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  1. this is based on my FM 20 experience. 1. players has run how much(distance) last matches should be included in player stats window, so we can properly manage game time and reduce injuries 2. add player stat window: ball recoveries, clearances and lost possession in the game. these stats are in the modern game now along with XG 3. improve rating for more defensive minded players, not just based on goals and assist or key passes/chance created example: ndidi, kante, fofana 4. add new staff, performance coach to help boost player determination/concentration in match preparat
  2. this is based on my experience in FM 20: 1. UI on club stats in match, display everything like in older fm, FM17 its not convenient to go to summary>movement just to check player offside, fouls against or click on attacking to check total shots & percentage(why i still need to calculate manually, just show us the numbers) 2. fix the throw in, less likely center backs do throw ins? 3. fix tactics creative freedom randomly drops when its full even when no changes made in tactics to affect it 4. advice by coaches on what to do when player get skin often in match
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