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  1. Deano565

    Player partying too hard

    The guy is down, and troubled, and you need to lend a helping hand.
  2. Remains unanswered - I'd like to know too. Any change?
  3. Bellerin has been turned into an absolute god
  4. Just so long as Harry Kane isn't still given 10 for Determination, I'm happy
  5. Re: Kane, I suspected it wouldn't be too high (I thought around 163). As good as he's been, that's reflected in his extremely good CA for a 20 year old. Certainly think his determination should be higher though.
  6. Deano565

    Gary Cahill, great player but...

    Pretty sure it was the same in FM14
  7. Splashed the cash on Koke for 40m...Had to give him silly money of £200k per week and enormous signing on fees and appearance fees, but not too fussed as will only start over when the full game is released.
  8. Apologies if its been mentioned - I don't have time to go through hundreds of replies. October first season, Leighton Baines comes to me saying he wants to move to a bigger club. I say we can qualify for the Europa League this season, he says okay...THE VERY NEXT DAY he asks for a transfer - we're in sixth place after six league games...
  9. Deano565

    FM14: Free Agents

    And the 8 handling, 6 decisions and 4 concentration! 19 flair is interesting for a keeper too
  10. You mean the far superior Wings I assume?
  11. Delete please - realised its already been mentioned
  12. For those signing a new left back, as well as Alaba you can get hold of Alba from Barca for less than £30m.