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  1. Save uploaded - sorry, its a big file as been playing it for a fair while. Name of save is "matt27". Dxdiag attached. Game freezes when scrolling down in the player search screen. Doesnt seem to do it every single time so maybe the above poster is correct when he says it is after selecting somebody to scout. DxDiag.txt
  2. Will do when i get home as it only tends to do it from laptops - when i try it on my work PC (during lunchtimes i swear! ) it works fine.
  3. I am having this exact problem. Game freezes when i try to scroll down in the player search section. Even does it with my brand new laptop. Very frustrating. Would love to know if you guys find a fix. No idea how the file upload stuff works but let me know if you need my saved file. Thanks for that.
  4. Not sure if it is your intention 10-3, but Kyle actually comes across as a bit of a ****...
  5. I was hoping to read that Toni became the victim of some unfortunate accident....
  6. Time to cut her loose James! P.S. Awesome story mate, my favourite of a top bunch on here.
  7. I know its a made-up story and all but Patty comes across as a selfish, self-absorbed, uncompromising pain in the ass and i wish Rob would just turf her and move onto exploring Alba and her handcuffs. Anyway, carry on, love your work 10-3....
  8. The realtionship is becoming a bit more realistic compared to how it was - good work 10-3...
  9. I agree - a bit of extra marital issues would add something extra to the story - up until now the relationship has been a bit too lovey-dovey and very "Brady-Bunch" like in its perfectness...but maybe thats just me...
  10. Thats the best "argument" they can have in their marriage? Is this a Disney movie?
  11. Like putting comma's after "however"??
  12. Great story 10-3, have just caught up with it all. The lovey-dovey stuff between Rob and Patty can be a tad sickening at times though...how about them actually having a fully blown argument like the rest of us poor married souls do??? :-) Seriously, great story though.
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