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  1. The skewed pitch position genuinely makes me feel ill. Please change it back.
  2. Crash dump at full time. Can't complete a game. FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.03 22.10.28).dmp
  3. @Neil Brock Same issue for me. Nothing custom except using Dark theme. Crash dumps attached. FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 21.08.27).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.1.1159619 (2018.11.02 22.47.44).dmp
  4. Hi @yandell44 Attached for you. There are 12 bids in this item - 4 above the fold, 8 below. There is a scroll bar there if I hover the cursor over where it should be, just to the right of the red X reject buttons. It functions, but it isn't actually visible. I don't have any other preferences changed from default, just Dark theme.
  5. Checked on the two other skins, FM and FM Light, and it's not an issue on those - scroll bar appears. Just on the Dark skin.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned. I've had 6 bids for Matteo Darmian. In my Inbox new item I can see 4 bids, but the other two are hidden 'below the fold' with no way to scroll down to them and either accept or reject. I can work around it by going to the transfers screen and clicking on the panel over Darmian to see all the bids there, but wanted to flag it up. Using Dark Skin if that makes a difference.
  7. And me Edit: It's been changed to 11 in the latest 19.1.0 update. Obviously an oversight in the original DB
  8. Erling Haland, son of Alf-Inge. Already joining Salzburg on 1st Jan 2019 but worth keeping an eye on - a physical beast.
  9. Signed Benjamin Pavard for his £31.5m release clause (you have to get in quickly before he gets offered a new contract) and he's doing well so far, either alongside Lindelof with both as BPDs in games where I want to dominate possession, or in a Cover role next to the more aggressive Bailly. Other signings I made: - Tierney (£26m) First choice LB sorted for the next 10+ years. - Pavon (£10m) Poor first touch and technique let him down but he's a great option to add legs in tough games. 20 natural fitness, 19 stamina, 16 for work rate and determination. Will do a job for a couple of seasons until I have a chance to overhaul the squad. - Neves (£40m) The midfield metronome I want in Michael Carrick style. Long term I'm coveting Milinkovic-Savic to play in a 3 with Neves and Pogba, Sancho to give some more quality out wide, and a naturally left-sided BPD like Kimpembe.
  10. Are we expecting another hotfix in the next couple of days? Unfortunately regular crashes are preventing me from playing currently.
  11. 20 for pace and acceleration 1 for first touch, heading, decisions, anticipation and many others He wouldn't get a start for an Isthmian League side but for reputation. He'll get a contract with Central Coast most likely and maybe a few cameos in games where they're several goals ahead. Good publicity for them. The likes of Jack Whitehall and Damian Lewis were far more accomplished footballers in Soccer Aid.
  12. Big lump as he is, he's 2 inches taller than Gomez, 3 more than Tarkowski, 4 more than Chambers and 5 more than Mee in-game. That gives him a huge advantage on jumping reach before you even start the jump. And in real life, I would consider him far more aerially dominant than any of those. 17 would put him alongside the likes of Boly, Matip, Craig Dawson - I don't think he's out of place with them. Would be keen to get thoughts on the left footedness .
  13. Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply. You undoubtedly have seen more of him than me, and I think his attributes are fairly well spread and accurate. I'll use some other English CBs for comparison. I'd argue for an increase on Jumping, 15 > 17. His current 15 is on par with Joe Gomez, Calum Chambers, James Tarkowski... and one point behind 5'11 Ben Mee. He also seems fairly comfortable with his weaker foot but is one point behind Chris Smalling (who I can assure you is a donkey in that regard), and four points behind Phil Jones for left footedness. This is probably what brings down his CA/PA more than anything. Those two have both regressed hugely in the last 3 years but are still equal/slightly superior to Maguire for CA.
  14. Any thoughts on Harry Maguire CA/PA? I'm not a knee-jerk reactionary when it comes to a few good games and wouldn't expect him to be at VVD/Ramos levels, but on the back of the season he had and subsequent World Cup performances it seems a little out of kilter with other CBs who I'd rate at a similar standard.
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