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  1. I'm finally back enjoying FM. Totally addicted of course Been enjoying reading this thread, looking at your progress. Don't have much time to post, but jsut wanted to show off some my regens. My squad going into the 5th season I decided to buy only Basque players, but was a bit late in deciding it, halfway through first season. I had already bought Morilla and Nico. I also made an exception for Rafa Lopez as he just looked way to good Signed him from Betis Got a "Golden generation" in the first season and these are two of the youngster. Two fantastic strikers. Pretty lucky. Some of my other regens. Problem area is left back with Yuri and Ganea getting older. Ended up buying Laporte for a crazy fee of £114m, and I'm re-training him. Have little cover for the future in wide areas in general, both defence and midfield with players good enough but not great.
  2. Enjoys a few 15-hour goal droughts each season
  3. Yes, that's how it is for now. You might want to look at it as a challenge to overcome. Saves can become quite boring when you start to dominate. Paying top wages and dominating with a 12.5k capacity stadium is slightly harder
  4. You can change the preference to have scout reports delivered daily to your inbox. I think that's the best option available.
  5. It's not so much the 433, but variants of 343/523
  6. Run down the wing is an instruction to often dribble the ball down the flank. If the player lacks pace or is a poor dribbler, the coach is correct in that it will be a hard instruction to master.
  7. Maybe you are confusing the FFP total wage expenses-limt with the loss limit? That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Dividends will only be payed out while profitable, and I don't think it exceeds 1/4 of the total profit.
  8. Yeah, sure. Nothing much about it, really, as I said. Control/fluid is starting shape but I changed it based on opponent and during matches. Don't feel bad about going defensive/contain. A lot of times that just lead to quality chances as the players take their time. Is has three instructions Instructions: Get stuck in, play out of defence, work ball in to box Fullbacks on attack-duty in many matches CBs are ball playing if they are good enough in that area. BMW changed to DLP-d or CM-d depending on who plays ther DLP-s sometimes changed to AP-s AM-A: Depending upon who palys there I use Roam from position, More risky passes, Dribble more & change is to AP-A if it's a creative player. IFs: Sit narrower, Get further forward, Roam from position, Shoot less often, Hold up ball. IF-s on the right side I frequently changed to W-a (whenever I used Depay there, which was quite often as he was a monster there) As for the striker role I used Zlatan as a TM-A, Martial as an AF-A. Dybala does great as a Treq. Note: If I saw that the opponent used attacking fullbacks or changed to attacking FBs during the game, I set my wingers to specifically mark them, in order to not be overloaded on the flanks.
  9. His role is a bit tricky to nail down.. At first I played him as a DLF-A, mainly because his physique and passing ability was below average. He was not quick enough to dribble and not good enough to play others through. 2nd and 3rd season he did very well as an AF-A lone striker, scoring about 2 in 3. 4th season I've changed my formation a bit and he's now a CF-A. He has struggled a bit, scoring just 2 in 13, then all of sudden he scored 5 in a match and got a perfect 10. My team is doing better with the new tactic, but I'm still not sure about the striker role. tl;dr: Not sure what he's best at.
  10. Ended up winning 5-1. Dunno if it was helped by the width of the pitch, but Inaki Williams had a field day completing 8 dribbles and getting two assists. Muniain on the other side got a hat trick and an assist, doubling his tally for the season. Can't wait to go back
  11. Never seen a pitch like this... it's listed as 90 by 85 meters. Lot's of space for my widgets (and wingbacks!)
  12. Then is would only show as a slightly declining arrow - when it's pointing straight down it's a 0.8 decline or more (I believe) Impegno.. work rate or determination maybe?
  13. I'm in the latter half of the third season. Thought I'd share some pics of Villalibra and my best newgens Garcia is already 1st team choice. Ortega is on par with Lekue. Xavi has fillied in a little bit here and there. Moreno is 2nd choice behind Villalibre. Villalibre has been our savior. I renewed Aduritz contract, but he still retired at then end of the 1st season. I was unsure of Villalibra.. his attributes were not very impressive (him being good with either feet plays a part I guess). He came good though and has improved massively. Still has more potential according to my coaches.
  14. I would love that outcome just for the different experience.
  15. I got one like that in a save with Guimares on FM16. It took 5 years to get him away from the dark side. He had determination of 2 and 1 professionalism. Main issue was that having him tutored with highly professional players didn't work as their relationship would break down before it made a difference. So what I did was I had him tutored first by an unprofessional player, that made him slightly better. Then I used a player with average professionalism . After that was successful and his level of professionalism was changed to average he was then able to work with the other professionals and model pros. PS! The way I found out who had low and average professionalism was that the squad personality was highly professional, and thus the coach report on each player would reveal the level of professionalism
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