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  1. Season 2029 So as you saw my CL journey ended abruptly. I decided to finish the season out, and honestly there isn't much to report. I won the league at a canter winning it by 12 points. No surprise really and I know my side is too strong for the league. I won the Super Cup at the beginning of the season which took me to number 1 in the Chinese League Hall of Fame which is kinda cool. Shows the dominance. I lost the cup in the 4th round in pens; really wasnt bothered by this and had rested my entire team for it. I have decided to go around again; tho
  2. @Gammonds Oh yeah ok that makes sense. That’s good then, thinking I’ll have to go to my home town (Brisbane Roar) and try win it with them. I feel like I’m Pep Guardiola, winning leagues and cups for fun but cooking the CL. You are right though. Two in a row is amazing. Chinese clubs have a massive budget but I was surprised by the lack of really good players who didn’t want to join and the Chinese players are pretty average bar a few. Kept failing FFP so could only sign 2 over 20 Chinese players a season which was annoying.
  3. @vikeologist Yes that’s a very good point. Had thought of that as well. To be honest, as much as finishing the challenge would be good, I was enjoying the more random aspect of bouncing around to new teams and didn’t want to get bogged down too much. Also didn’t realise Korean managers would be so trigger happy either @Gammonds I saw that. Very impressive as the A-league is pretty bad 😂. Did you find that your team was a match for the good sides in the comp or did you ride your luck a bit against them?
  4. Season 2029 Well I’m in a bind. Got knocked out in the CL round of 16 in pens. Xg was 5.5-0.8 across the two legs so I’m very over it. Not sure what I’ll do at this stage. Half tempted to resign to try something new. Can come back to Asia later. My team has been so unlucky in the CL and I’m at the point of accepting it’s not going to happen with this team. Either that or I’ll try pump out the season as quick as possible. Minimal highlights and assistant taking charge in the easy games But yeah really not sure at this point. Definitely had enough of China that’s for sure. H
  5. Season 2028 Well this is just a year of frustration again. More titles which is good but not the big one. Strengthened with some quality Chinese additions. A random Leading Star LW just appeared at Milan and he was a great contributor. Signed depay for cheap as well who contributed nicely. Super Cup- Absolutely smashed Shangong 7-1 with my new LW scoring 4. Comes up on my hall of fame so that’s cool for my overall rank and more points. League This was such a mixed season. Juggled this and the group stage massively. Was making 6 or changes quite regularly before a CL
  6. Season 2027 It has been a few weeks since my last post. Went back to my Salford save in FM20. Won the League and CL with them for the first time which was unreal. In any case. This season was a real mixed bag for me, ultimately an disappointed due to the CL. I bought some quality players including a young Chinese CAM for 50 mil. It was a lot but there’s little quality in China so you pay big for what there is. Champions League-Well this was a disaster. Drawn with Melbourne City, Ulsan and YokohamaI, I was on 2 pts after 3 g
  7. @goonergez Unlucky mate. That’s gotta hurt. So close
  8. 2027 Quick update here. I had the AFCON where I really fancied my chances with Ivory Coast. I was handed a straight forward group and beat Mozambique 4-0 and Cape Verde 3-1. Both games I was able to take off some of my best players and slow the game right down to save on fitness. I drew 2-2 with Algeria but rotated my whole squad and even subbed on my 3rd GK meaning everyone got game time. I beat Guinea 6-4 in the 2nd round, tbh it was 6-1 and they got a few consolation goals. I drew Egypt in the QF who I dominated from start to finish 2-0. Next up was Senegal who
  9. Season 2026 So I took over the end of last season sitting in 3rd with 5 to go. 3W, 1L, 1D later and I finished 3rd. My squad was very weak beyond a few main players so I focused on signing Chinese players. Unfortunately I didn’t realise I could only sign 2 above 21 year olds which meant I was signing very overpriced Chinese youngsters much to the dismay of the board. This later hurt as I lost 8 players to the Asian Games. I also signed Kabak and Rhiannon Brewster for my foreign limits. I also bought Wu Lei from Espanol which was a great signing despite being 33.
  10. Season 2024/2025 So I started the season with some high hopes after my successes last year. It was a fairly frustrating off season as I struggled to find players to improve my squad. I bought one cb for depth and to experiment with and managed to sign Malahabi from Sundowns for my RW spot which was a great addition. I got very lucky though; I signed a bunch of players on a free transfers without too much thought. Three of them ended up working my way in to my starting 18 or so, one leading star striker (Palace), one leading star LW (Modiba) and one star CM (Sibiya). All
  11. Yeah nice nice. I am from Australia; it is proper annoying with Salary Cap etc. I am trying to avoid it I think. Wouldn't want to do it with MLS for sure; too much thinking involved haha. South Korea would be good Yeah right. I had ES Tunis in my group in my first season and they were not anything special. Got knocked out at the group stage first year then I think QF/SF the next. Anyways I have a big update now.
  12. Ah how good. Tbh I did dominate them so I’m still confident I can beat them if I do face them again. True true. Any focus on where you go next? If I win the CL I’m definitely moving on. Been in South Africa long enough.
  13. @darren1983 Did you have Al-Ahly in your African Champions League? They are stacked in mine and look to be the only team I am genuinely concerned about in the CL.
  14. Season 2023/2024 After dominating the league last year I really put a focus on strengthening with South African players. Added some top quality to the squad which has given me the luxury of rotating a bit. League- This was an absolute cake walk. My team is clearly too good for the league now and spent the vast majority of the time resting players or managing fatigue throughout the game. League table below. Won the first 14 games in a row (also won the last 10 last season) so broke the league record for most wins in a row. Nice to win another trophy and was good to have CL qualif
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