2. According to my assistant manager the players have "developed a strong understanding". I did make a lot of changes after season 1 though.
  19. Still having large issues getting some consistency in my tactics. The players don't respond as I want them too, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. The most recent example is a match where I was playing Wolves away in the FA Cup. My tactics I use are as follows although I started the match on 'Control'. I was trying to play a patient possession game but the players rush forward way too much and take too many risks even on balanced. An example of my problem is here when we have a throw in in our half but instead of passing it backward to Sakho or play a through ball to Coutinho he decides to play it to Sterling and fails miserably. This isn't the only time the players take the wrong option, they often try the impossible ball instead of the slower short passing I want. Do I need to tell all players to play "fewer risky passes" manually for them to not just throw the ball away? Do you have any tips for getting the players to show some more patience and not just rushing straight into the defence? They seem desperate to score constantly and I don't really understand why.
  20. Yes, something like that is what I would have wanted but I don't really know how to instruct them to play like that. I usually play two defensive CMs or DMs of some sort (have been trying different roles etc.) with "more risky passes" and "more direct passes" but they don't spread the ball around as I would like them to. I want them to spread the ball to the flanks but they don't do it to the extent I want. In that screenshot Johnson is a Wingback(A), I'm not sure what else I should do to get him to push forward more. Edit: Is there any way to view the tactics the ai use? The other top teams always have massive possession and create a lot of chances. Would be interesting to know what roles they use etc.
  21. I know, just copying the tactics was sort of a try to see them in action for myself and they were made using the same team I'm managing so I thought I could try to adapt them a bit to how I wanted to play seeing as it wasn't really working. Before that I tried to understand how they work but I'm not sure I do that, at least not yet. It was an attempt to make the midfield more solid defensively. The BBM rushed forward which meant that he was in a forward position when the opposing team counter-attacked. Because of this my CBs started to close down the player with the ball leaving a huge gap behind them for through balls. It was also an attempt to reduce the number of players in the penalty area. It was pretty crowded which made it very hard to find space. Gave Johnson attack duty to get him forward more and give an option on the flank when the inside forward cuts in and to stretch the defense. I also changed the AML to a winger. I'm not a tactical genius so this may be all wrong. My biggest problem seems to in attack. It doesn't quite work that well which results in my players giving the ball away. Below is an example when playing away vs reading in the second season. In my uneducated opinion Enrique has several options to pass the ball but chooses a short pass to Coutinho which he misses resulting in a counter attack. The team is instructed to play short passes with low tempo and control mentality. I'm not really sure how I should go about creating more space and then actually use it. My other big problem is my midfield, they seem to be sort of drifting around in nothingness and not contributing much. This is especially true when defending. In this match I played a DLP(S) and a CM(D). It shouldn't that easy to reach Graham in the screenshot below but the CBs failed in their marking and Veratti didn't close Akpan down (Do you really have to set this on opposing instructions?). They managed to clear it after some scrambling in the penalty area but Reading scored on the following corner instead.
  22. Thanks for the tips! Doesn't seem to make much difference for me though. The team continues to play wildly inconsistent, fail to keep possession and fail to create any chances no matter what I do. I even tried to copy some of the tactics from the stickies but I still have quite a lot of trouble. I manage to win a few games but it's all luck, I barely create anything from open play despite having quite good players. I've tried changing the BBM to a CM(D) as well as giving Johnson Attack duty but I can't see much improvement sadly. It's very frustrating, the tactics barely seem to make any difference at all. I don't notice any improvement from anything I do and I've tried almost everything. I can't create good chances, can't keep possession and can barely defend. I even got outplayed by stoke, only had 43% possession but managed to win by getting two penalties.
  23. Hello everyone! I picked up FM14 a few days ago and have since discovered that the game is brutally difficult. I'm currently playing a save with Liverpool(first season) and whatever I do I can't seem to have any success, soon I've probably tried every combination possible without getting any results. I have tried to analyze where it goes wrong by even watching long periods on "full match" but I don't really understand it and I can't find any tactical improvements to make. My players just fail at everything while the opposition play like the ai on Legendary on FIFA, i.e. absolutely perfect in every aspect. My players can't score and can't defend at all, they make mistakes constantly. Away games are most problematic but any game I play against decent opposition I get absolutely demolished whether home or away. I'm currently trying to play 4-2-3-1 using a high tempo short-passing tactic but I've also tried playing in many other ways without finding much success. Against better opposition I've tried moving the wingers back and dropping the MCs to DMCs but I still get absolutely demolished. I've tried reading the stickies and other threads on this forum but still can't manage to create a decent tactic. I'm struggling to even identify where it fails as a lot of it seems like individual mistakes to me. I'd appreciate all help I could get as I'm currently finding this game very frustrating.
  24. FM11. It's the best and most balanced version imo. It's also without some stupid drm.
  25. The main thing for me would be no steamworks. It won't happen though and thus I won't be purchasing FM13.
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