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  1. I'm finally back enjoying FM. Totally addicted of course Been enjoying reading this thread, looking at your progress. Don't have much time to post, but jsut wanted to show off some my regens. My squad going into the 5th season I decided to buy only Basque players, but was a bit late in deciding it, halfway through first season. I had already bought Morilla and Nico. I also made an exception for Rafa Lopez as he just looked way to good Signed him from Betis Got a "Golden generation" in the first season and these are two of the youngster. Two fantastic strikers. Pretty lucky. Some of my other regens. Problem area is left back with Yuri and Ganea getting older. Ended up buying Laporte for a crazy fee of £114m, and I'm re-training him. Have little cover for the future in wide areas in general, both defence and midfield with players good enough but not great.
  2. Enjoys a few 15-hour goal droughts each season
  3. Ended up winning 5-1. Dunno if it was helped by the width of the pitch, but Inaki Williams had a field day completing 8 dribbles and getting two assists. Muniain on the other side got a hat trick and an assist, doubling his tally for the season. Can't wait to go back
  4. Never seen a pitch like this... it's listed as 90 by 85 meters. Lot's of space for my widgets (and wingbacks!)
  5. Yes, I very much agree. I set out to do that, I guess, but at least for the time-being I was put of by the sheer amount of highlights to go through in each match and the time it took. Feel free to have a go at it
  6. I've had this feeling in the last few builds. I wouldn't say there's a big tweak needed but a small one wouldn't hurt. I've noticed that assigning roles with dribbling-instructions is more risky than before. Like @kozmik I have also been using the 'Dribble less' instruction. For me it's always on when I'm up against better teams. I've also been avoiding central roles that have 'dribble more' toggled. I haven't actually gone and checked the stats, so it's just based on what I've seen in the matches and general the feeling of it's benefit or lack thereof. You might look at the stats and see that this player made so and so many dribbles and that it compares to real life... but what the stats doesn't show you immediatly, is how many times your players attempt dribbles and loses the ball. You have to go into the analysis tool and checked the lost possession highlights and watch each one individually. I checked one match so that's by no mean something to go by. Muniain as a treq had 5 dribbles but of the 15 times he lost possession he also lost the ball 5 times while dribbling. Inaki Williams had 4 dribbles playing on the right wing, but got tackled 6 times while running with the ball. I wonder what the stats are for players the don't have great physicals in roles like IF, CF, AP, AF, etc. Those are the only two players in my team I dare giving dribbling instructions to.
  7. What about Vaduz (Liechtenstein) in the Swiss league? And I remember reading something about them being unable to qualify for CL.
  8. FM17. I'm basing it mostly on what I've seen the AI and my team do. Checking the stats in my current game it's the same. FM16 had the opposite problem, too many key passes. 3 pr game seems like a realistic number for C. Eriksen. Last season he had 3.3 according to Whoscored.com. You can find out what's going on by going into the analysis tab in a match. Click 'Players' and then 'Passes' - Click the key pass box for the relevant player. You can click each individual pass to see what they where.
  9. Definitions differ from where you look it up... but I would say in the current version key passes are not counted accurately. I raised it quite a while ago and it's been raised after the public beta. Compared to RL-stats, key passes in the game is very low right now. Players rarely have above 1 pr game, whereas RL-stats will show plenty of players above 2 pr game Some assists are key, some are not and in the ME it's hard to tell the difference between those that are counted and those that are not. Some crosses are key, some are not, and again, it's difficult to tell why. The only thing that consistently seem to be counted as key are through passes -> passes behind the defence and between fb-cb or cb-cb Most passes that lead to goal scoring chances or crossing/passing opportunities to create chances are not counted as key, unless they are through passes
  10. I agree with Cougar2010. Also, you can check with the description of their personality-match with the squad personality to get more information. If i.e. you have a professional/ambitious squad personality the text can show a couple of different clues - Player A Personifies this = 16-20 in squad personality trait - Player A fits in well = 13-15 - Player A Trying to adapt = 7-12 - Player A Lot's of adapting to do = 1-6 NB! This is based solely on my own observations and I've never checked with editor or 3rd party tools to confirm. I wouldn't expect them to be 100% correct, but definitely close. In addition, if he is in your team you can give Player A a heavy training schedule with two extra individual sessions (ppm and attribute focus). If he complains he has medium to low professionalism.
