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  1. I created this tactic to use in my real betis save. Currently dont have any PI. How can i make this tactic better?
  2. i actually love your streams and videos and try to learn some from you. i thought i can learn certain combinations and play styles (and how to implement them to the game) from your tactics by analyzing them. and sent you a message. if you could answer i would be thankful.
  3. Thanks for your advices. Which striker roles works best with each other and also with regista in a 4132?
  4. i dont like plugnplay tactics. i usually try to make my own tactic. but that doesnt go well. i think i need help to understand how to make a tactic in general.
  5. I want to create a 4132 regista tactic from scratch. And would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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