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  1. Having same issue. Set players to train in a specific role on one side of the pitch (eg. Defender right, wing back support) but a week or two later I go back to look at that player and they are training just the default defender left position. Frustrating.
  2. Same issue here as well. Still says training will resume on 25/6 and it is already 29/6.
  3. Not sure if it is your intention 10-3, but Kyle actually comes across as a bit of a ****...
  4. I was hoping to read that Toni became the victim of some unfortunate accident....
  5. Time to cut her loose James! P.S. Awesome story mate, my favourite of a top bunch on here.
  6. I know its a made-up story and all but Patty comes across as a selfish, self-absorbed, uncompromising pain in the ass and i wish Rob would just turf her and move onto exploring Alba and her handcuffs. Anyway, carry on, love your work 10-3....
  7. The realtionship is becoming a bit more realistic compared to how it was - good work 10-3...
  8. I agree - a bit of extra marital issues would add something extra to the story - up until now the relationship has been a bit too lovey-dovey and very "Brady-Bunch" like in its perfectness...but maybe thats just me...
  9. Thats the best "argument" they can have in their marriage? Is this a Disney movie?
  10. Like putting comma's after "however"??
  11. Great story 10-3, have just caught up with it all. The lovey-dovey stuff between Rob and Patty can be a tad sickening at times though...how about them actually having a fully blown argument like the rest of us poor married souls do??? :-) Seriously, great story though.
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