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  1. Is it Possible, weaker opponents tend to sit back and defend narrowly. thats why our teams can't make central play? Previous fm, wide full backs crossing was op anyway. 'work ball into box' hardly work for me, maybe i don't have the right tactics and players
  2. I just faced Brighton with their 532 formation. Yes, they have high pass completion rate but because I have one striker on top and my players ability to press ain't that good as well. I tried, force opposition outside and press high seemed to help to forced an error from Brighton / long balls. Mark tighter turned on for my wingers and most advanced CM
  3. Yeah, noticed man city underperforming in fm as well. Liverpool, Arsenal and man utd tend to do better under AI with high press, high chances created, high possession. Will need to progress season longer to see if such tactics will cost injuries in this fm22
  4. I can't seem to find the generate match reports option as well. Sometimes match commentary didn't display entirely on goal highlights
  5. High attributes in corner, crossing, technique, decision helps for corner taker Curls the ball trait should be advantage too , although I haven't tried it
  6. I always think this works, put your tallest player at near post, corner taker aim near post Player come short to take away one opponent player Brave/tall player at far post, corner aim (mixed or far post) or mark GK One player Lurk outside to win 2nd balls or long shot 2 players stay back to avoid counter attack. Against AI corner attacks, i see AI keep aiming near/far post where their tallest player is (i change to man Mark tall player to reduce AI chances) For me, i don't want to exploit too much i put corner aim mixed
  7. recovery session not added and strange flicker on screen once click confirm button
  8. this is based on my FM 20 experience. 1. players has run how much(distance) last matches should be included in player stats window, so we can properly manage game time and reduce injuries 2. add player stat window: ball recoveries, clearances and lost possession in the game. these stats are in the modern game now along with XG 3. improve rating for more defensive minded players, not just based on goals and assist or key passes/chance created example: ndidi, kante, fofana 4. add new staff, performance coach to help boost player determination/concentration in match preparation training for example 5. add in build match fitness/sharpness sessions into team & individual focus training. unrealistic to rely on matches alone 6. add in recovery/reduce injuries session in player interaction or individual focus example: player like luke shaw, who's injury prone can play week in week out with improved form 7. improvement on player competitiveness, example when club signed a new player, existing player in the same playing position in club could get morale/determination boost. example when man utd signed buttner and telles and made Evra and Shaw the best in form left back in PL 8. add in game description, mark tighter could lead to more injuries 9. type of training to avoid when players get injured. sprinting, turn sharply. 10. the game make us micromanage too much in reducing training intensity to reduce injuries and improve player condition at the same time make players happy in training 11. inconsistency in gaining match sharpness, when playing and after matches 12. i noticed more players getting flu/cold. any preventions? thank you. love fm since cm 97/98
  9. this is based on my experience in FM 20: 1. UI on club stats in match, display everything like in older fm, FM17 its not convenient to go to summary>movement just to check player offside, fouls against or click on attacking to check total shots & percentage(why i still need to calculate manually, just show us the numbers) 2. fix the throw in, less likely center backs do throw ins? 3. fix tactics creative freedom randomly drops when its full even when no changes made in tactics to affect it 4. advice by coaches on what to do when player get skin often in match 5. shouts in match, there should be explanation added into the FM manual 6. players complaining general team training is low, not realistic, when there are congestion of fixtures or manager want to improve player condition 7. players determination drop too much in own team/out loan. when loan players the benefit is game time but on the expense of determination drop? 8. players unhappy with training, coaches can advice us the manager on what to do better. its difficult to make players happy in training 9. players refuse to train individual focus, even when its key attributes for the position 10. pre-season training, coaches / game should advice us if its working or not. there's no indication its beneficial of helping players not getting jaded later and help reduce injuries in the season, or improvement in player physical attributes
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