  11. Yes, they are listed with what takes precedence from top to bottom, so if he fits the 'model pro' requirements then the only thing that will make him not a 'model pro' is if he is a 'model citizen'.
  12. That looks like an okay deal, Shauny, the CPU is decent considering it's price, but....... Not one for heavier FPS-type games and not flexible in terms of upgrading it. It's got a very weak PSU, so my guess is it will struggle to handle a graphics card, if the box can even fit one or the motherboard supports it. There is a suspicious lack of info there. There's no monitor, but I guess you have one already?
  13. Spreadsheet works really well, but it is a bit slow to use. For starters like having to know the short code word for each description, and it seem to only accepts the parameters in certain orders, like a player I checked who is "Volatile, Media-Friendly" can only be input as "MF, Vol" and not the other way around. A drop down menu with all the different things would be nice, or perhaps boxes that you can add to the line by clicking on it. Or something like that.. I'm not very good at stuff like that
  14. Generally a little less than 1 GHZ or similar models. But it would depend highly on whether you are looking at dual cores or quad cores processors. I.e. the above mentioned i5 3210M is reasonably fast but it's a dual core, which means an equally fast quad core will make a CPU intensive game like FM run faster. You can compare and get details on CPUs at cpuboss.com Here's the Intel Core i7 4700MQ vs i5 3210M
  15. He's back, this time with English and South African passports, and a great disguise. Hint:
  16. Yes, primarily FM needs CPU-power. So look for a Quad (4 cores). Typically they have the MQ-tag in their name. An SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive would generally improve performance, but perhaps not for FM. You see a big difference in start up time for the PC and programs. If not an SSD, look for rpm. The one you picked out had a hard drive with 5400 rpm, but 7200 rpm is quite common too. For RAM look for DDR3-1600. Resolution I guess is personal preference, but I'd look for HD (height=1080px)
  17. What are you using it for besides FM? As a notebook maybe it would be okay, but for the game it would be one of the slowest you can get these days. * It has a battery conserving CPU. Compared with a higher end CPU. Just to highlight the difference.. not saying you should get that one as I assume it's pricey. * Small resolution * Slow hard drive * Nondescript RAM (only specifies type not hrz)
  18. My pleasure. You gonna put it together yourself? I love doing that.. just wish I had the money to do it more often and go for the top end stuff.
  19. The 4770k has 8 threads vs 4670k's 4 threads, so it is better. I don't know if it makes much of a difference for FM. If you do video encoding and other heavy stuff I'd consider that one. For gaming I think the difference is negligible and not worth the money. If 2-3 leagues are slow on your old one I think it's gonna be a massive step up in performance for you. I haven't experimented with how many leagues I can run, so I wouldn't know. I've only got the i5-2500 and the game runs very quickly. I'm running 5 leagues (10 divisions) + all international players (total amount around 40k). This save was started with a core2duo 3.3Ghz, and it ran quite good. Now it's quite a bit faster, but I'm assuming I can easily double that and not notice.
  20. That would be right up there, Slazenger. You could improve it and spend a bit more, but in terms of value for money you are spot on. You won't need a GTX 770 for FM at all, but I assume you have other plans for it too. I'd seriously consider getting a SSD as well. I recently got one and the difference is massive, but it admittedly doesn't mean much for FM (apart from saving and loading).
  21. Yeah, there you go! I doubt you would need 16 GB ram, certainly not for FM, and that's the only difference I see between the two. I don't think you would notice much difference between the two CPUs either, so that one looks like a good option: CPU comparison.
  22. Quad core makes a big difference for FM, but I'd avoid the low res. Surely you can find a laptop with a quad core and decent res for that price?
  23. Quick tip: Try bumping up cycles with DosBox. I have only tried it with CM '93 so I don't know what it will do to other games, but it made CM' 93 insanely super quick. Hotkey is Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+F12 for up and down. I haven't tried the other options, they might be better though. http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Performance
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