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  1. Thank's mate, do you play with Douglas costa on left Wing, why? He Is only left footed
  2. Destroyer V3 on beta is the best at moment, good work TFF! Can you make a test with Juventus? Thank's mate
  3. Hi Kami, Who's the corners taker? And you leave training to ass man?
  4. Hi knap, the 104 point Is for mid and Underdogs teams, the 110 for top teams right? The two latest tactics
  5. Ooook thank's mate, i'm playing with St. Pauli, in Bundesliga 2, at the moment i'm on top of the League! 👍
  6. Hi Rosler, on the wings i must have right footed on right and viceversa or i Can play with inverted foot?
  7. Hi Rosler, congrats for the very good tac! I have One question, when you go down to ten men, what changes you do?
  8. Mate can you put your starting eleven in the first year and transfer history? Thank you
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