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  1. I'm finally back enjoying FM. Totally addicted of course Been enjoying reading this thread, looking at your progress. Don't have much time to post, but jsut wanted to show off some my regens. My squad going into the 5th season I decided to buy only Basque players, but was a bit late in deciding it, halfway through first season. I had already bought Morilla and Nico. I also made an exception for Rafa Lopez as he just looked way to good Signed him from Betis Got a "Golden generation" in the first season and these are two of the youngster. Two fanta
  2. Enjoys a few 15-hour goal droughts each season
  3. Yes, that's how it is for now. You might want to look at it as a challenge to overcome. Saves can become quite boring when you start to dominate. Paying top wages and dominating with a 12.5k capacity stadium is slightly harder
  4. You can change the preference to have scout reports delivered daily to your inbox. I think that's the best option available.
  5. It's not so much the 433, but variants of 343/523
  6. Run down the wing is an instruction to often dribble the ball down the flank. If the player lacks pace or is a poor dribbler, the coach is correct in that it will be a hard instruction to master.
  7. Maybe you are confusing the FFP total wage expenses-limt with the loss limit? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Dividends will only be payed out while profitable, and I don't think it exceeds 1/4 of the total profit.
  8. Yeah, sure. Nothing much about it, really, as I said. Control/fluid is starting shape but I changed it based on opponent and during matches. Don't feel bad about going defensive/contain. A lot of times that just lead to quality chances as the players take their time. Is has three instructions Instructions: Get stuck in, play out of defence, work ball in to box Fullbacks on attack-duty in many matches CBs are ball playing if they are good enough in that area. BMW changed to DLP-d or CM-d depending on who plays ther DLP-s sometimes changed to AP-s
  9. Ended up winning 5-1. Dunno if it was helped by the width of the pitch, but Inaki Williams had a field day completing 8 dribbles and getting two assists. Muniain on the other side got a hat trick and an assist, doubling his tally for the season. Can't wait to go back
  10. Never seen a pitch like this... it's listed as 90 by 85 meters. Lot's of space for my widgets (and wingbacks!)
  11. I tried a fresh restart and also changed voltage to manual from adaptive (1.375 IIRC). Dunno if it makes a difference.. not that computer savvy Anyways, results didn't differ enough from my 1st attempt to conclude anything. Dunno why yours is quicker @Powermonger but hope you enjoy it Probably multiple things that contribute to it, but I guess the lower temp and the quicker RAM is the prime suspects.
  12. Yes, I very much agree. I set out to do that, I guess, but at least for the time-being I was put of by the sheer amount of highlights to go through in each match and the time it took. Feel free to have a go at it
  13. I've had this feeling in the last few builds. I wouldn't say there's a big tweak needed but a small one wouldn't hurt. I've noticed that assigning roles with dribbling-instructions is more risky than before. Like @kozmik I have also been using the 'Dribble less' instruction. For me it's always on when I'm up against better teams. I've also been avoiding central roles that have 'dribble more' toggled. I haven't actually gone and checked the stats, so it's just based on what I've seen in the matches and general the feeling of it's benefit or lack thereof. You might look at the stats an
  14. I was sceptical of Depay too (run and shoot wide, that's what he does right?).. but I re-trained him as a right winger, had him tutored by Mhkitaryan to become professional and later had him unlearn his shoot from distance-ppm. 2nd season he played 28(10) games, scoring 11 and assisting 20. 7.60 AVR. That's a pretty great return! 3rd season he is world class and I got a £69m bid from Real Madrid that I rejected.
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